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Sprinter Trueno (AE86) Twin Cam 16 Valve - Drift Prepared!!


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Corolla Trueno (AE86) Twin Cam 16 Valve - Drift Prepared!!






The Original RWD 16 Valve Corolla / Sprinter is affectionately termed as the "Hachi Rokku" in Japan - meaning "86". The AE86 has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - No other car of this generation is still as used in competition, a true testament to how special these cars are!
The sound of an AE86 in battle is unmistakable at full throttle. Nothing sounds nearly as good as this normally aspirated high reving engine when tuned. Being lightweight with very little weight over the rear wheels, these cars don't need huge amounts of power to drift. A combination of a live rear axle and McPhersonstrut front suspension make this a naturally slidable car. The Hachi Rokku is the true "Old Skool" drift classic!!
On this example, complete drift preparation has been carried out as follows:
Engine: This is an AE92 model's 4AGE engine (1989-1991). Essentially the same block and head as used on the earlier models, but featuring stronger internals via larger diameter piston pins as well as stronger con rods and a re-enforced block assembly. The pistons feature a higher compression rating giving greater torque and peak power output than the earlier engines. Compression ratio was 10.4:1 on the AE92 model's engine compared to 9.4:1 on the first generation engine. This extra strength means this engine is capable of reving safely to 8,500 rpm. Uprated engine and gearbox mounts are also fitted.
To allow greater breathing at higher revs, there are a set of AE101 throttle bodies fitted, complete with an original ECU and complete wiring. A set of throttle bellmouths have also been added. Note there are some foam air filters also included with the car. Camshafts are uprated and pull strongly from around 4,000 rpm to beyond the 8,000 rpm rev limit. Although there is no information on sizes or make - from experience with our own AE86 drift car - it's likely the camshafts are of 288 inlet 272 exhaust duration, as this is the most common setup for drifting. A set of HKS Vernier pulley are also fitted and the timing belt has also been recently replaced. An equal length RS Hamada 4 - 2 - 1 exhaust manifold is fitted, with a full length stainless steel straight through Jubiride system from the catalyst back. Although there is a cat fitted, this should be removed and a replacement pipe fitted in it's place. Costs in minimal - available from For cooling, there's an AE92 radiator complete with twin electric cooling fans - a better solution for drifting than the standard mechanical viscous fan. A large Trust / GReddy oil cooler is also fitted. A centre console mounted Super Apexi Air Flow Converter allows the ECU to be fooled into thinking there is more air flowing than in reality - thus allowing fueling to be enrichened, to enhance power. The engine is in strong rude health - with no oil leaks, or signs of wear. With this setup, power is approximately 170 bhp - although more is available with fine tuning and resetting of the camshaft and ignition timing.
Driveline: Wheels are 15" 2 piece items. Tyres are of size 195/50/R15 82H on each corner, with quality Yokohama Advan Neuva front rubber and Ventus K102 (Cheap non sticky rubber!) rear. The shift linkage is a short shift TRD item. Clutch is an uprated heavy duty paddle type - combined with a lightweight flywheel. A 2 way TRD Limited slip differential is fitted. Final drive ratio has been reduced to 4.7:1 meaning that in effect the gearbox has become a close ratio unit, at the expense of top speed. Note also that this change means the speedometer doesn't display correctly, now over-reading. The car is easily capable of cruising at legal speeds.
Suspension, Brakes Stability: On the rear are Jubiride traction brackets fitted with Tokiko HTS shock absorbers and lowered short travel kg/mm Formula 21 springs. An uprated Techno Pro Spirit latteral support bar is also fitted to allow adjustment as the car's been lowered. Front struts are "Big Corner" items with RS Hamada adjustable top mounts, allowing negative camber to be easily set for maximum front end bite on faster corners.There are lower roll centre adaptors (Blue anodised) to set bump steer to a minimum. Uprated steering tie rods allow greater steering angle, for finer drift control on the limit. To give the shell rigidity a 6 point roll cage is fitted complete with padding where required (Note that no lateral bar is fitted across the rear seats). There is also a Cusco front strut brace. Front discs have evidently been recently replaced, with uprated pads front rear. A quick release fly-off drift handbrake is also employed.
