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2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 GSR. Dandelion Yellow!


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Lancer Evolution 7 GSR.




Dandelion Yellow!


2001 (March) Lancer Evo 7 GSR. 5 Speed Manual. In excellent original condition with exhaust suspension mods.

Standard equipment includes: PAS, SRS Airbags, Momo steering wheel, 4 channel ABS, ACD, Anti Yaw, Rear Wiper, HID Headlights, roof mounted aerial, Central Locking, Electric mirrors with retract mode, rear privacy glass, Manufacturer fitted clutch safety switch, Recaros, etc. There is only a standard hifi fitted. Chances are you'll probably want to upgrade this in the UK. Optional extras include side wind deflectors, fitted mats and Rallyart mudflaps!

The exhaust is a Stainless steet Bullet Spartan 505 from the catalyst back. Also included is a baffle which can be used to quieten the exhaust - for example to pass scrutineering on track days. The exhaust sounds a bit louder than standard - but is unobtrusive - sound better than standard, even at idle. Wheels are standard. Tyres are sports performance Falken Ziex ZE512's - with plenty of wear remaining. Suspension consists of TEIN fully adjustable coil overs, complete with adjustable top mounts at the front. These give a firm, but supple ride - which is comfortable for road use but ultimately a lot better than std. for trackday use. The adjustable front camber will enable you to dial out understeer at the front, which will only be apparent when pushing the car very hard. Currently the shocks are set to quite a low ride height - to give a more agressive stance. Note that the springs can be easily sourced and changed to give various different hardness. Currently they're the standard kit that comes with TEIN shocks. Brake pads are most likely uprated to a sports compound. Note that we are able to supply any parts required to further improve this Evo 7, at low prices and prompt delivery! Please see for futher details.

To get full information on the complete specification of a standard Lancer Evo 7 GSR, please visit: to get a full Lancer Evo buyer's guide in downloadable .pdf format - containing info on all Lancer models ever produced. This will be more comprehensive than any description we could put here.

Driving: It seemed to pull better than the lower mileage Evo 7's we've supplied recently! Once the turbo came in, it pulled very willingly! Clutch has probably already been replaced, as on Evos it can wear out fairly quickly. It's not uncommon to find a 35,000km Evo needing a new one! This one feels as if there's plenty of life left in it yet. With the TEIN suspension, it feels firm, yet planted. We didn't explore the handling much as the limits are so high, it's unlikely to slide at anything but insane corner entry speeds.. Brakes pulled up with no drama at all. No signs of warped discs, ir anything like that. In fact, it drove like a very good example with no faults noticed at all.

This has been a non smoker's car since new. Inteior is in good condition with no faults to report except to say it needs vacuuming as it's a bit dusty. The boot looks as if it's not carried much luggage in it's life. Auction grade is 4. Note there are no scratches at all to the wheels, nor any pin dents visible. Also no signs that any paintwork's ever been done on the car, so it would appear to be a well looked after car, driven by someone with experience in looking after their car well. Faults: There are some small scratches on the rear bumper. Also there are 3 or 4 stone chips on the bonnet and also the bonnet vent has some paint flaked off. The n/s skirt is scratched from underneath. Not visible except if you get on all fours, but nonetheless we'll respray this too. There's just one tiny scratch on the driver's mirror, almost too small to see, but for the purposes of being complete, mentioning this here. Finally, the o/s/r mudflap was hanging off, so we took this off and put it inside the boot. The n/s/r flap is also not properly afixed. We'll repair each of these faults as part of work to prepare the car in the UK, so it's all fine. Note also that when we do the conversions, after SVA you'll have the option of either getting a bumper flush fit foglight, or we can disable two of the rar brake lights (There are 2 in each cluster) and turn one into a foglight.

Inclusive of full UK conversions, fitment of foglight flush into the rear bumper, E-SVA test, MOT, minor paintwork as described, UK registration, 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this car is available for just £15,585 1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment.

Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this Lancer Evo 7 GSR.

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