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1998 Subaru Legacy GT-B Twin Turbo Sport Wagon *** Rare 5 Speed Manual CFRB model *** Blue Metallic


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Legacy GT-B Twin Turbo Sport Wagon *** Rare 5 Speed Manual RFRB model ***




Blue Metallic


This car was bought to special order for a customer who wanted a Legacy with full specification, low mileage and top condition throughout.
The Subaru Legacy GT-B Twin Turbo BH5 Sport Wagon was introduced for the Japan market only at the end of 1998. As usual, the Japanese kept the best for themselves, with the UK, Europe, etc only getting normally aspirated Legacy Estate models! The GT-B is an extensively equipped robust spaceous family car offering legendary Subaru twin-turbo performance. This particular example is extremely rare being equipped with a 5 speed manual gearbox and impressive specification. As a complete package the Legacy GT-B Twin Turbo is unbeatable for performance, value and versatility.This is an RFRB model which has further improvements such as leather interior, different front grille, front bumper rubbing strips, plus extensions to the side skirts and rear bumper. Note also there are parking sensors at each corner.
We find these cars are finding welcoming homes from business people who need to carry loads for their work, or people who need space to carry hobby goods on weekends or holidays - whilst wanting a car that is capable of covering ground quickly and able to operate in all weather conditions - whilst being stylish and rare cars on UK roads. These Legacies are also capable of covering high mileages reliably, so they're a good choice for many. A better and more reliable choice than most European counterparts too.
Mechanical Specification includes: 2 litre 16 valve boxer 4 cylinder EJ20 engine with intercooled sequential twin-turbos making 280 bhp as standard, 5 speed manual gearbox mated to permanent 4 wheel drive, with powerful 4 wheel disc brakes and factory fitted Bilstein suspension. These combined help to offer a refined yet sporty ride with class leading load capacity. 0-60 in 5.8 seconds with ability to return 30 mpg when driven normally. Naturally there's ABS as standard too. This car has the capacity of swallowing an entire family of 5, their luggage and more with ability to cruise at high speed to say a Ski resort in comfort. Despite the interior space - it only weighs 1,520kg unlaiden, just 90kg more than a 4 door Impreza Sti (GDB Version)!
Interior Specification: Full leather sports seats with perforated sections for the middle of each with leather inserts on each door (As opposed to cloth), electrically adjustable driver's seat, High quality McIntosh hifi with uprated speakers (Factory option) and possibly DVD adaptable Kenwood 6.5 Inch TV / Navi unit, UV cut tinted glass with privacy glass for rear windows, additional storage under boot area partition, split folding rear seats, rear luggage area cover and liner carpet, full set of after market fitted mats, Momo SRS leather trimmed steering wheel, SRS airbag for passenger, leather trimmed shift knob, climate controlled air conditioning, dual tinted glass sunroofs, electric door mirrors with retract mode, full electric windows remote controlled central locking.Exterior: RFRB spec extensions for side skirts rear bumper, with front bumper corner mouldings (Polyeurethane plastic, so it's flexible and impact resistant), RFRB spec colour coded front grille, high level rear spoiler with integrated LED brake light, pilarless glass on all doors (Also note the black widows wrap all around the car, only the A pilars are visible), HID (Main Beam) headlights, 17" original silver colour alloy wheels (With Yokomaha Ecos sports tyres - roughly half worn), factory fitted driving lights, Aero roof rails, badges with "Bilstein" spec, vented bonnet, Bilstein sports suspension, rear wash wipe. Note the low centre design of the rear bumper for ease of loading. Test Drive: As with each car we source, this example was picked for it's high quality. It's clear from the general condition, this example's never been driven hard and has always been well looked after (See oil change stickers for recent work). We noted the bonnet has only a couple of stone chips - very few considering it's not new. This further confirms the way it's been driven. Car drives without fault and the engine is purrrfectly quiet, no rattles or other signs of wear. Using the first turbo, to bring on boost from low rpm this car feels potent right from the off, then at around 4,500 rpm there's a transition / increase in power as the second turbo is introduced and the exhaust valve opens. Strongest power thereafter all the way to the redline at 7,500 rpm makes for a very quick production car! We found absolutely no faults to report / needing repair.Condition: Auction grade is 4.0 (Copy of auction sheet is available). Both bumpers had scratches and there was a scratch on the rear n/s door too - these have been repaired perfectly in Japan before photographing. The paintwork match is faultless and these look as good as new now. We didn't realise the side step underside was also scratched - so didn't ask our paintshop to have it painted, but we can get this done in UK whilst the car's being prepared. The following are very minor faults and to keep costs sensible we've not included them in the ecommend leaving them. there are 3 small pin dents on: o/s/r door, n/s/r door and n/s/f door. These aren't noticable unless looking specifically for them. Also the passenger door mirror has a light scratch - although this may be polishable. Note there are some scratches to the front wheel edges. Nothing serious, but mentioned for the purpose of giving a complete report. Interior is in excellent condition with no faults to report aside from some wear to the driver's floor mat (We can source new high quality deep pile mats (Mercedes Benz quality) inexpensively). Also note some minor wear to the leather of the steering wheel on one small section. Note the front ashtray is used as a coin box and the cigar lighter is clean. This was a non smoker's car. Note the complete lack of corrosion, or oil leaks on the underside. Engine bay is also in excellent condition, with no rust on bolts, etc. Even the fins on the intercooler show no flattening, further indicating this car's not been driven hard (Subaru intercooler fins will flatten if the car's driven at speed in rain, for example!). Note also the stickers showing recent oil changes. Oil is still clean and unused. Battery has also recently been changed for a high quality item. Note that being a 1999 model, this car offers high performance motoring, with low level UK road tax costs for the future as rule changes come in.
This car is departing Yokohama on 24th July for arrival to UK around the 2nd week of September. OTR price inclusive of full preparation as described, 12 months MOT, 6 month's tax and a year's fully comprehensive warranty is £6,195
To have a similar car sourced for you to special order please contact us.
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