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Renault 5 GT Turbo - Phase II. Low Original Mileage. Concours Condition!


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5 GT Turbo - Phase 2. Concours Condition Example with Zero rust & low mileage!






.... This is for certain one of the best preserved Renault 5 GT Turbo Phase II's left in existence. As a very rare example supplied new in Japan, this 5 GT Turbo never seen salt, grit, nor mud to it's underside. It's also been garaged for much of it's life, hence the near new condition of it's paintwork and interior. This GT Turbo was recently imported by ourselves to the UK and recently been registered, so we can drive it from time to time and make sure it's maintained in perfect running condition. We expect it'll find an onward home somewhere in Europe bearing in mind it's left hand drive.
The Renault 5 GT Turbo is a modern classic. Voted by Evo Magazine as one of the best hot hatches ever made, it got a rating of 5 stars. Weighing only 853kg as standard, it handles as if the front is on rails with playful suspension that allows for lift-off oversteer. It's a car that positively encourages exuberant & enthusiastic driving. Being so easily tunable, over the years the vast majority have been thrashed, bashed and abused, sporting big wide body kits and different wheels, big exhausts and more...As a rare contrast, this example appears to have been in a time warp and aside from being in the sort of condition you'd expect of a 2 year old car - it's completely standard aside from 15 inch motorsport alloy wheels. These have now been replaced with original 14" wheels, which suit the car much better (Refurbished and as new, with brand new tyres too).
Being an original feather-light, there's very little in the way of equipment compared to modern hot-hatches. There's no ABS nor traction control. Instead the front end is communicative and the brakes are easily up to their task. Not carrying any un-necessary weight, it changes direction easily. Renault had no trouble selling these when new with the majority of sales in the UK, but having ceased production in 1990 there are few examples left now, especially in unmolested original condition.
In order to explain it's rust free condition, it's important to understand that in Japan, all roads are drained of water through the use of efficient concrete storm ditches (there are heavy rains at times from typhoons and Japan is 70% mountain terrain with forest, so safety is paramount). This means there is no mud & debris washed onto roads during storms, unlike what is commonly seen in Europe. Roads in Japan are also probably the best maintained worldwide, without potholes, mostly smooth surfaces with good grip, etc. Japan is also the country with the largest network of roads in the world for a given area.
No salt, grit or sand is laid on surfaces over winters in the most populated areas, as urban towns & cities are invariably built on lower plains, due to risk of earthquakes and consequential landslides that would be risked if building on mountain areas. Because roads are well designed and maintained in Japan, this means undersides of Japanese cars don't tend to be covered in electrolytic dirt and so when the underside gets wet in rain corrosion is much less likely to develop. Essentially the cars are washed by clean rain in Japan if they get wet and explains why cars used in Japan are typically completely rust free, including their undersides and all components. By contrast if you feel the inner arch of a car that's been on British roads for a decade or more, it will have corrugated dirt built up inside, which is electrolytic when wet and therefore corrosive. Corrosion to these Renaults was common in much of Europe, where they were road driven.
Being a Japanese supplied example, this one has original factory fitted air conditioning too, which is very rare - and yes, it works perfectly!
Condition Report: This example's pictures should speak for themselves. The interior is in near perfect condition throughout. No wear to carpets or seats, it's never been smoked in either. The interior's carpet appears to have barely had shoes touch it and even the boot's carpet is barely worn. Window motors work smoothly and are not tired from high mileage. The underside is similarly beautifully preserved and there's no rust at all. Even the spare wheel isn't coated in rust - instead, it's like new! The engine runs faultlessly (incl. hot starting), has good oil pressure and feels as tight as the day it was built. The gearshift linkage isn't sloppy like most - it's precise and a pleasure to use. The clutch was replaced not too long ago. Note the exhaust is also original - it's never been replaced but is still corrosion free! Brakes work with no drama and there are no rattles in the suspension. We did find a couple of small touch-up marks when polishing the bodywork and also noted the plastic film to the lower side panels is a little aged. As the film is original, we've left as is - since removal will usually damage the (original) paint.
These and other hot-hatch classics are now collectable and we are making efforts to find other hot hatches in Japan to offer to European enthusiasts. This is the first GT Turbo we came across in such original condition in Japan. We believe it's likely to be one of the best in Europe now and expect it'll make it's new owner very happy indeed. On the road price of £10,995 includes MOT and 12 month's comprehensive warranty. Contact us to secure this example or to arrange viewing (By appointment only).
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