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1984 Toyota Sprinter Trueno Apex TRD N2 Kit & Tuned Engine!


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Sprinter Trueno Apex TRD N2 & Throttle Bodies - Mint Condition!!




Green Metallic


The Original RWD 16 Valve Sprinter Trueno is affectionately termed as the "Hachi Rokku" in Japan - meaning "86". The initial D Japanese Manga series, as driven by "Takumi (the hero in the series) was responsible for making this a cult car first in Japan, then laterly around the world. It has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional MSC drift series of Japan by some of the most successful drivers. N2 racing for AE86's is also still alive well in Japan, with the cars campaigned receiving ever more modifications to make them faster. N2 AE86 races regularly have cars lapping at under 1 minute, at Tsukuba 2000 circuit, which is impressive for an N/A 1/6 litre! No other car of this generation is still used successfully in competition in Japan to such extent - A true testament to how special these cars are. Sadly, there's not a lot of these left nowadays, so the good ones remaining are increasingly sought after meaning these make excellent depreciation proof cars.
The sound of an AE86's 4AGE engine in battle is unmistakable at full throttle. As an engine designed developed by Yamaha for Toyota, nothing else sounds nearly as good as this normally aspirated high reving engine when tuned, especially in combination with individual throttle bodies! Being lightweight with very little weight over the rear wheels, these cars don't need huge amounts of power to drift. A combination of a live rear axle and McPhersonstrut front suspension make this a naturally slidable car. The Hachi Rokku is the true "Old Skool" classic hooligan's car!!
We sourced this example from a private collector in Kyoto, then drove it all the way to Tokyo and are pleased to report it has no mechanical faults. Approximately 49,000km ago, this car was extensively modified both mechanically, as well as cosmetically, for fast road use:
Engine: A rebuilt AE92 model's 4AGE engine (1989-1991) has been fitted (Note the block was painted yellow during this work). Essentially the same block and head as used on the earlier models, but featuring stronger internals via larger diameter piston pins as well as stronger con rods and a re-enforced block assembly. The pistons feature a higher compression rating giving greater torque and peak power output than the earlier engines. Compression ratio was 10.4:1 on the AE92 model's engine compared to 9.4:1 on the first generation engine. This extra strength means this engine is capable of reving safely to 8,500 rpm. A cusco oil catch tank is fitted ahead of the radiator. To allow greater breathing at higher revs, a set of Sanyo Sports individual throttle bodies were fitted, complete with a mating intake manifold (Designed to allow clearance of the brake servo unit by cyl 4's throttle), a Freedom ECU (The most widely used ECU for AE86 competition engines - Mapped in this case by Kimizu Motor Services, AE86 N2 race preparation specialists) and a modified wiring harness to suit. A set of Pipercross foam air filters are also fitted. Idle is stable the engine seems to pull strongest at higher rpm's - which would indicate the possibility that camshafts are uprated too. Somewhere around 262 size, we'd expect. Note the AW11 model's distributor which allows the path of TRD ignition leads to stay well away from the exhaust manifold. An Ultra dual spark capacitor discharge ignition amplifier is also fitted to enhance high rev performance. An equal length RSR 4 - 2 - 1 exhaust manifold is fitted, with a choice of either an N2 style side exit silenced exhaust (Noisy!), or a conventional rear exit exhaust (Included free of charge inside the boot of the car). Note that being based on a GT Apex model, there's power steering on this example, as well as air conditioning. With this setup, power is approximately 160 - 170 bhp. More power would be available with additional tuning. To get a much richer induction roar and an increase of power of between 5-10 bhp in the upper rev range, we'd recommend removal of the foam filters to allow the open throttle bell mouths to work freely (Just pull the foam off) Would also recommend an alloy plate to protect the intakes from sucking dust in from beneath the engine (Same setup as our own AE86). All Japanese tuning parts ( experienced tuning advice) for further improvement of this AE86 are available from
Driveline: Wheels are Longchamp 2 piece XR4's of 14" front 15" rears of deep dish design, so they come well out to fill the N2 arches! Tyres are of size 185/60/R14 195/50/R15 rears. The shift linkage is a short shift TRD item. Clutch is an uprated metal disc type - combined with a lightweight flywheel. A 2 way Limited slip differential is also fitted.
