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1995 Mazda RX-7 Type RM . Tuned (370 bhp) & styled by FUJITA ENGINEERING!! Black


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RX-7 Type RM . Extensively modified & styled by Fujita Engineering.






If you're after the very best low mileage modified RX-7 currently on the market, with well thought out modifications for fast road and occasional track use, then look no further! This is in our experience, the best quality RX-7 that we've found in Japan and snapped up for stock in the last 12 months. Modified extensively by Fujita Engineering, it's been fitted with their bodykit, bonnet and GT wing, complete with their unique vented bonnet that doesn't allow the engine to get wet! With some of the very best performance improving components that are only generally available on the Japanese market, to make approx 370 bhp whilst maintaining reliability. It's also in outstanding condition throughout. It's clear to us from the age of the components fitted - that modifications have been added recently. Even the wheels are still like new!!
Performance Modifications: This is the first extensively FEED (Fujita Engineering) modified RX-7 we have sourced, fitted with the following high quality tuning parts: RE-Amemiya 3 core aluminium racing radiator, Trust SMIC kit, RE-Amemiya cold air induction kit, high flow steel downpipe, stainless decat pipe, Apexi PS Revolution stainless cat back exhaust, Cusco oil catch tank, uprated ignition leads. The Apexi Power FC has been mapped by FEED Japan. This car is making in the region of 370 bhp. Weighing approx. 1,150kg, this car's power to ratio is firmly in the Supercar league. To cope with the power, there's a FEED 2 plate clutch system with lightweight flywheel rated to 600 bhp - Excellent for taking hard the punishment of fast launches! The FEED engine torque brace (Note: Minor surface rust on the shaft can be cleaned off with metal polish) helps keep the engine and gearbox from twisting under hard power - to maintain reliability of the power frame between gearbox differential.
Suspension, Brakes Wheels:(Corrected from previous error) HKS Hiper-D high quality coilover suspension is fitted at each corner - giving excellent quality ride and even more progressive handling than standard. These units are completely easily adjustable for settings, to tune for track or road use. Brake pads are of an uprated compound, with FEED braided hoses. Note also there's an RE-Amemiya rear strut brace fitted. This has mountings to give safest position for attachment of 4 point harness(es). Wheels are original RE-Amemiya 3 piece forged lightweight alloys, fitted with 1/3rd worn Advan Neova AD07 sports tyres of size 235/40/ZR17 255/40/ZR17. Of course, wheels are of the exact correct offset for RX-7 fitment.
Styling Improvements to the bodywork are almost exclusively from Fujita Engineering! Very high quality FRP, Carbon, etc. with perfect fit! FEED styling changes include: Front bumper, vented o/s headlight cover, integrated driving light system, vented bonnet, carbon side skirts, carbon door handle trims, adjustable GT rear wing (Provides very useful downforce at speed), badges (rear). Only the Door mirrors aren't from FEED, being electrically operated Ganador items. Note also the 1996+ rear light clusters and clear side repeaters reflectors! There's nothing lacking, except perhaps a FEED Carbon rear diffuser... which would make this one mean looking RX-7!! Parts can be shipped with the car to avoid carriage costs. See for further details.
Interior: A Bride driver's seat complete with adjustable seat rails annd Sabelt harness (Std. seatbelts also fitted) together with a Personal steering leather wheel greets the driver, with a chunky FEED alloy gear lever and complimenting carbon leather gaiters. On the steering column there's a Greddy turbo timer. Note the front mats are FEED signature items too. The neatly fitted A pilar pod mounted Greddy electronic black faced gauges show water temp and turbo boost accurately - at a safe glance. The Power FC ECU's hand held controller is neatly displayed with the use of an R Magic holder. The Controller can also monitor and display up to 8 different parameters, including: Knock, Injector Duty, Boost, etc. An Eclipse CD/Radio player with CD changer in the boot is also fitted and supplied free of charge with this car. It would be nicer to connect the bumper integrated driving lights using the original switch on the centre console, than the ugly switch mounted right of the steering column. Newera Developments can complete this as a small extra when preparing this car, if preferred. Note this has always been a non smoker's car. No ashtray is fitted - only the excellent cubby box, located ideally to rest the elbow on. There's nothing to add, really except perhaps another Bride seat, or if preferred - an original driver's seat, for larger drivers. View performance upgrades for this RX-7 on: !!
Original equipment includes: PAS, P/W, AC, ABS, dual oil coolers, front strut brace, unused original tool kit spare, etc.
Oil pressure is high, regularly serviced and well maintained with a recent oil change, - this car runs very sweetly - just an an RX-7 is meant to. We test drove this car and found it to drive much like new! With no squeaks or rattles at all when passing over bumps, an engine that pulls VERY strongly all the way from idle, brakes that have virtually no wear and paintwork gleaming - from having been stored inside. Note the lack of stone chips, despite the modifications. This car belonged to someone who liked to have power, but hardly used it, by the looks of it. In addition to our vast experience in selecting quality RX-7's for this example it's also worth noting that with Fujita Engineering's work they always test the engine's compression before carrying out any modifications to make sure the car's healthy - and would not fit mods to an engine that wasn't going to last. Clearly this car's been with FEED recently. It's been deemed healthy by some of the most experienced rotary tuning specialsts in the world.
With so few stone chips and paint in superb condition throughout the car, it's evident this car was always well cared for and never driven hard. Total cost of V mount, fitting, suspension, wheels, exhaust and interior modifications are around £8,000 worth in Japan - Showing once again this is a well looked after cared for example.
The auction grade is 3.5 (Auction sheet available). Condition is outstanding and the grade's been given because of some key scratches to the driver's door and part of the rear quarter, as well as 5 pin dents on the n/s quarter. There's also a chip to the corner of the front bumper, as shown. Although mentioned here, each of these faults will be taken care of and professionaly repaired to present this car in immaculate condition upon completion.
In all, around £15,000 has been spent in Japan on improving this car over standard! RX-7's in as beautiful highly modified condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find nowadays. Usually we don't target these, as they're often tired, abused, etc. This example isn't - it's clearly been hardly used. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure, healthy turbo and good mapping (Needs checking to make sure it's safe on UK fuels before pushing hard). It's producing an excellent spread of power - perfectly healthy and with plenty of life to give with mileage this low and an obvious rebuild having been done already. For further peace of mind, a 12 month warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including minor paintwork repairs, full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, UK registration, road tax, new MOT, 12 month's warranty, - this car is available for Alternatively, we can supply without UK preparation (Will be easy to DIY as there's no SVA required) at only £9,270.
This wild RX-7 is currently in Yokohama, Japan - awaiting reservation. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment. Please Contact us to obtain full information on this RX-7, or to have us find one to your requirements!
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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