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Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo (430 bhp) Fast &Furious-Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!


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350Z Twin Turbo Fast & Furious -Tokyo Drift ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!




Dark Metal Grey KAD Super Black KH3


The Fast Furious trilogy has a lot to answer for. Targetted at petrol heads worldwide, it has inspired literaly 100's of 1000's of people in tuning their Japanese sports cars and helped create a wave of tuner businesses worldwide! The Veilside Combat Version 3 Wide Bodykit is a positively mouth watering design. Now world famous as a result of being the main bad guy's drift star in Fast Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, this car is without doubt the world's best known modified 350Z currently available for sale. The Veilside 350Z Version 3 bodykit was originally styled by Veilside boss - Hironao Yokomaku. Newera's involvement with Veilside began when the Fortune RX-7 was being styled, a car we fell in love with ever since first laying eyes on the clay model Yokomaku San was creating in his workshop...! After filming an exclusive interview, Newera went on to send the very first Fortune RX-7 show car to the Paris Tuning Show - then back to Japan. Subsequently through development of business with Veilside, Newera Imports became involved in the supply of Japanese cars for the 3rd movie, Tokyo Drift, liaising directly between Universal Studios, Hollywood and Japan's premier tuners to create special cars to be featured in the film. The car offered here is one of two surviving genuine Drift King 350Z's that were built by Veilside sent to Hollywood for filming during 2005-2006 (A total of 8 were made, of which 6 were destroyed during filming). As our Fast, East Extreme DVD on shows, Veilside's Yokomaku San is no stranger to tuning cars for massive performance, having been one of the Japanese pioneers of 8 second quarter mile GT-R's and Supras in the 1990's.
This is the only high tune 350Z made by Veilside for the film (430 bhp / 420 lb ft) the actual car that Takashi (Brian Tee) - known as DK: (Drift King) owned and drifted in the movie. You'll remember this car perfectly drifted up a car park ramp in the first scenes and in various other parts in the film. This particular car was used in drift scenes and other high speed footage. Full documentation to prove it's passage to and from the USA for filming is held on file - for one lucky owner to keep, as proof his investment is 100% genuine.
As you walk up to this car, you can't help but be gobsmacked by Yokomaku San's tallents in styling tuning. This car has incredible presence. It takes any pre-conceptions of awe inspiring styling you may have, rips them apart and drops your jaw to the ground as you walk around it drooling. Having just completed a complete bodywork restoration to crazy levels of perfection, the body work and accompanying artwork is absolutely flawless. In quest for perfection, Newera commissioned an entire specialist respray with many layers followed by deep coats of laquer to create a stunning level of finish before laying complete new high-quality decals of original one-off Veilside design. The view of the front of the car is fabulously evil. If you ever saw this car in your rear view mirror you'd want to pull in just to see it go by... Veilside front bumper's centre is filled entirely by a massive APS intercooler, which feeds cooled air from the twin turbos to the intake. The wide arches accentuated by deep skirts and stunning deep dish wheels certainly aren't shy offer a hint of the supercar slaying ability lurking under the hood. Veilside's carbon blade rear spoiler bumper give more hints of the performance available with the lower diffuser housing a large bore twin exit Magnaflow full stainless exhaust system. The wheels chosen for the Drift King 350Z are none other than 19" Andrew Premier Series Racing Evolution 5's. These are a massive 11" wide at the rear 9.5" at the front, to provide for an impressive deep-dish effect. The total value of Veilside genuine bodykit is £5,000. Wheels (Now discontinued) cost a stagering £3,500 new (Without tyres). The paintjob sticker set a further £5,500. This is a £14K exterior remake before we even go into the interior or tuning work done on the car (Which cost in excess of this figure).