Suspension, Brakes Stability: On the rear are TRD shock absorbers modified for use as coilovers. An uprated lateral support bar is also fitted to allow a lower ride height and Cusco formula links (Rear tie rod set) are fitted at the rear, to give improved control and feel. Front struts are AE96 units cut and modified to accept TRD dampers with adaptors welded on to convert to coilover spec. Cusco pillow ball adjustable top mounts are also fitted to allow negative camber to be easily set for maximum front end bite on faster corners.There are lower roll centre adaptors (Blue anodised) to reduce bump steer. To give the shell rigidity safety for occupants a Cusco 7 point roll cage is fitted, complete with foam padding to the front and mid sections.. Note the diagonal bar at the rear is easily removable (Rear seat would be available if desired). There is also a Cusco front strut brace. Front discs have evidently been recently replaced at some point as they have disgonal slots cut into them, with uprated pads front rear Braided hoses are fitted at each corner a Cusco brake master cylinder stopper's also installed. A quick release fly-off drift handbrake knob is also employed, although the spring for the release mechanism is still connected.
Lightweight Genuine N2 TRD Bodykit: Based on the Sprinter Trueno Zenki model in this case, it's rare to find an example with such bodywork modifications, in particular the cost of a genuine TRD bodykit new means few AE86's have this kit fitted. The metal arches within have been cut and modified to alloy a much wider track than standard, which improves cornering stability. Note that a TRD rear spoiiler is also added to complete the transformation. For Trueno models, there's smoked orange lenzes on each lower front edge of the retractable headlights. Note the attention to detail with smoked front indicators also fitted. On the rear, the lights have been upgraded too, with Kouki (Late model) rear Trueno lights and centre panel replacing the original early model items. This car weighs approximately 900 - 950 kg.
Interior: Note the original digital dashboard - a Japan market only feature. A digital A/F ratio gauge is fitted to show fuel mixture at a glance. Small knobs are fitted which are linked to the Freedom ECU to finely control Fuel enrichment Ignition timing. A Sparco Pro 2000 FIA approved bucket seat is fitted on the driver's side (Complete with adjustable seat rails) complete with Salebt 4 point harness and a Bride Basis reclining seat on the passenger side. The Nardi classic steering wheel has some wear cracking from age. Interior condition is excellent considering the age of the car. Dashboard has a small section that's lost it's vinyl. If wanted, we can source rear seat, new fitted mats, etc. inexpensively too. All Japanese interior parts for further improvement of this AE86 are available from
Bodywork Chassis: Considering this car is now over 24 years old, it's in awesome condition, including a complete lack of corrosion to the chassis! The body (Original colour was white) has been repainted to high standard in metallic green. Paintwork's in excellent condition, although the rear arches are stone chipped and the front bumper also has stone chips and minor scratches - from use over the years. These can be painted, but with these parts being exposed to road dirt, etc. they would soon chip again. Note there's a small area of corrosion on the front wing (Driver's side) as shown. This is where the original antenna used to be fitted. For the rear arches, we'd recommend painting the area that's chipped - in matt black (Which can easily be repainted DIY), or even putting some matt black vinyl on (As fitted by the Porsche Factory to their 911 turbos of the 80's) for even better protection. There's a small section of laquer peeling slightly on the driver's b-pilar and also on the top of the passenger door. Also, the fuel filler cap has some cracks on the paint. There are some minor cracks of paint on the flexible FRP parts. None of the above items need repair, but are described to give a full accurate report.We drove this car a total of approx 550km from where it was bought in Kyoto, to our offices in Tokyo. Stopping along the way for breaks, our staff would find people gathered around it, from an older guy with a nostalgic look in his eyes, to excited school children peering all over this crazy looking race car. It's unique certainly noticable, especially when the engine's running! Needless to say, it sounds like a race car with the engine modifications fitted. The side exit exhaust is noisy - but then again it's a race item, hence the full length exhaust that comes with the car.
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! Approximately 2,500,000 Yen (Equivalent to almost £19,000) has been spent on this example improving it. Being a Sprinter Trueno with pop up rectractable headlights, this is also the most sought after shape. Condition is excellent - this is the best Hachi Rokku we've come across in the last 12 months hence the reason we've stocked it.
As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare. Available for £7,595 as is complete with full documentation and support to get the car registered A warranty is offered as an optional extra - with a car like this, mechanical problems are frankly unlikely. Hachi Rokku's are tough cars and this one's been built to take abuse!Alternatively we can supply at full complete with new MOT, 6 month's road tax, full UK registration and 12 month's warranty. Please Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique AE86 for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Hurry though - We've never before had an example this good available. Another anywhere near as good as this is realistically very unlikely!

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