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1991 Honda CR-X Coupe DOHC V-Tec. LSD Option.


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CR-X Coupe DOHC V-Tec. LSD Option.





The Honda CR-X Coupe V-Tec is considered one of the best handling and quickest point to point front wheel drive cars ever made. In 1999 it was voted as one of the 10 best cars of the decade by Fast Lane Magazine (Now replaced by Evo Magazine). Quite an accolade amongst Supercars costing 7 times the price at the time! This is the car with which Honda introduced independent double wishbone suspension at each corner, giving maximum tyre contact at all times, but also electrifying race engine like V-Tec performance. The 1.6i DOHC V-Tec Coupe CR-X model was introduced in 1990 and produced for just 2 years in this shape. Combined with a light weight of just 970kg, an ever willing engine making 162 bhp at 7,600 rpm with a V-Tec Zone that sounds goes much like that of a racing engine from 5,800 - 8,000 rpm, it's not hard to see why this car won so many admirers and collectors worldwide. Indeed, this is the car than encouraged Honda to produce Type R Civics and Integras from 1995 on. A classic with total and absolute pedigree!
Today, the CR-X 1.6i DOHC V-Tec is all too scarce in top condition. UK examples are usually rusty MOT failures with filler and rippled panels, rusty A pilars, etc. or have been worn out through very high mileages and abuse. Even in Japan, where there's no corrosion in the warmer parts, most CR-X's have long since passed their best days and are fairly tired, or have been converted into low priced track weapons! If you have ever seen one of these being driven hard on a tight small circuit and beating more modern cars of twice the power on lap times, you'll understand why they're so popular for racing use! Probably the best hot hatch ever produced. With awesome cornering and handling capabilities and an engine that just loves to be reved to the red line, performance is far faster than is decent for a car of this size. Styling 15 years on still looks cheeky and fresh. For us, it's difficult to fully understand just why Honda decided to make the Targa topped replacement for this model, which has much less charm than this little coupe. With other cars nowadays generally being bigger and heavier and not endowed with such a willing engine, nor unique double wish boned suspension at each corner, this car will run rings around most modern so called hot hatches and show them a proper scalding!!
This example has evidently been cherished. It's completely rust free. It looks as a CR-X would be expected to - if around 3-5 years old!
Factory fitted specification includes: Optional Limited slip differential, Air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, original "CR-X" fitted mats, rear wiper, blue tinted glass, remote controlled door mirrors, half leather front seats.
Performance Upgrades: Wheels are the rare optional original lightweight Mugen 14" lightweight forged alloy items. The tyres are Yokohama DNA Grand Prix of size 185/60/R14. There's not much more that needs to be done to improve performance of this little coupe further. A open induction kit would help increase air flow and throttle response, as well as allowing the engine to sound better. An uprated 4 branch exhaust manifold would also help improve power. A sports exhaust would help it to sing! V-Tec controllers are available, but they make very little difference. Honda got the tuning so right with these, there's no need to improve them further. All tuning parts available in Japan can be supplied at discount by for this CR-X. – If ordered when shipping, then goods can sent secured inside the car, to avoid carriage costs. A very worthwhile saving!
Interior is in good condition. This has been a non smoker's car. The cloth speaker grilles are bleached from sunlight – We will be replacing these with special “Bride” black mesh as part of our preparation – so they’ll be as new. There is a piece of wood stuck to the middle of the dash, where a TV Screen has previously been mounted and also a screw in the dashboard. The driver's seat has some wear and the vinyl is split away from people getting in and out over the years. Also the black coating has worn off the leather. This can be repaired at low cost – around £100 - £150. We can arrange this is desired. Alternatively, the front seats can be replaced with bucket racing seats, inexpensively before shipment!
Auction grade is 3 - mostly due to age (Auction sheet is available) The paint condition is generally excellent - but most importantly this CR-X is rust free! The roof and bonnet each have slightly milky laquer. There is a 2cm scratch / dent below the rubber strip on the n/s rear quarter. The front and rear bumpers each have minor scratches (Touched in) and there are some minor pin dents on the rear quarters and doors (See pictures). The roof, bonnet and bumpers will be repainted and the 2cm scratch on the lower front corner of the n/s arch repaired and sprayed. Pin dents will be removed by a dent removal specialist, meaning no paintwork is needed to these areas. We couldn't ascertain whether the timing belt has been changed or not, very likely so - but just to be on the safe side, we'll renew it whilst preparing this car at our premises in Sussex. Please note that 2 of the Mugen centre caps are missing. These are unfortunately no longer available from Honda Japan. We notice that the “DOHC V-Tec sticker is missing on one side, so we have ordered two matching Silver ones – which will come with the car.
We tested this CR-X V-Tec and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping, clutch is strong with plenty of life, handling's tight and there's an intoxicating push in the back as the V-Tec zone is breached from 5,800 rpm. The gearbox works sweetly with synchromesh unworn, handling is excellent too. Engine has also been serviced recently - as the oil is totally clean.
As you can probably tell from our enthusiasm - we really rate these!(We owned a Mugen tuned example from 1999-2000 ourselves, so we already know how awesome these are) It's perhaps too good to be used as a car for daily use - as it's so well preserved, but at this price it'll provide an excellent commuting car, or even an excellent base with which to make a top CR-X example for fun / Trackday use!
If you're after the very best original CR-X currently available, this is it!!
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, all paintwork and bodywork repairs completed to high standard as described, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this one off top condition CR-X is available at: £5,250 we can also supply this car with bodywork timing belt as is, but fully UK converted, registered with 12 month’s warranty, MOT Tax at £4,300 OTR, or if you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price (Warranty optional but not included in this price) is just: £3,650! …..Compared to UK rust buckets with twice the mileage, this is a bargain in comparison! Currently in Japan, this CR-X can be reserved for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000. Please Contact Us for further information.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner, Jap Performance and Banzai magazines, internet clubs, forums and UK specialist tuners!

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