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1994 Supra TO4R Turbo. 6 Speed Manual. Modified!!


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Supra TO4R Turbo. 6 Speed Manual. Modified!!






This is the most modified and best prepared Supra we have ever had the pleasure of having as part of our stock! If you understand tuning, you'll appreciate that the preparation, thought and financial cost that has gone into making this Supra special is exceptional. These modifications have only recently been fitted, judging by how new they all are.

Perfomance specification includes: HKS TO4R turbo with HKS PFC induction kit. A large remote wastegate exits beneath the car. Stainless steel manifold, HKS Camshafts of 264 degrees lift duration and JUN vernier pulleys combined with uprated valve springs, HKS metal head gasket, HKS twin row intercooler, 800c.c. SARD injectors with SARD fuel pressure regulator, Uprated fuel pumps fitted in-tank with electronic sub computer control. The ECU is the latest GReddy E-manage unit, complete with a PC link harness, so that the new owner can monitor the tuning in the future. The exhaust is a Blitz full stainless steel racing item of approx 80mm diameter throughout with no catalyst fitted. There is just one straight through silencer located at the rear of the car (Removable baffle is included). For taking care of temperatures there's a Trust Oil cooler, SARD High Capacity Racing Radiator with Samco hoses. Note that the original viscouns coupling mechanical cooling fan and shrouding have been removed and in place of these there's a large Billion electric fan commanded by a VFC Billion Fan controller - which allows the user to easily pre-set fan on / off temps or override - if desired.

The clutch is an HKS twin plate unit. Differential is a 2-Way ATS unit. Suspension consists of Bilstein gas filled sports shocks with uprated and lowered springs. Wheels are 17" Volk Racing JT-R 2 piece forged alloy of size 9J and 10J front and rear respectively, shod with Yokohama Advan A048 Sports tyres - for use on road and track. 17" size was probably chosen for function, as there is a greater choice of tyres and cost of replacement rubber is also cheaper (This car is likely to go through tyres quite quickly!) Tyres are virtually unworn having been recently fitted. Structural rigidity safety is improved through the use of a Cusco 6 point - with 2 connecting bars - full roll cage - trimmed in black foam. In the rear there's a Cusco polished alloy strut brace also included.
Brakes are the uprated type as fitted to later model Supras with 4 piston front callipers. The front discs are uprated with slotted items. Pads are also likely to be of a high performance sports type compound. Braided brake lines are fitted to each corner.

Inside, the cockpit is neatly fitted with a Greddy boost gauge located in the dash panel in place of an air vent. To the left of it is a SARD fuel pressure gauge. In place of the original glovebox is a neatly mounted panel housing a trio of GReddy electronic gauges showing Exhaust Temperature, Oil Temp and Water Temp. The Greddy gauges are electronically controlled and have pre-settable peak warning levels. A Greddy turbo timer is also located in the passenger side instrument binacle.

A full Do-Luck bodykit is fitted comprising: front bumper, bonnet (note scoop raised centre section), side skirts and rear vent blanking section, complete wider front wings, rear flares and small under bumper diffuser. A GT wing has previously been fitted, but removed by the last owner. We have sourced a standard (Black) rear wing to fit to the car - although a Carbon GT wing can be sourced through and fitted prior to shipment if required. Headlights have been improved with a pair of grilles.

As standard the Supra comes with central locking, 3 channel ABS, Power Steering, electric windows, 6 Speed Getrag gearbox, etc. Note that this car's air conditioning condensor and heat exchanger have been removed - to improve air flow through the intercooler and radiator - although supplied with the car.

Driving this car, it's immediately obvious from the moment you start it - this is not a standard tuned 2JZ-GTE engine. Although idle is steady despite the 264 HKS camshafts, there's a different sort of exhaust note. Deeper and more purposeful. Leave it to warm up a little before setting off - and you can hear the twin plate clutch beneath the car. Depress the clutch and engage first gear - letting the left pedal up - bite is smooth, indicating there's plenty of life still remaining on the clutch plates. Add some juice and it pulls with plenty of torque, although there's still no indication of the mayhem that will ensue once the throttle is fully opened and the engine reved past 4,000 rpm.... At that point the engine takes on a much more urgent note as boost is fed through the intercooler and the injectors start to work harder to match a/f ratio. Acceleration is such that it will easily break traction in the first 2 gears despite having super sticky AO48 soft compound semi slick tyres. As the differential is a 2 way unit, at slow speeds it will make clunking sounds as the friction plates slip - but apply power and the back end is well controlled as power is always being fed to both wheels, for maximum traction. Of course - add plenty of squirt and the car will drift controllably. In each gear, acceleration is relentless - with the engine going to 8,000 rpm easily - as there is no fuel cut up to that point (Uprated valve springs alloy a greater rev limit).

After purchasing this car, we felt it wasn't set up as well as it could be, having only 660cc injectors - idle wasn't good either and the car was evidently running too rich when cold - such that it would foul it's spark plugs and cause diffuculties in restarting. We later also noticed that fuel pressure was low at 1.9 bar. We therefore took the car to Asahi, one of our local tuners - to have it tuned and remapped:
They commented that the car had been well prepared, although it would be wiser to have the injectors upgraded to 800cc. The low fuel pressure was found to be low due to one of the control relays being faulty. They reset fuel pressure to 2.9-3.1 depending on load on the engine. The car was given a full check over and the GReddy e-manage ECU remapped one the open road. They also retarded ignition by 2 degrees to further help compensate for European fuels. It will make around 600 bhp at 1.5 bar of boost - but they commented that with 97 - 98 RON fuel it should be rolling road tested again, before running at full boost. Currently it's running at 1.1 bar - and making around 520 bhp very safely. Whilst we were at it, we also had the spark plugs replaced and obtained some original Volk Racing milled alloy centre caps with carbon centres - as fitted to the car before photographing.

There are no mechanical faults to report on this car. Interior front section is in unmarked condition and this has been a non smoker's car since new. As shown in pictures, the rear seats, side trim panels and some of the rear trim has been removed. An original trim carpet covers the unused and intact tool kit and spare wheel. Auction grade of this car is 1 - due to the many modifications.
There are some monir chips to the front bumper and also some chipping to the corner of the front o/s wing, where the bumper meets it. On the bumper there are some marks too - possibly left from plastic (car cover?) which has reacted with the paint. This may polish off. Also on the rear hatch there are 3 small holes and sealant marks where a GT wing has previously been fitted. These can be filled and repainted whist the car's being prepared in the UK. There is no other damage to report on the bodywork of this car - not even any significant chips to the paint on the fibreglass in the arches or on the front bumper, which indicates to us this car hasn't had much use since being built!

Total cost of conversions is estimated to be in the region of £15,000 - £17,000 in total, excluding labour costs to fit!

This wild Supra spells attitude all over, doused with a healthy topping of agression!

Inclusive of full UK conversions, MOT, full UK registration and road tax - this car is available for £18,255. A deposit of £1,500 secures for prompt shipment. Please Contact us for details on how to reserve this monster!

If you've been looking for the ultimate Supra, this is as good as it gets - but hurry, as cars like this are seriously rare! This example will not be in stock for long!

Newera Imports. The only specialist importer with own buying technicians in Japan directly in contact with customers in the UK. Consistently recommended by UK tuners, clubs and members for sourcing the best examples of Japanese Sports Cars.

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