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Silvia Spec R Turbo - 6 Speed. Pearl White (WKO)


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Silvia Spec R Turbo - 6 Speed




Pearl White (WKO)


Having had a Silvia Spec R S15 as one of our own company cars, these are cars we understand. We're familiar with both the delightful handling characteristics of the Spec R and it's power capability, but also from having used our own cars in competition and seen many S15's in such use, we understand what is likely to fail if these cars aren't well cared for. The best examples are those which haven't had hard use and been well looked after with low mileage.
We got an order from a discerning customer who'd already personally imported several cars himself and understood the importance of quality and originality as opposed to basing his choice on lowest budget. This is the example we found for him after several months of waiting for the best example to come up.
This is a factory Silvia Spec R Aero version, complete with Factory option side skirts a rear spoiler with intergated brake light. Spec includes: Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, ABS, Electric windows (Auto up/down on drivers side), Electrically controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking. Original fitted mats. Optional factory driving lights. A Kenwood 2 DIN CD/Casette/Radio provides 200W of power. This unit is supplied with this car free of charge.The SR20DET (250BHP in Standard Form at 0.55 bar boost) has remained original throughout and so has barely been stressed throughout it's life. All signs including brake disc wear, lack of stone chips, pin dents and interior wear show this car was owned by a single mature man, who was intent on keeping this car in as new condition as possible. The S15 is a substantially improved car than the S14a in many ways, as follows: 1) Steering system stiffness has been increased to provide improved steering feel. 2) The front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension has been carried over to the S15 Silvia. 3)Strengthening the upper member of the hood structure and adding reinforcements to rear pillars has increased body stiffness. 4)The Silvia spec-R series is fitted with ventilated front disc brakes with opposed 4-piston calipers, highly responsive ABS and a larger brake booster. 5)The driving position has been ergonomically designed to allow quicker execution of driving controls and to provide a seating posture for minimal fatigue during driving. 6)The instrumentation is laid out with a large size tachometer positioned in the center of the cluster. 7)The Spec-R also comes with titanium-look instrument finishers and a 52mm boost pressure gauge is attached to the driver's side front pillar. Note this is a one owner car from new. In keeping with this car's condition, the interior has no faults at all to report, aside from very minor scratching to the plastic centre console (Virtually none) and minor wear on the vertical part of the driver's seat (Where the driver rubs as he gets in and out of the car). It's never been smoked in, as far as we can tell. Ashtray cigar lighter show no marks at all of cigarette use when inspecting closely.
The auction grade of this example is 4 (Auction sheet is available). As you'll see from the picture of the sheet, the car's in excellent condition. Most Silvias have been crash repaired - not this one. This example has clearly been carefully cherished is in outstanding condition. The majority we see nowadays have yellowed headlights and UV burnt exterior plastic trim with paintwork faded from having had an entire life of exposure to Japan's strong sunlight. This was something we wanted to avoid of course when looking for the best we could find and so we looked for a car that showed signs of having been garaged since new. Paintwork on this example is outstanding and shows signs of having been regularly polished (We only gave it a single coating of wax by hand for protection). Underneath, it's also well preserved as the owner has undersealed protected.
The only fault we found were a small dent (Denoted as U2 on the auction sheet) on the o/s/r quarter panel - which was repaired by our designated professional bodyshop before being delivered to us. There are some minor scratches to the underside of the front bumper and 2-3 tiny stone chips to the front bumper. There is also a small touch up mark on the leading edge of the bonnet where a stone chip existed before. These faults are too indestinghushable to need repair are only visible when looking specifically for faults close up or under the bumper, but are mentioned to provide a complete report. The previous owner saw fit to keep a Nissan original 2 pack touch pen set with the tool kit and even lined the filler cap with a foam seal attached by double sided tape so it wouldn't collect dust. These further illustrate the attention to detail he paid with regard to care for this car. Tyres are in good condition too and there are only very light scratches to a couple of the wheels (Line scratches that grazed the paint, but didn't mark the alloy).
Signs all clearly show of this Silvia having been regularly serviced and well maintained. It would appear this car spent most of it's driven life on Motorways cruising at legal speeds in Japan, still at present retaining the standard speed limiter with mosly just a lightweight driver. Interior smells good. We test drove this Silvia for some considerable distance it's clear to us this car was well looked after by the previous owner - judging by the tight feeling of the driving experience it gave. Feels tight, with no squeaks or rattles and handled much like a new example with a nicely direct and responsive feel to the steering, pedals, gearshift and chassis.
The engine (SR20 (DET) is an extremely tough unit that can withstand 400 bhp before internals need to be uprated at all. We would recommend fitting an uprated exhaust induction kit, as two first modifications - which are inexpensive especially if purchased and shipped with the car. With standard tune as far as boost is concerned, performance is strong from the 250 bhp this car gives as standard. Maximum std. boost is 0.55 Bar.. With a boost controller - this car can handle 1 bar of boost with the standard ECU - giving around 330 bhp. Beyond this, it can run 1.3 Bar provided a metal head gasket is fitted and the ECU is upgraded to provide greater fueling. can supply a new EL display Power FC unit complete with hand held controller and injectors to upgrade from the current 480cc (std) units, to allow more boost. The ball bearing turbo on the S15 is able to take 1.3 bar. It's almost as if Nissan intended for these cars to be tuned, which is likely, judging from the following Silvias have in Japan. See for more details of what's possible. Despite the motorway mileage this car has covered so far, it feels just like a new S15. With only a handful in the UK - an extremely exclusive and beautiful Sports Car. Including all tration, MOT, minor paintwork already completed as described, and full valeting, OTR price: £15,490
This car was sourced to order and is therefore already reserved. Please Contact us for full information on how you can source a similar Silvia S15 Spec R - or source an alternative.
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