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Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 2 tuned by Saurus (480 bhp) Beautiful rust free condition throughout!


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Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 2 tuned by Saurus. Beautiful rust free condition.




Grey Metallic (KH2)


Nowadays finding a good R32 GT-R is becoming increasingly harder as time takes it's toll and so few owners give these cars the care they deserve. Destined to become one of Japan's most prized classic cars the good well looked after rust free examples are steadily strenghtening in price worldwide as collectors continue to realise pristine examples are becoming a rare breed. Before there were doubters, now people realise these are appreciating steadily. This example has been beautifully preserved and is absolutely rust free throughout which means it has original rust free arches, no rust (Not even on bolt heads!) on the front panel, and no hidden chassis rust which is sadly common on cars that have been imported to Europe and not properly cared for. This stunning example will appeal to someone looking for the very best they can get to either keep as is, or to use a great base from which to improve even further to own tastes.
Engine Drivetrain Performance improvements have been carefully selected through mature in depth knowledge of the best GT-R RB26 tuning modifications to make a stunningly capable package. These comprise of good handling, braking and power modifications to maximise high speed drivability, whilst keeping the car running safely and not too close to the limits of reliability. Nismo N1 turbos are fitted with HKS actuators and capable of up to 500 - 550 bhp. Idle is a little different compared to standard due to uprated Tomei camshafts. M’s Power Filters (KN) are washable and offer the best filtration combined with minimised flow restriction. Intercooler is uprated and HKS hard pipes compliment this setup. Uprated Fueling is taken care of by SARD 700cc injectors, SARD fuel pressure regulator with Earl's hoses AN fittings in combination with a Nismo in tank fuel pump. Boost is taken care of by a trusted Greddy Profec B boost controller. An HKS twin plate clutch ensures power can be transmitted reliably whist an HKS oil cooler with remote oil filter mount takes care of keeping oil temperatures low.Exhaust gases are expelled without restriction through a Rocket Dancer equal length front pipe Saurus Drag R-100 exhaust (Non catalyst system). ROM ECU by Garage Saurus gives accurate engine control under all conditions from idle cold start - to full higher power. A V-Spec finned diff cover (For cooling) is fitted too. With regard to handling, HKS Hypermax II coilovers (recently serviced) are fitted to give a firm but compliant ride. Rigidity is improved through use of a Nismo front strut brace Polished aluminium HKS Kansai rear. Larger wheels, Panasport G7's echo Japanese Group A R32 GT-R's with a large centre nut as a cover. These are classic wheels for a GT-R and very desirable.
Interior Cosmetic improvements: Recaro SPG matching seats with R32 specific Recaro seat rails provide improved comfort and side support when cornering faster. As usual with all of our GT-R's, this example's been treated to a brand new set of Nismo floor mats. A Momo Race steering wheel Impul billet shift knob with alloy pedal covers are fitted. There's a Profec B boost controller Blitz turbo timer located under the steering column as a neat installation. Beside it is an Ultra Speed meter. A (rare discontinued) Greddy A-pilar pod neatly houses Oil temp, Water Temp boost gauges. We noted the oil temp gauge doesn't seem to be working however. This is likely to be the sender unit as it's a mechanical gauge. Being discontinued, we can try to find a used replacement, but in any case there is the original oil temp gauge on the centre console. For accuracy we would recommend Defi electronic gauges can fit before shipping. Audio consists of an Alpine MD of 200W power with Alpine speakers. Audio is un-tested and supplied free of charge with this car.
Exterior includes original option N1 headlights, Full Nismo styled bodykit inclusive of Carbon side spats, matching carbon intercooler surround, original bonnet lip, bumper ducts and rear spoiler lip with factory tinted rear privacy glass. Note that the original rear spoiler lip had been deformed (They all do it as water traps inside and the steel frame subsequently corrodes) so we replaced it with an FRP replica painted to match. No more problems of such occuring ever again. Further Improvements available: Although this car needs nothing added, if wanted, there's still more things the new owner can do to personalise for his own GT-R perfection (We're here to help!). We feel gauges would be nicer as new Defi's and a set of Nismo gauges would look excellent too. If intending to improve performance even further, we can supply all manner of tuning parts, brake improvement, etc. We would also recommend an Abflug front lip in Carbon a Fujimura Auto rear carbon spoiler flap which mounts to the top of the rear spoiler. These would enhance the existing carbon parts further, but in a subtle manner given the car is grey metallic. All available tuning parts for BNR32 available throughout Japan can be sourced supplied at discount from

