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Skyline R32 GT-R Mine's Tuned, Nismo N1 Turbos, BBS LM's. Spectacular condition.


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Skyline R32 GT-R Mine's Tuned, Nismo Turbos & more!




Grey Metallic (KH2)


Proper condition Skyline R32 GT-R's are becoming very scarce now, as many are neglected and riddled with rust and other problems with each year that passes. The top examples are becoming collectable and prices are strengthening in Japan as a result. We expect pricing to continue to strengthen worldwide for the truly cherished properly cared for examples. As appointed Mine's distributors, we are pleased to offer the unusual opportunity to source this example from our stock. This Skyline GT-R has had one careful owner since new, has always been garaged and well cared for has been carefully modified and tweaked by MINE's (Japan) to produce a stunningly well prepared car for street use. It's lived an easy life - and available performance has rarely been used. The car's in absolutely outstanding condition throughout and likely to be the very best condition entry level R32 GT-R for fast road and occasional track use available. See full pictures description to find out why.
Performance Power Modifications: Turbos are uprated N1 items from Nismo. These are similar to standard in size, but have uprated steel blades, instead of ceramic ball bearings so they can withstand greater boost pressures. A complete Tomei metal gasket combination kit incl. 1.2mm head gasket have been fitted to maintain reliability at higher boost levels. Tomei Poncams are also fitted. ECU has been re-programmed by MINE'S (currently running 0.9 bar) to R34 Nur Spec with 8,200 rpm rev limit. An HKS 3rd generation electronic valve controller takes care of boost. An HKS oil cooler is located behind the bumper vents on the nearside, neatly shrouded for maximised cooling air flow. Exhaust consists of a full MINE'S stainless steel system including equal length large diameter stainless steel front pipe Pro VX pro stainless steel muffler. An earthing kit is fitted to help maximise spark plug efficiency. These modifications combined enable this GT-R to make a reliable 360 - 400 bhp. There's a Nismo 320 km/h speedometer (Fitted when original speedo was showing 37,207km) In addition there is also a turbo timer fitted.
Suspension Handling Modifications: At the front rear there are iba adjustable strut braces. Suspension has been upgraded recently to Nismo S tune units, ideally suited to sports road occasional track use. The adjuster knob (Damping) is included with the car's tool kit. These units are perfectly suited for use on UK European roads. Also fitted are Cusco pillow-ball camber adjustable rear upper arms, Nismo front upper arms and pillow tension rods.
Cosmetic Modifications: Wheels genuine 2 piece BBS LM (101)'s of 17 x 9.5 + 25 size. It's notable these rims are unmarked without any pitting, or scratching to the edges - another confirmation of having had a mature owner. BBS matching wheel nuts are also fitted. Ultimate quality nearly new Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 high performance sports tyres of size 245/45/ZR17 are fitted to each corner. Further Suggested Improvements: Although nothing is needed to improve this car, we would recommend Nismo oil radiator caps. Note we can also supply a complete set of Nismo bodywork mouldings (Full carbon also available). Note that we can also supply clear front indicators which would enhance this car well! If you'd like even more power we can also supply used (up to date spec) inexpensive Apexi Power FC ECU, larger injectors, AFM's, etc. See details on or ask us for further info.
Original factory equipment includes power windows, central locking (with remote control), climate control air conditioning, power steering, ABS, Hicas 4WS, Atessa 4WD, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, privacy windows in the rear, rear wiper, etc. An Alpine MD Radio unit is fitted with a 10 Disc CD changer. Carrozzeria uprated speakers are also fitted. Please note that audio equipment is provided with this car - free of charge.
Condition Report: As pictures show, this car's beautifully preserved. We noticed only 3 minor faults with the interior, which we'll be putting right. The previous owner had the original steering wheel wrapped in carbon leather and it's shrunk over time, leaving two unsightly holes where joins were stitched in the leather. We'll replace this with a perfect condition original leather item. Also, the floor mats were missing when the car came to us. We'll fit some good condition mats before shipment. Finally, there's a small (2-3mm) mark on the driver's seat - this is too small to warrant replacement but is described and shown to provide a complete report.
As you'll see from photos of the car underneath, it's very clean there too - with only some light denting to the front jacking points (As on nearly all GT-R R32 - R34 models). Note that there are no stone chips and a complete absence of pin dents and damage on the flanks - from use of this car. From the condition of the bodywork and lack of ageing to the plastic seals, etc, it's clear - despite modifications, this car wasn't used hard at all and the car has been garaged most of it's life. The front lip spoiler's still in excellent condition, there are no scratches to any of the wheel rims. The rear n/s quarter panel was changed at some point a long time ago due to a light collision. Repair is not visible paint match panel gaps are perfect. We found just one small stone chip on the n/s quarter (See picture). This will be professionally touched in before the car leaves Japan.
Test drive of this GT-R and could find absolutely nothing amis. It's been stunningly well looked after. Boost is 0.85 - 0.9 bar. The car pulls strongly throughout the rev range with a characteristically healthy sound from the engine under load, when it gets to 6,000 rpm it takes on a more agressive note and pulls harder as a result of the uprated turbos camshafts. Handling, braking, clutch, etc. are all perfect. It drives faultlessly. The suspension is firm, yet dampens bumps with compliant comfort. Engine is especially sweet with oil pressure of 4.0 kg/cm2 when cold and 2.5 kg/cm2 when up to normal operating temperature - this is a sign of a very good, healthy GT-R engine. Oil is relatively clean too having been recently changed with 10W40 Redline synthetic - 1,800km ago in February of this year. There's no doubt this car has been impeccably looked after.
The cost of all the parts fitted to this car are in the region of £10,000 in all - without even considering the considerable additional costs of labour to fit!! It's clear this was a car owned by a man who particularly liked a discreet look to his car combined with high quality. Currently stored at our yard in Yokohama, this car is available for shipping to any worldwide destination. Inclusive of full UK conversions (Speedo will remain in km/h as otherwise this affects HICAS operation), MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty and road tax 95. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car.
Please Contact us for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition, high quality R32 GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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