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Stagea Turbo - Extensively Modified with R34 GT-R front & 5 Speed Manual Box. Amazing Example!


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Stagea - Extensively Modified with R34 GT-R front & 5 Speed Manual Box.




Jade Metallic.


This is one of the most modified Stagea we have sourced, yet alone seen in Japan. We have always avoided Automatic versions as they just don't give the same level of fun as the rarer manuals, but when we came across this rare beast it ticked all the right boxes so naturally we wanted it for stock. It's simply loaded with modifications throughout which in total cost the previous owner considerably more than the price at which it's available for now. The Nissan Stagea Turbo was never built with the combination of Turbo, RWD Manual and so the previous owner of this example commissioned a complete mechanical transformation a cosmetic re-style. Starting with the drivetrain, he had the original removed and the low mileage mechanicals of a 4-door Skyline GTS-t fitted in place. This didn't only include the engine gearbox but the rear differential (with Torsen LSD) and the larger diameter discs calipers too as well as ECU wiring, etc. A job like this entails considerable work, but the tuner made it all fit and work perfectly.
Mechanical Modifications also Include: KN Air Filter, Meiku Front mount plate fin intercooler with hard pipe kit, Greddy Twin Core Aluminium Radiator, Blitz SBC ID Boost Controller, Kakimoto Front Pipe, Fujitsubo Legalis R 304 Stainless exhaust system Cusco Twin Plate clutch. Suspension consists of coilover units at each corner by TEIN. Wheels are Work Emotion CR Kai of 18 inch size with minimum offset and stretched tyres (225/40R18) to allow best possible stance. Note these wheels aren't far off being in as new condition - a sign of the care this car had from it's previous owner.Cosmetic Modifications: The previous owner did well to start with a clean rust dent free example complete with very rare twin electric sunroofs! The body has been completely transformed. The front bumper, lip spoiler under diffuser are originals from an R34 GT-R. Front wings, side skirts and rear bumper are by Masa Motorsports. Bonnet is a discontinued design by Abflug and the rear spoiler is a Dolphin Aeroform. The headlights are also original Xenon HID units from an R34 GT-R. Front indicators are Nismo items and attention to detail is such that a Hakosuka GT-R badge is fixed to the original GT-R grille. The rear view completes the profile with the facelift model's rear light set. Note the windows are original factory privacy glass at the rear too. A colour change to Jade Millenium (Same colour as the last of the Skyline R34 Nur Spec / Type M models - some of the most sought after examples of all) has been completed to a very good standard, inclusive of painting in all the door shuts, etc. The view of this car in someone's mirror will be aggressive indeed and it's difficult to tell the difference from a genuine Nur Spec until seeing the car from a side profile. The Stagea's original lines blend well and make for one of the smartest looking modified Stagea designs to come from Japan. Without a doubt this car will attract enthusiastic attention from other road users with it's new owner. If you don't like being noticed, don't consider buying this vehicle! Interior Improvements: The front seats have been replaced with Recaro SR-III matching seats with Stagea specific adjustable rails. A manual version's centre console has replaced the original to allow fitment of the manual shift mechanism whilst appearing to be original equipment. The pedals have of course also been replaced for manual use, inclusive of fitting uprated pedal covers. There's a Veilside shift knob too. A set of new Nismo floor mats has also been fitted (Stagea WGNC34 items). Original floor mats will also be included, for when the new owner wants a set of covers to keep the Nismo items pristine!Carbon look switch instrument surrounds ashtray have replaced the originals and there's also other uprated trim surrounding instruments and air conditioning controls. The entertainment system includes a TV / DVD player, Carrozzeria (Pioneer) 200W head unit and uprated speakers complete with uprated speakers, remote tweeters and high quality crossover units mounted on the exterior of each front door panel. Audio equipment is untested and free of charge. There are Defi 60mm BF gauges for Boost Water Temperature. Also an Autometer Rev counter with adjustable shift light (Can be switched off too). A Greddy Intelligent Informeter is fitted too as is the Blitz Solenoid Boost Controller. Note only the tachometer is attached to the dash with