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1996 Subaru Impreza WRX - Mild Modifications. Silver


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Impreza WRX - Mild Modifications.






We were asked to find the best condition original WRX we could, so we set about finding an example that hadn't been abused, or poorly looked after - something which the majority of WRX's suffer from, even in Japan sadly. The challenge we set ourselves was to find an example with no rust underneath, good straight panels, a tidy interior and obvious signs of having been well looked after.
The customer wanted a completely standard example, or as close to this as possible - so for this example we made a set of Sti 3 original (Gold) wheels available, together with standard WRX shock absorbers, to be used to return the car to standard if desired.
Brought in as a late entry on the day, this example stood out as an exceptionally good example at auction and was simply to good to miss! The 17' bronze annodised RAYS Gram Lights 57S forged alloy wheels look superb against the unblemished Silver paintwork. Tyres are Bridgestone Playz low profile items of size 215/40R17. They're nearly new at each corner. Note that if preferred, we can switch these wheels for some original STi Version 3 gold wheels - if requested promptly.Performance wise a cat back performance exhaust is fitted, freeing up exhaust gas flow and allowing the characteristic flat four burple to become more apparent, although not excessively so. Tanabe coilover suspension is fitted, which is on the firm side, although not uncomfortable, except on the bumpiest terrain. A standard set of WRX suspension is supplied with the car, which can be fitted during UK full desired (Labour costs not included in the price).This example carries not only the Usual post 1995 WRX spec of uprated interior trim, PAS, Automatic Air Conditioning, electric windows, central locking, Fitted Mats, leather steering wheel and usual performance enhancements (260 bhp as standard for this model). but is also fitted with optional ABS, a luxury not usually found on many WRX's. A Turbo Timer and a Razo gearknob are also fitted.
Usually older Scoobs are a bit tired, with wavy panels, worn interiors and a generally tired impression. As you'll see from pictures the condition of this example is outstanding. Interior is in excellent condition, with no significant wear to the driver's seat, steering wheel, instruments and switches, etc. The mileage more than tallies up with the condition of the car. Aside from other obvious signs of being well cared for, such as the inspection records, recent oil change, etc. there's no wear to show abuse to the car at all. Condition is excellent throughout. There's no hifi included with this car. If desired, we can source a 1 DIN cubby box, so a UK 1 Din hifi can be fitted in the remaining space. Note also that telescopic TV antennas are mounted on the rear glass, from a Sat Nav / TV system that had previously been fitted. These can be easily removed, as can the automatic toll collection unit, which is located near the steering column.
The auction grade is 3.5 due to a new wing having been fitted to the nearside front in the past (Cosmetic repair). The exterior is in excellent condition with only the following faults to report:There's some stone chips on the bonnet. The n/s door mirror has some minor scratches. Rear bumper has some touched in chips. The n/s/f door has a pin dent and the o/s/f door has two. On the n/s quarter there's a small (2cm) scratch. Minor paintwork faults will all be repaired as part of the OTR cost, to provide an absolutely immaculate example of a WRX.
This WRX has been sourced to special order for one of our first customers in Europe. It will be completed to perfection by ourselves in our new workshop near Brighton, where it will be completed inclusive of full UK preparation and registration to our usual high standards. OTR Price: £5,380

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