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Veilside Fortune RX-7. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift - ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!


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Veilside Fortune RX-7. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift - ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!




Orange Pearl Metallic & Black.


The Fast Furious trilogy has a lot to answer for. Targetted at petrol heads worldwide, it has inspired literaly 100's of 1000's of people in tuning their Japanese sports cars and helped create a wave of tuner businesses worldwide! The Veilside Fortune RX-7 is a positively mouth watering design. Now world famous as a result of being the main star in Fast Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, this car is probably the world's best known modified RX-7 currently available for sale. The Veilside Fortune RX-7 was originally styled by Hironao Yokomaku. When launched in 2005, this design went on to win the grand prize in the world's most exclusive tuning car show, the Tokyo Auto Salon. At the very same time, Newera Media actually filmed the making of this design and created an exclusive look at the world of Veilside (See for free DVD preview download). This was the beginning of Newera's involvement with the Fortune RX-7, a car we've loved ever since first laying eyes on the clay model Yokomaku San was creating in his workshop...!Newera then went on to send the very first Fortune RX-7 show car to the Paris Tuning Show. Subsequently, Newera Imports became involved in the supply of cars for the 3rd movie, Tokyo Drift, liaising directly with Universal Studios, Hollywood. The car offered here is one of two surviving genuine movie cars that were sent to Hollywood for filming during 2005-2006. It features in many parts of the film. Full documentation to prove it's passage to and from the USA for filming is held on file - for one lucky owner to keep, as proof his investment is 100% genuine! Looking at it, you can't help but admire the work that Yokomaku-San at Veilside has done! Only the roofline and tailgate hint at what the basic donor car used to be before transformation at Veilside's studios. This is a car with massive presence! The front bumper with integrated carbon fibre lip, together with the rear bumper- diffuser section add 90mm to the overall length, whilst front and rear wings have been extended by a massive 220mm - giving Yokomaku-San ample space to work his agressive lines into the bodywork. The sideskirts complete the front to rear transition, widening as they extend to the rear, whilst the doors are used to create large air intakes by having their top portions fitted with wider panelling. The purpose of the large air intake is to feed cool air to the rear brakes and outward. From the back, the Fortune RX-7 also oozes agression thanks to a deep integrated diffuser, and unique Fortune spoiler. The rear screen is inspired by a '63 Corvette Stingray. The front light cluster is custom built around a carbon shell, which houses 3 seperate lamps each side. Intentionally exposed metal screws echo the moulded rivetting as a deliberate modelling of Samurai armour. From the very beginning of it's creation, Yokomaku-San's vision had been to create a Japanese Supercar look, with echoes of some of Japan's most honourable heritage. He got the design exactly right - The result is a testament to his unique tallents.The wheels chosen for this Fortune RX-7 are none other than 19" Andrew Premier Series Racing Evolution 5's. These are a massive 12" wide at the rear, to provide for a massive deep-dish effect, highlighted by a mirror like chrome finish. Grip is provided by Pirelli P Zero Nero tyres of size: 255/30-R19 305/25-R19!
Having starred as the main character car in the movie, it's no surprise to find the interior has an equally flamboyant treatment. Out went the stock RX-7 seats replaced by genuine Veilside racing buckets with composite shells. Not content with the standard looking dashboard, Veilside created a mirrored style passenger-side binnacle, another idea borrowed from the Stingray Corvette. Like the rest of the cockpit door plastics, this is finished in carbon effect. This passenger binnacle serves as the perfect place to add an LCD TFT screen and DVD player, this is in turn linked to the impressive 1100W Premium Quality Alpine ICE system. The rear seats have been discarded and the available spacr filled with two type R 12" subs, and twin Type R 6.5" mids housed in a custom made instal. In the boot is another 12" Type R Sub, combined with two Alpine MRV F450 amps. 4 x Type R two-way door and rear panel speakers are fitted to provide a balanced sound quality. AT the heart of it all, is an Alpine MDA-W255JB double DIN head unit. Needless to say, the installation has been fitted with absolute professionalism typical of Veilside's best quality. Neatly installed above the prop shaft tunnel is a NOS polished alloy bottle. Currently this is not connected - But could easily be added, if tuning work is desired by the new owner...
If you watch the movie and listen carefully, you'll notice the RX-7's make different engine sounds in different scenes. This is because one car had all the tuning (The other surviving FF3 Fortune RX-7 has been sold by Newera to a well known Australian sports car collector), whilst this example was built to look identical, but be used in the slower static filming scenes. No bad thing in itself, as this car wasn't used for drifting, etc. so it had less hard use during it's life in L.A's Hollywood Studios and closed roads. Nevertheless this car couldn't afford to have any mechanical problems during multi-million dollar filming schedules, so the entire mechanical integrity of the car was checked prior to shipment out of Japan to L.A. Work included a full engine rebuild by RE-Amemiya together with new clutch, brakes, coilover suspension, Blitz Nur Spec exhaust, etc. The engine's only done approx 2,000km since this work was carried out, meaning it's fresh for a lot of mileage, or a fuller engine tune. Modification to say 370 bhp is inexpensive to do on an RX-7, with basically only some cooling mods, exhaust downpipe, injectors, boost controller and ECU needed - to reliably offer another 100 bhp in performance! We also supply all cosmetic engine parts for RX-7's at low prices! Being currently stored in Tokyo Japan at time of sale this car can be modified by RE-Amemiya to the same as the main character car, or another tuner of the customer's choice with any combination of parts, from mild to wild, before being shipped to it's new destination country. See for ideas for tuning work / parts available, or Contact Us for further info.
Driving this car in Tokyo, between photo shoots, or to attend special enthusiast gatherings has always been entertaining for us! People in other cars alongside wind down their windows to make excited comments and ask about the car, pedestrians stop in their tracks to gawp, and mobile phones are hurriedly pulled out everywhere it goes - to get a shot of the car before it's gone. It's the car everyone would love to experience.Despite it's wild looks, this is an easy car to drive. The drive train's essentially standard at present, so there's none of the harsh racing clutch action, nor hunting from a highly tuned ported rotary engine. It's no slouch though as it's twin turbo, making approx 280 bhp in a car that weighs little over 1,050kg. 0-60 mph in a little over 5 seconds, is accessible ayet it's so easy to use, your mother could drive it!Make no mistake! This is a stunning show car that can be used on the road, or if you're business savy you could charge for it's rental display at shows and exhibitions, advertisements, etc. to help recoup your investment or promote your business. With Veilside not expected to create any further Fortune models, this will be the wildest and most widely recognised car to come out of Japan for a long time to come!Currently located in Tokyo, this car is available for shipping worldwide incl. Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and other countries at FOB price shown below. Car is now ready to ship, worldwide. Please Contact Us for details on how to reserve!FOB Japan: 4,320,000 Yen. 12 month comprehensive warranty: £28,650.
Note: If you are interested in other available genuine Tokyo Drift movie cars such as the Veilside Twin Turbo 350Z, Top Secret Wide Body 350Z, Turbo RX-8, please note these will be appearing for sale shortly.Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the highest quality imports by tuners, magazines and RX-7 owner's club member customers.
(Extracts of text from features appearing in magazines have been used to create this car's description with permission of the author. Dino Dalle Carbonare).

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