Lightweight Drift Panels, etc: The rear hatch is an East Bear fibreglass item, glass has been rertained with the defrost element included. The bonnet is also replaced with an East Bear Sports item. The front bumper is a drift Spec J Blood item. Note also the clear front indicator lenzes and sidelights (blue). This car weighs approximately 900 950 kg as is.
Interior: A Sony CD/Radio unit is fitted - combined with Pioneer speakers. A Carbon/shift knob is also fitted. On the left of the instrument panel is an Omori temperature gauge.
Bodywork, Chassis Interior: Auction grade of this car is 1 due to modifications (Copy of auction sheet is available). Considering this car is now over 20 years old, it's in awesome condition! There is virtually no rust at all, not even to the underside of the chassis (Note there are some mild dents on the underside - nothing of any consequence at all). The usual areas that AE86's suffer from rust are original and corrosion free including door bottoms, arches, sills, rear panel, etc. We found just one area with a 2cm circle of surface rust on leading section of the rear o/s arch (See picture). There are 3 tiny pin dents on the driver's door and 3 pin dents on the rear n/s quarter. The front bumper has been damaged and taped together - we will have thethis repaired and re-painted as part of UK preparation. Paintwork throughout is excellent - although it's likely this car's had a high quality respray at some point in it's life. On the rear plastic section between the lights, there are some small screw holes. Also on the driver's A-Pilar the plastic coating is coming away from the chrome beneath. Note that the o/s/r wheel has been damaged - this is being professionally repaired as part of our work to prepare this car.
Interior is in good condition also. Driver's vertical seat bolster's foam is tired. The carpet on the driver's side has been cut away (We are currently sourcing a good condition brown matching original front carpet section to replace this with). The rear seat has some heat damage and is beginning to crack (See picture). Also there are some small cracks to the heater control panel as shown. Note that the trim on the interior of the B pilar is removed to allow space for the roll cage. Also, in the rear there are some trim clips missing. A spare wheel is also not currently fitted, although a replacement will be supplied with the car. Finally, the only other fault we found after careful inspection is that the horn is not currently working. This will be repaired as part of UK preparation (Possibly a fuse - certainly simple!)
Now on our own 4th AE86 project car in 4 years, these are cars we have strong enthusiasm and understanding of.
With the many poor quality examples available, we have never in 6 years found an AE86 before that we wanted to stock - until we came across this awesome example! There are no signs of previous accident damage at all. Having driven it for a total of approx 100 miles, we find it drives very well, with excellent throttle response, good strong normally aspirated 4AGE power, drama free brakes, good clutch and most importantly - excellent handling, with easy, slow driftability. Needless to say, it sounds like a racecar - with the engine modifications fitted!
Examples as good as this are very, very rare - even in Japan! This is also the most sought after shape, as featured on Initial-D Japanese drift cartoons! Condition is excellent - this is the best Hachi Rokku we've come across hence the reason we bought it - Condition spec. is similar to our very own drift project car!
As this is an older car, it doesn't require an SVA test - all it needs is a simple MOT to prepare. Available for £6,450 as is (With carpet, spare wheel and damaged wheel repaired), complete with full documentation and support to get the car registered.Alternatively we can supply at £7,355 ew MOT, minor paintwork repairs as detailed, together with a new carpet fitted, spare wheel, wheel repair, etc. complete with 6 month's road tax and full UK registration. A warranty is offered as an optional extra - with a car like this, mechanical problems are frankly unlikely. Hachi Rokku's are tough cars and this one's been built to take abuse!
Please Contact us for full details of how to reserve this unique AE86 for yourself. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Hurry though - it took 4 months to find this example, since the last we supplie.! Another anywhere near as good as this is realistically very unlikely!

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