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1991 Nissan Silvia KPS13 - Drift Spec. 400 bhp. Burgundy Metallic.


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Silvia PS13 - Drift Spec. 400 bhp.




Burgundy Metallic.


As with most of the best Japanese sports cars, the PS13 and KPS13 Silvias were only made for the Japanese market. The KPS13 is considered to be the finest of the Silvias for tuning. Weighing in at only 1,170 kg as standard, this model has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - a true testament to how special these cars are ...A true "Old Skool" drift classic!!
Modified versions are also still used for time attack battles in Japan for fast track use. Indeed, there are KPS13's that have lapped the infamous Tsukuba circuit in Japan at close to 1 minute flat and one of these holds the lap record for the Tsukuba 1000 (smaller) circuit. Seriously quick for a 2 wheel drive machine!
On this example, complete preparation has been carried out as follows:
Engine: A Greddy Trust T518 Z turbo is mated to the engine via a tubular stainless steel manifold. Camshafts are HKS Step II's of 256 degrees and 264 degrees duration for the Inlet Exhaust respectively. On this engine there is no timing belt - SR20 engines have timing chains as standard.To take care of added fueling are 555cc injectors, uprated Nismo fuel pump a rechipped Z32 ECU. Boost is taken care of by a Greddy Profec B solenoid controller. A Greddy front mount intercooler is fitted complete with an alloy hard pipe kit. Also fitted is a double capacity racing radiator. Induction kit is a Blitz Sus Power unit. Exhaust is a full stainless steel system complete with large diameter downpipe, catalyst replacement pipe and a single silencer large bore system. An oil catch tank is employed to maximise spark plug performance. Spark plugs are Greddy Iridium racing items. The cylinder head gasket has of course been uprated to a metal item and the cam followers replaced with uprated items, to cope with the increased load from the higher lift camsfafts. Running at a relatively low 0.9 bar of boost it's making around 350 bhp as is. Take this up to around 1.3 bar and it'll make around 420 bhp. Serious power for a car of this size and weight!!!
Driveline Brakes: Wheels are 17" Buddy Club P1 lightweight forged alloy racing items fitted with Advan Neuva sports tyres (In good condition. Note that locks and key are also included (Key is hidden inside the car now - for security) The shift linkage is a short shift item. Clutch is an uprated heavy duty twin plate type - combined with a lightweight flywheel. A 2 way Limited slip differential is also fitted. The front discs and callipers have been uprated to Silvia S15 spec R 4 piston items. Braided hoses are also employed at each corner. The ABS has been disabled to allow the handbrake to be used for drifting - although this will be enabled whilst we prepare the car in UK, to allow maximum safely - as well as enabling the car to pass a UK MOT of course.
Suspension has been uprated with Apexi N1 Evolution drift spec. coilovers. These are rated in Japan as some of the best specialist built coilover shocks. The front units also have camber adjustable mounts, so that negative camber can be dialed in to make the front grip more. Although originally equipped with Hicas 3 wheel steer, in the interests of maximum control, this has been replaced with a Hicas cancelling bar.
Interior: A Kenwood CD/Radio unit is fitted - combined with uprated speakers. An alloy shift knob is also fitted. On the steering column is an HKS boost gauge. The steering wheel has been replaced with a Momo "Race" item. Pedals also have alloy covers on them. For fun, there's a "Snap On" ignition key, which looks much like a screwdriver. In addition there's the original "Silvia" key too. The Greddy Profec B's boost controller is located within easy reach. Note the clever digital speedometer and head up display on the windscreen. The seats at the front aren't original, but actually R32 Skyline GT-R items, which give more support than the standard items. If preferred we can also supply full Recaro style bucket seats from £250 each - fitted - through our sister website:
Bodywork: Considering this car is now 14 years old, it's in awesome condition! This is not an original colour. In fact, the car used to be red underneath. The paint job is of excellent quality too. The front bumper is a Vertex item. Side skirts are original option items. There's a full carbon GT wing also, to give the car a mean look and assist rear end grip at higher speeds. It's fully adjustable for rake too, of course. The headlights fitted are not original, but square lenzed items, which give the front a meaner look too! Note that the rear arches have been rolled out too, to allow for larger wheels and more track than standard, as well as lower suspension.
Original factory equipment includes: Rare electric glass sunroof, ABS (currently disabled for drifting and track work), remote controlled mirrors with retract mode, electric windows, power steering, climate control air conditioning, fitted mats, remote controlled boot and filler cap release, adjustable steering column, etc.
Auction grade of this car is RA-1 (Copy of auction sheet is available). The "RA" denotes that the car has had a small accident only (Both front wings have been replaced, that's all. Grade 1 is due to the many modifications this car's received! As the bodywork has been lovingly resprayed, condition is excellent, with only a few stone chips to report. These are shown in pictures, but will be repaired as part of preparation when the car reaches the UK.Interior is in excellent condition considering the age of the car. Note that there is a small wear mark/ hole on the driver's seat. The original 3rd brake light located on the rear parcel shelf has been removed too. A replacement can be sourced if needed, inexpensively.
Test Drive: This modified Silvia drives very, very well, with excellent throttle response, very strong power with boost coming on from around 3,500 rpm and going all the way to the redline, drama free brakes, good clutch and most importantly - excellent handling, with easy, slow driftability. Needless to say, it sounds like a racecar - with the engine modifications fitted! There's no dump valve fitted. Letting off the throttle, the chattering of the wastegate is heard. Apply the throttle and as the turbo comes on, there's a characteristic bark from the exhaust indicative of a tuned SR20 engine! From the exhaust there are flames on occasion too.
Video clip: Was difficult to do, but this car was driven one handed and drifted / tested whilst shooting a short (17MB) video clip. The clip was made to simply show the power delivery and level of performance this car has. Please only request this if you have a genuinely serious interest in this car.
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! This is also the most sought after shape, as featured on Initial-D Japanese drift cartoons! Condition is excellent - this is the best PS13 coupe we've come across hence the reason we bought it - Spec is similar to our very own S15 drift project car! Judging by the attention our video director - Steve Brooks' blue PS13 generates when appearing at shows in the UK (it's not as modified as this...yet!) this will be a car that generates a LOT of interest. Expect to see a full feature of this car in J-Tuner magazine, issue 11 !!!!!!
Priced at £9,650 ew MOT, minor stonechip repairs as detailed, together with a new carpet fitted, spare wheel, wheel repair, etc. complete with 6 month's road tax and full UK registration. Comprehensive warranty included.
Now completed, ready to register and available for viewing (By appointment please) Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique KPS13 for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures this unique 400 bhp Silvia!
Newera Imports - Total dedication to perfection in every car we supply. As recommended widely by clubs, members and UK tuners.

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