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Skyline R32 GT-R. Beautiful Original Example with Stage 1+ Tuning.


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Skyline R32 GT-R. Beautiful Original Example with Stage 1+ Tuning.




White (326)


For about 5 years front extensive experience sourcing these we've been predicting that 32 GT-R's were destined to become prized classics and now not before time - we're sadly seeing the best examples fetching increasingly higher prices in Japan, making it very difficult to buy replacement stock. It's a no-brainer that prices in other countries will rise sharply in the near future. The R32 GT-R is a Playstation generation cult-car and was built by Nissan to show off what it was capable of during the Japanese bubble economy. Not before time, it's now become a legend, sold only in Japan with a sprinkling of examples in Australia officially. Many that were exported from Japan most of those remaining are now in sad states from neglect, abuse and poor quality modifications.There are few really nice examples left, even in Japan.
This example has been beautifully preserved and subtly improved, whilst retaining much of it's originality. In particular, it's a completely rust free example that has never suffered any prior accidents. It's producing around 350 bhp at 0.9 bar. Timing belt tensioners have been changed at 55,000km and a service including new brake pads has recently been completed. We can confirm very well mapped with smooth cold start and safety boost cut until the car is up to preset "warm" temperature. We further observed this example is in top condition and it's notable from the lack of pin dents stone chips, or even wear to tyres and complete absence of scratches to the wheel rims. All tend to show that the previous keeper was most likely an older driver a non-smoker.
Performance modifications include: Apexi Power FC ECU Commander expertly mapped for 0.9 Bar, with perfect cold start warmup settings too. There is an HKS SPF Induction kit and the original intake plenum has been replaced by a chromed item. Exhaust discharge is taken care of by an ATTKD front pipe running through a standard catalyst and a Do Luck Stainless Exhaust (With removable silencer baffle - not shown in pictures). Cooling is taken care of by an HRD Double copper core radiator and power is fed via a near new Nismo Clutch. Braking is via Project Mu brake pads and a recent fluid change as part of the service the car has received.
Suspension wheel improvements: There is a Bee-R Sports Suspension kit which gives a sportier ride than standard, but one that's well controlled both for bump absorption and body control when cornering faster. We expect it'll be very well suited for use on the UK's rougher roads, compared to Japan's. There is an Apexi front tower bar Cusco 40mm rear strut brace. There is a Mine's HICAS cancel kit, which takes away the electronic control which is often disliked on 32's, to give the driver more feel and control of the car on the limit. Of course the Atessa 4WD system remains. Cosmetic Interior Upgrades: Exterior includes an original Option rear wiper delete (Rare but very desirable) N1 headlights (With HID conversion), which in effect mimic the exterior spec of an N1 model. Wheels are Work Equip 17 inch wheels with Goodyear Revspec RS-02 sports tyres in near perfect condition with no scratches to the edges at all, nor any corrosion. A testament to the care the previous owner lavished on this example. Inside there is a Nismo 320km/h Speedometer, Momo Steering wheel and Splash Steering boss. The shift knob is a rare and discontinued billet item from Greddy and there are Carbon finish shift handbrake boots.Audio includes a high quality Carrozzeria 200W CD/Radio with uprated speakers also fitted. Floor mats were fitted by the previous owner and come from a newer model Skyline Coupe, to give a more modern feel compared to original 32 mats which are quite dated. Note there's also a fitted boot liner carpet. Further Improvements available: Although this car needs nothing added - if wanted, there's still more things the new owner can do to personalise for his own GT-R perfection (We're here to help!). We supply everything from tuning parts to rare and discontinued parts to keep your 32 as perfect as possible going forward. R32's look particularly good with full Nismo body options. We can supply brand new bumper intercooler ducts, rear spoiler lip side skirts too (Rear lip is made from FRP, so it wouldn't corrode from the inside like the original). We can also supply wilder parts like Abflug front and rear carbon diffusers (With free shipping if supplied with this car). The car is already mapped for increased power but we can also offer further improvements, including to the control of the 4WD system, for which the best solutions in recent years - have been developed in Japan (Do Luck DTM II controller is the best there is). All available tuning parts for BNR32 available throughout Japan can be sourced supplied at discount from
Standard equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, sports velour seats, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, carpets, indicator stalk, pedal rubbers, oil pressure, etc.- all indicate low wear and no abuse.
Exterior Condition: What's most notable is how straight the panels on this car are. Very true to original throughout. We found only minor cosmetic faults as follows: There is a touched-in scratch on the front bumper nearside corner and a blemish on the n/s/f wing (difficult to see in pictures but shown). These two items will be repaired whilst the car is at RK Tuning, completing preparation before registration. There is also a very small pin dent on the bottom corner of the front n/s wing. This is too small to repair, but is pointed out here for the purposes of providing a full report. On the underside front corners of the sills, there is some of the not uncommon bending of seams from use of the standard scissor jack. Unfortunately on every Skyline R32-34, if the jack is used - it damages the jacking point. This is not visible when standing anywhere near the car, but can be seen when looking directly from the underside. When doing so - you would also notice the complete lack of corrosion, especially to the rear of the car (to subframe and above, arches, etc). These areas are often in horrible condition for cars that have been in the UK some years, which can cost thousands of pounds to put right. Bear I mind this 32 has never seen salt, grit or mud to it's underside. Hence the well preserved condition of the chassis.
Engine Test Drive: After careful warming and extensive checks we took this car out to test can confirm it drives very well! It's got good smooth power and all signs of a well maintained car. Excellent oil pressure (5kg/cm2 cold 2.5 kg/m2 when warm) at idle shows this is an engine in good health. Engine has absolutely no signs of wear, it's super smooth too. Clutch (Nismo) feels as if it's got plenty of life the gearbox is notably smooth and lacking in any of the often found signs of synchromesh wear found on these cars. We found no faults to report at all. Car pulls strongly from just under 3,000 rpm with power climbing all the way through the power range and is making approximately 350 bhp. The tightness of it's feel, lack of stone chips and care / money lavished on it suggests this car was used as a weekend toy and has never been on a circuit.
Make no mistake - this is the best R32's we've had in years and that's not something we say lightly (If you look through our history you'll see we only select the best available examples for stock). Prices of top Skyline R32 GT-R's in Japan are continuously strenghtening so we're unlikely to find many more good examples in 2014. Supplies of good 32's at affordable prices are drying up fast now.
UK Includes all costs such as conversions, minor paintwork repair to front bumper pin dent removal (See pictures and comments on slideshow), valeting, road tax and new MOT (required for registration) with 12 months comprehensive warranty.
For sales inquiries where the car would be shipped direct to another country, ask about our FOB package.
Contact us to secure this example or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R.
Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time. Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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