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1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) with HKS 2530 Turbos. Silver


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Skyline GT-R (R32) with HKS 2530 Turbos.






This is a Skyline GT-R of Specification rarely available - and most sought after by people wanting an R32 GT-R with relatively low turbo lag, yet able to give Skyline GT-R Godzilla style performance that will never be found lacking for street use! In terms of "performance per £" there's nothing that comes close to this package. It'll blow away so called Supercars whilst having the ability to carry shopping, cruise to work and back each day, or perform on trackdays, where it can be properly unleashed! This example has been prepared by Top Secret. Although not as crazy as some of their wilder products, it's been fettled by one of Japan's most respected tuners - who know Skylines seriously well. For them, a 500 bhp GT-R is just a warm spec!
Modifications include: Polished engine cover and a plaque proclaiming "Top Secret Competizione R" tuned. Fitted are HKS 2530 twin turbos, HKS PFC dual induction kit, Apexi Power FC ECU (Ideal for remapping for UK use) complete with remote hand held controller, HKS 555cc injectors with adjustable SARD fuel pressure regulator, uprated fuel pump. Intercooler is also an HKS item. A GReddy/Trust oil cooler is also fitted in combination with a remote oil filter housing. This increases oil capacity as well as providing much needed cooling for a tuned RB26 engine. Of course this car is fitted with an uprated cylinder head gasket. Most likely with spec and power output such as this it also has uprated camshafts, and more - although these are not visible, so we can't be sure. A large bore downpipe is fitted. The catalyst has been replaced with a pipe disguised as a cat (Since it has the standard heat shield attached!) - to give as little back pressure as possible and allow early spooling of turbos (Catalyst is not required in UK MOT for a 1991 GT-R). Exhaust is an HKS two silencer low resistance "Street legal muffler". Boost is stabilised and controlled by an Blitz twin solenoid boost controller, monitored by a Greddy/Trust boost gauge on the left of the steering wheel. There's a nearly new performance twin plate clutch fitted (Likely to be HKS) which is progressive in take-up, but is capable of coping with the high speed launches this car's capable of! Brake discs are not heavily used and signs show this car's had very little hard use. Note that the oil has recently been changed and the timing belt was replaced at 65,660km (40,807 genuine miles) on 5th Sept 2003.
Suspension Handling: TBO fully adjustable coil overs give firm yet supply suspension and ride, which is comfortable for road use, yet give the car better and more progressive handling with less roll than a Standard R32 GT-R setup would give. Wheels are Volk Racing 17" Challenge Zero forged lightweight alloy fitted with high performance Bridgestone Potenza Grid II sports tyres of size 255/40/ZR17's - all tyres in good condition. Note that Nismo rear suspension arms are fitted, which are stronger than standard and give better geometric stability under hard power. A Tomei front strut brace is fitted as well as a Cusco rear strut brace.
Standard equipment includes: Hicas 4WS, Atessa 4WD, ABS, PAS, P/W, Central Locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, A/C, fitted mats, etc. Auction grade is 1 due to modifications - only. (Auction sheet copy is available). There are some minor dents to the front jacking points -some light damage from having been lifted with a jack in the past (GTR's are notorious for getting this if a full car lift isn't used). Not that GT-R N1 original headlights are also fitted to this example. A very rare and unusual addition! Also fitted are Nismo original bomper - intercooler vents and bonnet lip. These are no longer in production for R32's now - so a welcome and desirable addition which gives the car a more agressive look at the front than standard.
The interior is in excellent condition throughout with no faults to report at all. Seats have been replaced with matching Recaro reclinable items, which give greater support than the standard R32 GT-R items. Neatly fitted on the Driver's A pilar is a gauge pod housing GReddy - Trust oil temp oil pressure gauges. To the left of the steerign wheel is a matching Greddy boost pressure gauge. Note that the standard centre gauge cluster - being redundant has been removed. In it's place is a Blitz Dual Solenoid Boost controller (Currently set to 0.9 Bar of boost). Note also that the switch gear, handbrake lever's gaiter, gear knob, etcc. are all in good unworn condition, with no wear to door panel, etc. In combination with excellent oil pressure, these further confirm the care with which this car's been looked after - but most importantly, of genuine mileage.
Exterior condition is generally good, although there are minor faults that will need attention as follows: On the rear n/s corner, there's a small dent as well as scratches to the bumper. The o/s quarter has 3 minor pin dents, as does the front o/s wing. The rear spoiler needs taking off - preparing and repainting, as the supports have some peeling paint. There are also some minor scratches around the o/s/r arch, which the last owner touched in. On the bonnet there's a pin dent. Finally, the front bumper and lip spoiler have some scratches. Each of these minor faults are to be repaired as part of UK prep work, but mentioned here to give a complete accurate description. Note that some of the wheels also have some scratches. Although the rims can be sent off for refurbishing to make them as new (hey can be colour changed also) whilst the car's at our workshop in the UK, we'd recommend leaving them as they are. Scratches are not very easily noticable at all.
Test drive: This Skyline R32 GT-R has been ideally prepared UK fast road driving / trackdays. Having test driven this GT-R - it goes very well indeed. Upon starting up, it idles with a slightly lumpy but smooth manner indicative of uprated camshafts. Car feels tight handles beautifully, supension is slightly harder than standard, but not uncomfortable for road use. Clutch has plenty of progression on take-up, which indicates it's nearly new. Oil pressure starts at nearly 4 kg/mm when cold and stays above 3 kg/mm when warmed - indicating a strong healthy engine! Turbos start to work well from 3,500 - 4,000 rpm and hold peak boost all the way to the redline with no sign of power tailing off as the rev limit is reached. Making around 450 bhp at just 0.9 bar of boost - so expect around 510 bhp at 1.3 Bar (Please note: We can arrange to have the ECU remapped in the UK by GT Art, one of the most respected specialists and tuners of Andy Barnes' HKS R34 GT-R) which which to enjoy this car's performance to the max. It really needs no other modification - perhaps just cosmetic ones. We'd recommend a full set of carbon leather gaiters to replace the standard ones, plus perhaps some clear or smoked front indicators, which would give this GT-R some classy additions. See for details of components we can supply!
Good quality 1989-91 models are also particularly speciual as they're lightest weight of all R32 GT-R's. Needless to say, modifications to the specification this GT-R carries are extremely rare! Improvements total over £10,000 worth of parts only on this car and work has been carried out by one of Japan's leading tuners if not hte most famous of all!
Including full UK preparation, paintwork and dent removal repairs for the faults described, MOT, road tax (6 month's), 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty and a full valet to present this car in top condition as it's collected, this GT-T is available for:£11,750 £1,000 secures this GT-R for prompt shipment to the UK. Please Contact us using the inquiry form for further information on how to reserve this R32 or to source an alternative Skyline.
Newera - Consistently recommended as the No. 1 supplier for the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members!

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