Standard equipment includes: ABS, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, rear wiper, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained.
Interior condition: is excellent. Only a tiny amount of bubbling on the dashboard crease, which is hardly noticable really - much better than most. Leather gaiters are in nice condition and Recaros also well preserved. Some creasing on the cloth bolsters, but overall - very good. Note the factory fitted privacy rear glass which has also helped protect this car's interior over time - although it's clear to us this example's been kept mostly out of the elements much of it's life. Note this has been a non-smoker's car. There are no cig burn marks, nor any smell of tobacco inside.
Exterior: Bodywork is in outstanding condition showing signs of having been well cared for. In keeping with the low mileage and use in Tokyo area, it's rust free - with none of the rot often found on the rear arches, front suspension turrets, front panel, underside, or anywhere else on BNR32's. This car has never seen salt or muddy roads. If you've looked carefully at GT-R's that have been in the UK for some years learnt where the pitfalls are, you'll know this is an important consideration (We only source corrosion free GT-R's).
We found only minor bodywork faults as follows: The front lip spoiler has some scratches. Rear bumper also has a couple of blemises. These will be re-painted as part of full UK preparation whilst the car's at There's some small bubbling on the aluminium bonnet with a touched in area on the corner. Also similar bubbling on the aluminium bootlid (caused by the previously warped and corroded inside of Nismo rear lip). Also a very small blemish on the rear spoiler. These are too small to require repainting and won't get any worse over time, but are shown in pictures to give a full description. Note there is the usual bending of the sill seams at the front jacking points (design fault on all 32's - where these are damaged if the original emergency jack is used!). This is not visible. chassis rail has light denting too, where the car's been jacked subsequently. All this is normal on 32's but mentioned to give further complete information.
Engine Test Drive: After careful warming and extensive checks we took this car out to test can confirm it drives very well! It's got strong power and all signs of a well maintained car. Excellent oil pressure (nearly 5kg/cm2 cold over 2kg/m2 when warm) at idle shows this is an engine in good health. Engine has absolutely no signs of wear, it's super smooth too. Clutch feels as if it's got plenty of life the gearbox is notably smooth and lacking in any of the often found signs of synchromesh wear found on these cars. We found no faults to report at all. Car pulls strongly from just under 3,000 rpm with power climbing all the way through the power range and is making approximately 480 bhp at 1.3 bar, or 350 on low boost of around 0.9 bar. Low boost is plenty powerful enough for road use. The tightness of it's feel and care / money lavished on it suggests this car was used as a weekend toy and has rarely been on a circuit.
Well over £20,000 worth of top specification tuning handling improvements are fitted to this stunning rust free Skyline R32 GT-R. In parts these cars are worth much more in Japan than supplied as a whole, so it's rare for us to be able to buy them intact like this. Make no mistake - this is one of the best R32's we're likely to have this year. Prices of top examples in Japan continue to steadily strengthen, so we're unlikely to find many more good examples like this going forwards.
UK Includes all costs such as UK conversions, minor paintwork repairs as described (See pictures and comments on slideshow), valeting, road tax and new MOT (required for registration) with 12 months comprehensive warranty. For sales inquiries where the car would be shipped direct to another country, ask about our FOB package. A deposit of £1,000 secures for prompt shipment.
Contact us to secure this example or to source an alternative top condition quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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