screws, other items use only double-sided tape can easily be relocated, etc. if wanted. As part of the transformation, the previous owner also had coloured LED's fitted into the edges of each door panel and these illuminate when any door is opened. Some may not like the LED conversions, so we can include a set of original Stagea Autech 260RS door cards, which can better match the Recaro seats too. It may also be possible to find a matching rear seat - ask us if this is something you'd like. Further performance upgrades: No upgrades are needed on this car, although if it were our own we'd probably fit an auto retracting front number plate mount (hides the plate at speed and brings it to horizontal at slower speeds!) to allow for better air flow to the intercooler! Newera are suppliers of all performance parts available from Japan. If you'd like to uprate performance further, we recommend fitting an uprated ECU, 555cc injectors, boost controller and uprated fuel pump, which combined with a mild boost hike will see this car produce over 360 bhp. Further power would also be available from a n HKS GT-SS turbo conversion - to run up to 1.3 bar of boost and get around 450 bhp. Visit for details of other items available or ask us.
Original equipment includes: RB25 24 valve turbo engine with around 260 bhp, power steering, power windows, central locking, Torsen LSD, ABS, Leather covered sports steering wheel, Dual SRS front airbags, climate control air conditioning, Factory UV cut glass tinted windows with privacy glass for the rear, pilarless windows, central locking, electric mirrors, Interior comfortably seats 5 people for long journeys complete with reclinable 2 part rear seats massive load carrying ability. Note also that roof rails are fitted, to allow easy use of a roof rack, etc. This will make an ideal car for a family man, small businessman where carrying ability is needed, or for someone needing a fast spaceous car to carry hobby equipment such as mountain bikes, etc. It would also probably make a fun car to go drifting with, but we sincerely hope it won't be used for that as a lot of work effort went into making this beautiful example.
Condition: Our full array of pictures will speak for themselves - to show the outstanding condition of this unique modified manual Stagea! It's note been smoked in, been carefully driven, regularly polished and would appear to have been garaged most of the time. We can tell it's not been used on salted roads, since the underside is rust free.
Only the following minor faults to report: There are a few minor stone chips on the front bumper and some very light paint fractures on the corners - these are hardly visible. On the rear corner of the nearside skirt there is a little paint errosion. Inside the interior is in clean condition. This was a non-smoker's car. There are some marks on the vinyl of the n/s/f door trim panel. We also noted an oil filter gauge sender adaptor is not attached to the engine, so this means the small oil temp pressure gauges on the Autometer gauge are not displaying correctly. Easy enough to supply a new plate if wanted.
Test Drive: A 5km test drive revealed a car with no mechanical faults to report. Clutch has plenty of life left and brakes feel strong and disc-warp free. There are clear signs this car's been well cared for and regularly serviced. Oil has recently been changed and timing belt was changed at 88,246km (54,845 miles). Mechanically it's in excellent condition. Strong power with good response, and all signs of well maintained Stagea. We noticed a minor hesitation at higher revs / boost, so will have this investigated and put right as part of preparation at RK tuning. Likely to be a boost cut sensor needing to be replaced, but being experts with Skylines they'll put it 100% right.
This is an exceptional Stagea Wagon loaded with rare performance cosmetic parts. In Japan these Masa Motorsport Stageas are especially sought after (especially manual!).With the combination of improvements fitted we expect this will be the only one of it's type in Europe, shortly. Inclusive of full UK conversions, new MOT, full UK registration, 12 month's comprehensive warranty and a full valet just before collection, this car is priced at £8,795 1,000 secures for prompt shipment. If you are not in the UK and would like this car to be shipped directly to you in another country, ask about our FOB package.
Don't wait - Once it's gone we'll probably never again find an example as unique as this!Newera - Recommended widely by Forum members, UK tuners and Magazines as the no. 1 supplier of the best quality imported cars. Also supplying ALL performance parts available in Japan.

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