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Impreza Sport Wagon STi Version 6 - Pristine example with TE37's & more!


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Impreza Sport Wagon STi Version 6 - Pristine example!




Grey Metallic (86F)


The STi Version 6 Sports Wagon is one of the most interesting and capable of the classic model 5 door Imprezas. As model only built for the Japanese domestic market this was the final version before production ceased in 2000 and these are now becoming more more sought after as they become rare!The engines are Sti Blue-printed units with stronger internals incl. better camshafts, valve springs and larger turbo combined with an 8,000 rpm rev limit (Normal WRX's are 7,000) packing 280+ bhp as standard. Further mechanical improvements from Subaru Technica International include a carbon fibre front strut brace, uprated intercooler, uprated suspension, 4 piston brakes at front with 2 piston at rear, etc. The STi 6 is also distinguishable by it's updated vented bonnet, crystal headlights (Only on this model, STi 5's had conventional headlights), light green tint on windows (Privacy glass on the rear), updated rear spoiler with integrated central brake light and the red and white rear lights in addition to crystal type headlights and a fresher design of front bumper splitter. Note this example also includes original option side visors. The Sti 6 interior was also of a brighter design than previous versions, with "STi" embossed front seats white dials with a digital odometer. The air-conditioning controls were also updated and a driver's SRS airbag included with the Momo leather steering wheel.
For the sports driver who wants reliable high capacity load carrying capability without the weight penalty,outstanding 4WD road holding, STi performance and reliability - this is the wagon to own. Better dynamically than the later heavier and more watered down bugeye WRX wagons, in terms of performance fun - you'll be hard pressed to find better. Classic Impreza Sti performance - with all the practicality of a normal 5 door wagon. These make other manufacturer's modern sports estate offerings look positively boring performance is bland by comparison!
Cosmetic other modifications: This car's remained standard mechanically aside from the addition of an Apexi induction kit, Fujitsubo Legalis R stainless sports exhaust a change from the standard 16 inch wheels to RAYS 17" rims. All 4 brake discs have also been uprated to Project Mu SCR with sports compound pads. Tyres are Dunlop Direzza sports spec of 215/45R17 size. This example also includes privacy rear glass.An Alpine 200W CD / Radio with ipod / iphone compatible cable is fitted. Please note: Audio is included free of charge and is not included in warranty. Note also that Sti 5 ECU's are also mappable with Ecutek software, so if at any point you decide you'd like to Improve your Sti 5's performance, it's relatively easy we can supply additional parts to further improve your car. Ask us for further details or visit
Condition: Our full array of pictures will speak for themselves to show the outstanding condition of this Impreza STi 6 Sports Wagon. It's body is completely rust free there's no underside corrosion at all, nor in the engine bay. There's some very small touch up paint areas applied by the previous (one) owner on the side skirt (Where the driver's foot would usually rub getting in out) also on lower parts of the o/s doors. One the leading edge of the bonnet there's a small blemish and hidden behind the rear spoiler is a small ding. None of the above points require attention, they're simply described to provide a full report of condition (Pictures of each are also shown). If we didn't point them out here - most people probably wouldn't even notice them on inspection. We also noted 3 small pin dents on the driver's rear door and also 2 on the driver's door. These will be repaired by a specialist as part of full preparation in UK. Interior is also in excellent condition with no cig burns on seats, nor any significant wear. It's very rare to find an example anywhere near this good nowadays.
Test Drive: Mechanically it's also in good condition. Strong power with good response, a nice quiet engine with no noisy valve gear or signs of a hard pushed engine. . We test drove this car after warming up - which revealed a very tight feeling car. There are no faults to report at all. This car's been regularly serviced and oil was recently changed (less than 1,350km ago, next oil change is not due for another 6,100km / 3,800 miles).
This is an exceptional Impreza STi 6 Wagon in stunning condition. Inclusive of new MOT, 6 month's road tax, UK registration, 12 month's comprehensive warranty a full valet just before collection, this car is available at £6,495 ted in our storage facility in Japan, it's ready to ship to England, or to any other country (Ask about our FOB package if you're not in UK). A deposit of £1,000 secures this Impreza sports wagon for prompt shipping.
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