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Maserati 222 4v. 6 Speed Manual. One of 130 built - Concours Condition.


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222 4v. 6 Speed Manual. One of 130 built - Concours Condition.




Red (231.154)


The Maserati 222 4V was hand-built by the Modena factory from 1991 - 1994. Only 130 examples were produced Of which 11 were RHD 119 LHD). It was the first model to have the 4 valve DOHC heads on the 90 degree V6 2.8 litre engine, boosting standard power output by over 50 bhp to 280 bhp at 5,500 rpm. On this model active electronic suspension that could be adjusted whilst driving was introduced. Being the result of over 10 years of development the 222 4V proved to be a sweet reliable car. Some owners report having done huge mileages with these (Over 350,000km). Indeed provided they're properly maintained they're great cars with few electronics to go wrong. Also being berefit of electronic tickery such as ABS or traction control but endowed with a traditional LSD and lightweight, this model offers an exceptional exotic driving experience. Being of 1994 this particular example's one of the very last 222 4v's made (No 113). It's been stunningly well looked after, always garaged since new with a dust proof cover, the paintwork looks as good today as when the car left the factory 16 years ago. Not having been driven in rain, the underside's completely rust free and the engine, transmission, etc. is notably leak free too. The car's like new and is probably one of the best examples left in existence today.
Mechanical Features: The V6 twin IHI water cooled turbo'd 24 valve engine's a gem. Equipped with twin air to air intercoolers hidden behind the grille and bumper it makes 280 bhp as standard, at 5,500 bhp. With a dry weight of only 1,313kg, performance is remarkably strong. The sports 4 tail pipe exhaust system barks a menacing idle will build revs quickly to just over 6,000 before next gear's selected. This particular example's been treated to a later model's Getrag 6 Speed box and matching final drive, to enable effortless high speed cruising. The differential is a Maserati LSD with a built in cooler. Brakes are powerful, with (vented) discs at the front and rear, along with inboard drums for the emergency brake. Suspension is by McPherson strut at each corner, combined with electronic damping adjustment, on a scale of 1-4 (Standard setting is 2). Interior is beautifully appointed with a tasteful blend of black leather, grey suede (For dashboard door inserts, plus the headlining) and walnut veneer. Note this hasn't been a smoker's car and always being stored indoors under cover, the interior hasn't aged at all. The leather is soft and well cared for and veneers are as new. There are some well thought of design features. For example, the front seats automatically travel forwards when tilted, to give rear seat occupants ease of access. The rear parcel shelf has built in retractable sun blinds and there are reading lights for each of the passengers. The rear seats have 3 belts, but this is really more of a 4 seater, to be comfortable. One of the nicest design features is the dashboard. It's all leather trimmed - even the instrument surround. This helps provide a real feel of quality, as does the smell of leather as you open the doors. Last, but by no means least - there's the hallmark Maserati clock, a feature on almost all examples built since Maserati's 1926 victory in the Targa Florio.
Exterior: It was also on this model that the front received the fresh headlight design, with colour coded surrounding grilles, integrated driving lights in the revised front bumper colour coded side skirts to compliment the improved design of rear bumper with exhaust pipes and central grille integrated in the centre - which combined gave the car a much fresher look. Note also the factory vented bonnet and windscreen spoiler, which helped improve aerodynamics to keep the windshield wipers on the screen at higher road speeds. On this model wider 16 inch O.Z. Route wheels were introduced with 7J front and 8J rear width, which also gave a wider stance and a further improvement in handling. Note that the rear brakes are quite inboard, which means - if the new owner ever wanted to upgrade the wheels, some quite deep dished rear wheels would fit nicely. We can source and supply custom offset Work Meister S1 wheels and other designs via if desired.
Condition: It's hard to believe this is a 16 year old car. It's evident from it's condition - it's not had hard use at all, further evidenced by the lack of stone chips on the front bumper and leading edge of the bonnet. It would appear the previous owner enjoyed his Maserati ownership most, by keeping this car in pristine condition. It's clearly been beautifully maintained regardless of cost - which for an exotic car like this in Japan looked after by Cornes (Official Maserati importer) is hardly inexpensive. The paint work gleams from having been well maintained. Showing no micro-scratches or fading, it's evident it was washed before being stored away after use. Note how the red paint isn't faded from ageing at all. The engine bay has none of the usual corrosion and peeling of paint from the engine covers and shows no oil leaks at all. Note that Japanese roads aren't salted (Except remote mountain areas) - and this car's got ZERO corrosion. Even the exhausts still have their original Silver black paint. Interior's in similarly unmarked condition with no wear to leather, perfect condition veneers and unmarked suede trim and the boot looks to be unused, as are the two foam tire inflation devices which came with this model instead of a spare wheel. Despite having no protective rubbing strips, the sides are completely straight with no pin dents. Even the bumper corners show no sign of ever having been scuffed. All we could find is a small imperfection of paint on the passenger C pillar and some minor stone chips to the underside of the rear bumper and a mostly polished out light line scratch (Not photographable) on the passenger front wing. There are some minor scratches on the wheel edges too. Amazing condition. We've never come across an example this tidy - which is why we couldn't resist having it for stock!Testing: The only fault we could find on the entire car is the electric antenna not working. This may be a disconnected electric signal from the head unit. Drives perfectly with good suspension control, excellent braking and powerful performance. No faults at all to report, not even so much as an oil drip!This car is currently stored (Under cover) in Yokohama and is ready for shipping to any worldwide destination. Being Left Hand Drive it may be of particular interest for Canada (This model was not officially imported there), or for European destinations. It can also be shipped to the UK and supplied fully registered.
UK 5 inclusive of 12 month's comprehensive warranty, new MOT 6 month's road tax. Alternatively we can supply at £12,995 for DIY UK registration (Easy to do - we'll provide full assistance). If you're in Europe, ask about our FOB Package. Please contact us for further details on reserving this car - But hurry, if you're serious, classic Maseratis of such fine quality are rarely available, especially as affordable as this one!
Newera Imports - Known worldwide for consistently high quality hand picked cars. As recommended by owner's club members, tuners and enthusiast magazines.

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