Having starred as Drift King's car in the movie and being the only high power version built, it's no surprise to find the interior has been subject to equally serious treatment. Out went the stock 350Z seats replaced by genuine FIA approved Sparco Evo racing buckets with composite shells a Sparco suede leather steering wheel. Sparco 4 point harnesses are also included to hold the occupants in position. A Cusco Safety 21 eleven point roll cage provides D1 Street Legal levels of occupant protection, whilst original option equipment includes a full Bose sound system with CD multichanger, TV and navigation (Conversion required to work in Europe), Climate Control A/C and all usual high specification of a full GT spec. model 350Z. Note the brakes are Brembo items at each corner too. Neatly installed at the rear is a NOS polished alloy bottle. With more than enough power available this is currently this is not connected - But could easily be added if tuning work is desired by the new owner. There's also a line lock system to enable perfect doughnuts / burnouts to be performed on a six-pence when provoked.
As you lift the lightweight carbon hood you're greeted by a bespoke carbon engine cover combined with a very neat power installation. Performance modifications include an APS (Air Power Systems) Twin turbo conversion which is a complete package giving an increase in power from 280 to 430 bhp 420 lb ft. The APS conversion is complete and very well executed. Cold air drawn from behind the vents on the front bumper is first filtered by twin high flow filters then fed to each turbo via polished stainless steel TIG welded piping and high pressure silicone hose. Twin Garrett water cooled turbos mated to bespoke cast iron exhaust manifolds compress the air then feed it via APS's DR series Bar Plate front mount intercooler to the intake. At the intake manifold fuel is fed to the combustion chambers of the 3.5 litre 24 valve Variable Valve Timing V6 Engine via an uprated fuel pump, regulator and larger than std. injectors. The APS system even includes a bespoke injector loom, to avoid the need for cutting into the original wiring. Engine control is via the APS custom mapped plugs in management system. There's a high capacity replacement alloy oil pan with oil return ports from each turbo. APS even added a race spec high volume twin vent blow off valve, to keep the turbos spinning as the throttle's released - ready for quick response as power's re-applied. The exhaust system fitted is a stainless steel Magnaflow 2.5 inch system with dual exit 4 inch polished tips. To put the power down squarely for drifting, there's a Nismo 2 plate clutch rated to 600 bhp as well as a Nismo 2 way differential. Suspension is uprated with slightly firmer than standard progressive springs. TRC, SLIP ABS are currently permanently switched off (So the car can be drifted at will) but this can easily be returned to standard spec. (Via the OBD-II port) as preferred.This car's been fully checked over by Veilside's tuning factory whilst completing it for re-sale and confirmed to be in rude health.
During our brief drives of this car in Tokyo (Back to storage after photoshoots for magazines) we found this car to draw admiring looks everywhere!.People in other cars alongside would instantlyu recognise it wind down their windows to make excited comments and ask about the car, pedestrians stop in their tracks to gawp, and mobile phones are hurriedly pulled out everywhere it goes - to get a shot of the car before it's gone. Despite it's wild looks and available levels of performance, it's easy to drive normally. The clutch is progressive, suspension is comfortable and it behaves impeccably in traffic. A sign of well executed mapping by APS. In any gear it's got bags of torque. From around 2,500 rpm the turbos come to life and give an ever increasing shove that pins you in your seat all the way to the redline. Release the throttle to change gear and you can hear the blow off valve fluttering. If provoked it will of course drift like in the film but now being a perfect show car - once it was painted completed we drove it as if we were chaufeuring miss Daisy herself. Make no mistake! This is a stunning one off show car that can be used on the road, or if you're business savy you could charge for it's rental display at shows and exhibitions, advertisements, etc. to help recoup your investment or promote your business. There's no doubt in years to come this car will be worth considerably more than the sale price it's offered at.
Currently located in Tokyo, this car is ready for shipping worldwide incl. Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and other countries (P.O.A). Car is now ready to ship, worldwide. Please Contact Us for details on how to reserve!
(Please note: Certain conditions apply to enable this car to be legally registered in UK Only - please contact us for further details).
If you are interested in the other available genuine Tokyo Drift Veilside Turbo RX-8 this is also currently available.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the highest quality imports by tuners, premier magazines and owner's club member customers worldwide.

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