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1995 Mitsubishi FTO GR - 5 Speed Manual. Black


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FTO GR - 5 Speed Manual.






1995 (March) FTO GR. 5 Speed Manual. Just 20,676 km (12,850 genuine miles) from new. Options include: Climate Control A/C, PAS, P/W, Remote controlled mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking, fitted mats, auxilliary gauges, light tinted windows, Sill plates with illuminated "FTO" plaque, high powered hifi with CD changer in the central glovebox.

The ashtray and cigar lighter are unused - this has been a non smoker's car since new. A Momo "Race" leather trimmed steering wheel has replaced the plastic standard wheel.

Mechanically the car is completely standard throughout with no mechanical modifications. It's clear this has been a lightly used car - which was not driven hard, although I would expect it has been used for mostly short trips to shops, etc. Checking oil, it appears to have been serviced recently, as the oil is still quite clean. Auction grade is 4.5 Condition is very good throughout. There is the usual laquer peeling from the headlights, these will need respraying to bring back to standard. On the driver's door there are some scratches to the edges, where the door has rubbed on something on various occasions. On the bonnet there are some stone chips. Also, the windscreen washer jets have been taken off (Presumably the last owner had illuminated washer jets fitted). There are 2 minor dents on the roof, on the passenger side. Also, there are some scratches to the underside of the rear bumper and some marks on the centre of the rear spoiler. These faults are mentioned for the purpose of providing a complete and accurate description. They will be repaired as part of preparation in the UK to present the car to our usual high standards.
As this car hasn't been used often, the tyres have gotten hard and brittle - so they're cracked in places. We can either replace these, at cost - or we can source supply a nice set of used after mkt. alloys complete with tyres for around £200. It's probably better to have the after mkt. alloys, as these will make the car look a lot more exciting and show off the unique shape of the FTO.

All in all, I'm quite pleased we managed to find such a low mileage 5 speed manual FTO for yourself. It does need a little work, but compared to the usual FTO's we see, this is only very minor and repairs will be to very high standard in any case.
You will be wanting the full details of costs, so here's the information:

Car cost: 452,000 Yen. Auction Fee: 10,000 Yen. FOB Fee: 80,000 Yen.TOTAL FOB: 542,000 Yen
FOB Fees cover the costs of transporting the car to storage yard, storage fees, deregistration, customs paperwork, customs clearance, translation of deregistration, shipping arrangements and loading onto vessel. This work is done by Yamagin Corp. who are the export company Newera Imports buys all cars at auctions through. At current exchange rate, the above figure of 542,000 Yen equates to approx. £2,710.Taking into account the cost of UK taxes, shipping, insurance, UK modifications, MOT testing, UK registration, paintwork and repairs as described, etc valetting, - The usive of our fee is going to be: £5,950. This OTR price also includes all conversions, our set £900 fee cost of road tax and MOT. It's close to your maximum budget, but I believe the genuine original mileage, high spec as well as year of manufacure condition were worth it!
The following UK costs are not included, which you may want to consider: (1) Cat 1 Alarm Immobiliser (Cat 1 alarms immobilisers are available from £330 £150 respectively).(2).Waxoyl to the chassis (£75).
You may also want to reserve a private number plate (See link to DVLA's number plate website from our links page). These are considerations which only need to be addressed as the car is about to arrive to UK. I'm pleased we got this one - and trust you'll agree - it's an excellent example. I think we couldn't have found a nicer example! The car will look brilliant once fully valetted for your collection upon completion.
The car is now ready to depart. It's expected to leave Yokohama on 21st April aboard a dedicated car carrier vessel - to arrive in Southampton around last week of May. We expect it to be with our UK preparation facilities by 1st week of June, for completion around last week of June (Bearing in mind they usually take an average of 4 weeks to process a car fully upon arrival).
As detailed in "How our system works", the next payment will need to be paid as the car's shipped. Please ensure this payment departs your account in UK to Yamagin's account (details attached) by 15th April at the latest. I attach Yamagin's account details and also information on how our system works, is shown after the car's pictures here.
You'll need to make a remittance of 542,000 Yen to Yamagin Corporation. Your local highstreet bank will be able to make this transfer for you. Alternatively, to get a more preferential rate, you can use the same international bank we use for remitting funds abroad. Please contact Worldwide Currencies. Contact there is Tonya Lark on 0208 464 5888. When calling, please quote reference "Newera Imports". They will be able to quote you the rate for the day you'll remit, then give you easy to follow instructions on how to proceed. When making your remittance, please quote reference: DE3A-0016023/Newera/Shaw This reference identifies your money to Yamagin as being from the owner of this FTO GR.Every Friday evening, Yamagin Corp. send me list of payments arrived - and from there I will be able to confirm to you the funds are cleared. There's no problem in sending funds abroad. It's completely reliable.
This will comprise the second payment. 3rd payment will be requested around 15th May - in preparation for the car's arrival - which will be balance of £5,950 - taking into account your initial deposit second payment. Funds for the second payment to be sent direct to Yamagin Corp. Japan must be sent for the exact sum above in JAPANESE YEN. Please do not send Sterling.
When you do make the remittance to Yamagin Corp, please send me a copy of the transfer receipt or confirm rate via e-mail, which will help me to trace the payment's arrival to Yamagin Corp and also it's useful if you let me know the exact exchange rate you pay- so I can work out exact costs, rather than a pessimistic calculation for final payment due later.
I hope you will be delighted with the car we have sourced for yourself and therein enjoy ownership of your FTO GR Manual from Newera Imports for many years to come.
Best Wishes,

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