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Lancer Evolution 5 GSR - Low Mileage with rare original electric sunroof.


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Lancer Evolution 5 GSR




Yellow (Y77)


This example was sourced specifically to order for a discerning customer who wanted a rust free yellow example (Ideally with a sunroof!) that had been well looked after.
After an unusually short time of only 2 week's searching amongst the usual crash repaired and rough examples, we found this one at slightly above his budget, but with much lower mileage than usual!

The Lancer Evolution 5 GSR is considered by many to be the best looking design of all the Evo's. It was the first wide-bodied example, with that agressive looking front bumper, large GT wing with adjustable rake and a more agressive vented bonnet compared with the previous Evo 4. Note also, it was on this model that 17 inch (As standard) wheels were introduced along with Brembo brakes at each corner, along with a larger bore master cylinder. For the version 5, the engine received some minor improvements which included longer duration camshafts, lighter pistons, 560cc injectors and an improved factory ECU. Interior was also improved with a better pair of Recaro seats offering better support and design.

Standard equipment includes: PAS, Dual SRS Airbags, Momo steering wheel, 4 channel ABS, Brembo brakes, Permanent 4WD system, Anti Yaw, Rear Wiper, Central Locking, Privacy rear glass, Air conditioning, Electric mirrors with retract mode, Recaros, Original option fitted mats electric glass sunroof. This car is mostly standard inclusive of still having the Japanese 112 mph top speed restrictor fitted. To get full information on the complete specification of a standard Lancer Evo 5 GSR, please click here. On this link you'll find a full Lancer Evo buyer's guide in downloadable .pdf format - containing info on all Lancer models ever produced. This will be more comprehensive than any description we could put here. Additional extras. This car is fitted with some tasteful and expensive parts, including: O.Z Chrono 18 inch wheels with Toyo Tramsas Cruz tyres of size 225/40ZR18, Uptared cross drilled and slotted rotors, high performance pads, TEIN CirType RS fully adjustable coilovers (standard spring rates for these are F12 / R10 kg/mm) with remote reservoirs and pillow top mounts with front camber adjustment, GAB front tower bar, HKS SPF induction kit (With purple foam filter), ARC Titanium exhaust manifold heat shield (Original steel item tends to rust due to vented bonnet + rain water), Pivot electronic rev counter with shift light, turbo timer, RAZO shift knob, alloy pedal covers, carbon look trim on the side step covers, door trims, steering column trim and dashboard vent trim. There's an audio system combined with satelite navigation. Whilst this Sat Nav won't work in Europe, the CD Radio will. It may also be possible to connect a DVD player to play on the screen. Exterior includes HID headlight conversion, LED tail light conversion Rallyart sticker on rear window.

Auction grade is 4b. Interior is in excellent condition. There was a removable ashtray located in the drink holder when the car was bought. The car doesn't smell of smoke and thankfully the previous owner was clearly careful to avoid burning the trim. There's one small mark on the driver's floor mat (Which is worn from 58,000km use). As shown on the picture of the original auction sheet, this is a very clean example that's nearly completely unmarked.
In order to find every possible fault with the bodywork, we washed and chamois leathered this car then waxed it. We also cleaned the wheels and engine bay. 2 of the Enkei wheels have minor scratches (Please see pictures). We noted all of the following (Even the smallest faults have been included here to give a complete picture): The front spoiler has been scratched / paint cracked and touched in. Bumper is OK with no marks. On the top of the front nearside fender there's a small area where laquer has peeled slightly. On the passenger front door there's a small area where paint is peeling a little. It was clear to us this car's had some paintwork on both sides during it's life, as cosmetic repairs (Bearing in mind this is NOT an accident car). The vent on the bonnet is OK, but faded a little, as are the door handles (Plastics are the first thing to fade in UV light). There are a couple of hard to spot pin-dents on the driver side doors, but these are very light. None of these faults require immediate repair - and as the car went over budget when bought we've not added repair costs.These minor paint corrections can be taken care of in UK as an optional extra if preferred at approximate cost of around £300.
The front arches appear to have slightly caught the tyres when hard cornering on tight turns. This may be OK now as is, but to perfect - arches should be rolled in carefully using a heat gun to soften the paint (See picture).The trunk shows signs of previously having held water, but the problem seems to have been fixed some time ago as there is no smell of moisture at all and the spare wheel well was completely dry (Even after having been sprayed with a high pressure washer) with no significant corrosion, just residue. On the under side of the car we noticed there is also no corrosion. Most Evo 5's have a lot of rust especially under the wheel well and on rear suspension components. As this model wasn't protected beneath with anti stone chip corrosion proof coating for the Japanese market We would recommend Waxoyling the car's underside completely heavily every year to avoid any corrosion in future (+ cavities, inside doors, etc). The after market exhaust fitted has some corrosion. We will be replacing this, as a non leaking exhaust is required for MOT in UK. Complete with full UK conversions, UK registration, full MOT and road tax, this stunning condition Lancer Evo 5 GSR was sourced at: £11,285 due to depart Yokohama on 19th October and will be due for arrival to UK around the 2nd week of December 2010.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner magazine, Japanese Performance Magazine, internet car clubs, forum members and UK specialist tuners!

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