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1995 Toyota Celica GT-4 Facelift - With Stage 1 + Modifications. White


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Celica GT-4 Facelift - With Stage 1 + Modifications.






Celica GT-4's with performance improvements top condition are becoming very difficult to find, even in Japan. For our stock, we prefer to seek out the latest possible top condition models to import to the UK, as these offer better value and specification than the typical 1994 models more commonly available. This example is the best spec'd we've sourced this year (None of the examples on our sold stock have as many uprated items!)

As a late 1995 facelift model this GT-4 carries factory uprated specification which enhances the car well. Equipment includes: 4 piston signature brake callipers at the front, central locking, electric mirrors with retract mode, climate control A/C, PAS, electric windows, factory updated blue (instead of light brown) tint on windows, fitted mats. Factory updated specification also includes updated rear lights, optional ABS plastic side skirts and boot spoiler.

Performance Modifications include: Front mounted intercooler kit, Blitz Dual drive SS Blow off valve, HKS PFC Induction kit, catalyst replacement pipe, Kakimoto Racing Stainless steel exhaust with removable rear baffle. On boost, the turbo holds a steady 1 bar (15 psi).
To make room for the intercooler installation and to help equalise weight distribution, the battery has been relocated to the boot. A Grex oil cooler kit complete with braided hoses and anodised aero fittings is located in front of the radiator. A 1.3 Bar high pressure TRD radiator cap is also fitted.
The clutch has been replaced with an uprated tein plate item. This is still relatively new - so it's progressive and easy to use, yet will withstand hard use repeatedly - A twin plate clutch is rated to withstand around 500 bhp.
A thick 4 point alloy strut brace from C One Motorsport is fitted to the engine bay. Wheels are Volk Racing (RAYS) SE37 17" forged monoblock alloys fitted with Dunlop Direza DZ 101sports tyres of size 225/45/R17. Wheels are like new - with no scratches at all. Alloy anodised are lightweight too.
The suspension currently fitted consists of TEIN coilovers. However, two of these are leaking and although not noisy will certainly not pass an MOT in UK. We will source suitable alternative sports suspension - supplied fitted with the car upon completion.
Brakes as already mentioned, are the uprated type with 4 pistons at the front. Pads are near new at each corner and are of Endless CC-X brand. These have a heat range of 0-500 Dec C - and so give much improved performance over standard without need for warming before use.
Headlights have been uprated with an HID system operating on main beam. These give much improved visibility and emit a bright white light (Once warmed up but start off slightly blue when cold). We are able to supply many performance extras for GT-4's. Please view or ask for the items you want, if you don't see them listed yet!

Interior: This GT-4 has been owned by a non smoker. It's in excellent standard condition, with no faults to report - aside from lint on the seats and a slightly worn steering wheel. In the boot, the carpet isn't right for this car - as fit isn't perfect - so we'll order and fit a new boot carpet direct from Toyota.
Factory option matching Recaro sports seats are fitted. These are reclinable, but offer good lateral support. A 4 point harness is also fitted - this can be used on track days to hold the driver in place. An electronic HKS boost gauge on the steering column shows what the turbo's doing accurately instantly. Another HKS gauge is mounted to the right, showing oil temperature. A turbo timer is also fitted.
Uprated speakers are uprated at each corner. Hifi is an older Alpine Tape/ 3CD Changer/Tuner unit of 180 W power. The display doesn't show anything at all and appears to have no power to it. As with all our cars, audio equipment is included free of charge with this car. If preferred, we can obtain a used newer and higher quality head unit to be fitted in the UK inexpensively. Note that a RAZO gear knob and pedal covers are also fitted.

The auction grade is 3.5 due to the rear n/s quarter panel having been changed in the past (Auction sheet is available). Quality of repair is excellent and barely recognisable when comparing to the o/s quarter. Fit and shut lines are also perfect. Although in beautiful condition, there are minor small faults on the bodywork as follows: There are 2 small light scratches on the bonnet. These will be carefully touched in / sprayed by a professional specialist. There is one tiny pin dent on the n/s quarter. This will be removed by a specialist if access is possible from behind. Both side skirts have some minor scrathes / chipped paint on the rear and the driver's door has a barely visible blemish. These will be resprayed professionally Each of these small faults are shown on pictures below will be profesionally repaired as part of the total car arrives to the UK - so it'll be presented in immaculate body condition upon completion - to our usual high standards. Please note: To make space for the FMIC the original front grille is no longer fitted.

Service: This GT-4 has been fastidiously serviced and carefully looked after. Engine filter have been changed every 3,000km (1,850 miles) with the last change just 208 miles ago. The timing belt was changed recently too - at 86,261km (53,611 miles) on 16th October 2004. Transmission oils have also been changed 6,000 miles ago.

Test Drive: No faults were found at all with the way this GT-4 drives. It feels tight and rattle free. Performance is strong at 1 bar of boost. Clutch is smooth and progressive, it's twin plate anatomy is barely noticable. The brakes work well with no signs of warped discs, etc. Suspension works well although we will replace with alternative good qulaity shock absorbers (The TEIN items fitted will also be supplied with the car).

This is the very best GT-4 we've managed to find so far this year! An example that's been stunningly well looked after, loved and lavished with performance upgrades too!

Inclusive of full UK modifications and derestriction, MOT SVA testing, UK registration, paintwork as described, fitting of clear front indicators valetting, 6 month's road tax and comprehensive Motorcare 12 month's warranty -OTR Price: £8,875.

Now departed from Yokohama and due for arrival to the UK on the 2nd week of February! Please Contact us to discuss reserving this Facelift model Celica GT-4.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-4's in the UK by tuners and club members.

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