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1994 (Feb) Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R Silver


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R32 Skyline GT-R






This GT-R has been aesthetically improved with only mild tuning to allow it to remain easily drivable and usable for every day driving.

Aesthetic improvements:
A Glad Racing front splitter is fitted in combination with Nismo side skirts and rear flares. The original rear spoiler is retained. A pair of carbon look Ganador electric mirrors are fitted. Also fitted are a set of nearly new Work 18" forged monoblock lightweight alloys fitted with nearly new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres of size 245/45/ZR18. Annodised lightweight alloy wheels nuts and locks are also included.

Performance Improvements:
The engine is basically in standard tune, with original cold air fed airbox containing a Nismo panel filter. ECU is a Mine's uprated unit - recommended by UK tuners as one of the best pre-programmed units to come from Japan. Cat-Back Kakimoto Racing Hyper 2000 Premium full mega N1+ Dual stainless steel exhaust system, complete with 2 removable baffles, ideal for use on track days in the UK. This car is set to run at a maximum of 1 bar turbo boost, which should see it give around 370 bhp in current specification. Nearly new - uprated cross drilled ventilated discs are fitted on each corner, complete with Project Mu sports pads. The timing belt was changed only recently at 67,351km (41,859 miles). This was carried out on 4th February 2004. Note that this car has been very recently serviced by Nissan too. Suspension struts are standard - although 25mm lowering springs have been fitted. Ground clearance remains good - for daily use.

Interior and Lighting:
A Nardi steering wheel is fitted. Hifi is a Kenwood Dynamic Boost MP3 player radio in combination with a 3MD changer located in the passenger side. These combined can give 100's of hours of music - as there are now some very high capacity MD's available, as well as MP3 being capable of recording 10 hour's worth on music on one CD. Also fitted are uprated speakers and and an Addzest sub woofer in the boot. Note that the MP3 player opens automatically and also has a face-off facility for security. This kit is worth in excess of £1,000 new, but is included free of charge with this car. Veilside pedal covers are also fitted. A PIAA HID headlight kit has been installed - this Skyline is therefore equipped with much brighter than usual lights - the very latest in technology, as fitted to the more expensive new BMW's and other luxury cars. There is a remote control unit for engine starting although no control sender unit is currently with the car. As it's only just been bought - it may be that this controller will come with the documentation from the auction later.

Standard quipment includes:
Climate Control A/C, privacy rear glass, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, Hicas 4WS, original option fitted mats, velour seats, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained.

The engine bay, seats, steering wheel, carpets, gear lever, indicator stalks, pedal rubbers - all indicate low wear and careful use. Interior is unmarked aside from a 2mm diameter burn mark. Other signs show this has been a non smoker's car, however - the rest of the interior is unmarked.

Auction grade is 3 (Auction sheet is available). This is because the rear quarter, passenger door and front wing have been replaced in the past - although please note this is NOT an accident graded car. With our considerable experience, we have inspected the repair and found it to be first class. Panel gaps are perfect, there's no difference at all between the seams on the driver's door and passenger door. Also the fit and sealing of the rear quarter is perfect. Front wings are just bolt on, so no problem there. We prefer to give an accurate account of each car which is why the above is described, but had we not said so, it's unlikely anyone would ever be able to tell a repair has been carried out. Condition of paintwork is immaculate - there's only a small scratch aft of the driver's door handle - which has been carefully touched in. Clearly this car was very carefully looked after.

Engine: Excellent oil pressure (over 4kg/cm2 at idle when cold and 2.5 km/cm2 when at normal running temp), with a nice tight feel. Not a lot of paint peeling off the intake Plenum. Another good sign of genuine mileage. Clutch feels as if it has plenty of life remaining. Brake discs are not worn much at all.
We test drove this example and found it went very well. No faults at all to report.

Total cost of modifications fitted to this car are approx. £8,500 excluding labour to fit, paintwork to aero parts, etc. Clearly the last owner didn't skimp on his car. All signs show this hasn't been a Skyline that's been driven hard and modifications are sensible to improve the car yet still allow it to remain relaxing to drive for daily use. We believe this car has been owned by a mature Japanese man,who has kept it garaged throughout most of it's life.

If you can trust our reputation and what we stand for, you'll know this is the best you'll come across. Personally speaking, we love this GT-R. It's exactly what we'd seek in an R32 GT-R Skyline for every day use.

Includes all costs such as MOT, full UK conversions, 1 year's warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT.

Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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