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1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT Turbo Black


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Skyline R34 GT Turbo






The Skyline GT-T is a hugely capable sports tourer with performance that will enable it to slay most cars in it's path, yet it still has refinement, a practical boot and looks that are still as fresh today, as when this model was first introduced in 1998 (Production of all Skyline R34's ceased in August 2002). Even as standard, they're hugely impressive and fun to drive. As they're now no longer in production and top examples are in short supply, demand has stayed strong in Japan and prices are still as strong today, as they were 2 years ago. This is good news, as it means prices are unlikely to drop significantly into the future (As Nissan isn't making any more turbo Skylnes until the R35 GT-R is introduced in 2007) and so these will continue to make excellent investments, especially in manual form, which is the more desirable spec. for driving enthusiasts!
This is a high quality fully spec'd ER34 Skyline GT Turbo in perfect condition, already ideally prepared for daily reliable use in the UK.
This example is an original 1998 R34 GT Turbo Automatic with Tiptronic style gearshift with stage 1 modifications (all standard parts that were replaced will also be supplied so you can return the car to standard spec if desired or required). Factory Specification includes: Electric windows, Electric mirrors with retract mode, Climate control Air Conditioning, SRS airbag, Anti lock Braking System, Hicas four wheel steering, Factory 17" alloy wheels with 4 225x45xZR17 Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres, Factory 'Skyline' fitted mats', Privacy rear windows, Nissan TV/Satalitte navigation (Please note this will not work in the UK without specialist modification) with Sony 10 Disc boot changer. Also fitted is an optional rare factory sunroof.The 2.5 Litre RB25 engine has been improved with a Blitz SUS induction kit, a factory Sports rear exhaust section and Catalyst removal pipe (originals supplied) to improve breathing. A set of Irridium spark plugs have also been installed to provide the optimum spark. To make use of the increased power the suspension has been improved with a set of Dowmax lowering springs (again, originals also supplied). These improve both looks and handling whilst maintaining a sensible ride height for UK roads.In keeping with this attention to care and detail the underbody has been professionally undersealed to protect against the UK road salts and weather. A Scorpion Alarm/Immobiliser has been installed to satisfy insurance companies.This car was imported by ourselves in May 04, therefore we can vouch that this car is in the best original condition. We provided exactly what was desired-a low mileage standard car. Since then the Skyline has been meticulously maintained had a new battery and a full service at Richard Bell Motorsport including all belts at 18,000 Miles (5 year renewal of timing belt).
The owner has since upgraded to another car supplied by ourselves and so this example is displayed on his behalf. This car is offered for sale at price shown and includes a voucher for £2,000 - so the new owner can select his desired performance or cosmetic enhancements to further improve this car!
The car is not currently being used - in order to maintain it's low genuine mileage. It is currently on display at . Please contact the owner of this car mark hopkins directly by E-mail or call: 07801 061308. Negotiation directly with the owner will ensure a lower price than buying with dealer facilities. A Comprehensive 12 month warranty is available from Newera as an option if desired.

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