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1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT Turbo White


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Skyline R34 GT Turbo






Standard equiment includes: Hicas 4 Wheel Steering (Providing improved turn in and cornering accuracy), Traction Control, ABS, Dual SRS airbags with leather SRS airbag steering wheel, Climate control Air Conditioning, rear wiper, UV Cut Glass, Window wind deflectors, Privacy rear windows, Electric Windows and Electric Mirrors with Retract Mode.

Improvements over standard are as follows: Nismo LMGT3 18" Lightweight Forged Split-Rim Alloy Wheels complete with 4 healthy Yokohama tyres of size 235/40 ZR18 front and 265/35 ZR18 rear, Colour Coded Headlamp EyeBrows, Nismo Complete Front Bumper, Nismo real Carbon Fibre B-Pillar Trims, Factory Option ABS Plastic Sideskirts, Rear Bumper and High Level Rear Wing show that this was clearly a well specced model right from the factory, the optional kit looking far superior to non kitted examples. To the untrained eye this looks and sounds like an R34GTR, at a fraction of the cost! Apexi N1 Titanium Performance exhaust, being constructed from Titanium, this exhaust is 40% lighter than the standard system, giving a substantial weight saving. The sound from the 2.5L 6 Cylinder Turbo is subtle, yet indicative of the performance available, giving a deep tone throughout the rev range. The standard catalyst remains in place, keeping this car street legal. A Catalyst removal pipe is available upon request, through our sister company Suspension is improved with uprated lowering springs- Not a lot harder than standard, although it greatly enhances handling, by lowering the car 40mm, improving suspension settings and lowering the centre of gravity. Factory Fitted Strut Brace is also present to further improve handling. Impressive Xenon Gas Discharge Headlamps are fitted as standard.

Performance wise, this car remains largely standard, with only an Apexi Dual Funnel Induction Kit and the Forementioned Apexi Titanium Exhaust improving breathing and engine response, releasing around an extra 25BHP over standard, to provide a respectable 300BHP, whilst maintaining ease of insurance. The Instrument Binnacle has been replaced with a complete Nismo Item from New, with black faced dials, as opposed to the factory grey ones. The central gauges to show Oil Temp, Boost and Battery Voltage have also been replaced with uprated Nismo Items. A Turbo Timer has also been fitted to allow the cars to cool properly with a supply of cooling oil, until stopped and at a safe temperature to switch off.

A non smoker's car since new, so interior is in excellent condition with no faults to report, aside from a very small mark to the drivers seat back and 2 very small points of light wear to the leather steering wheel. Nismo fitted mats have also been retro fitted. A high quality JVC CD/MD/Radio unit is currently fitted, and included free of charge.
This example has been beautifully looked after - also jack tool kit / Spare are unused.

Auction grade is 4. The Exterior is completely mint and unmarked, aside from the damage to the FRP Nismo front bumper. This will ofcourse, be fully repaired, as part of UK preperation, yet is mentioned purely for the purpose of a complete and accurate description of the car, in keeping with our reputation.
Skyline R34 GT-R looks, superb performance (300 + bhp) handling to match (Hicas 4WS, Limited Slip Differential, etc) with much lower price, insurance and running costs. These are excellent performance cars, complete with an engine closely based on the legendary GTR's RB26 - this one's fitted with a 2.5 litre RB25 instead. Single turbo, so much less lag than a twin turbo GTR, yet capable of producing 360 bhp easily with only basic tuning. A seriously quick and robust Skyline for every day use if need be, or simply for weekends and special events.This is a truly stunning example, the cosmetic enchancements along with the Nismo alloys combined set the car off beautifully. Wheels complimenting the white body very well. Crucially, all signs indicate these modifications haven't been done a long time ago, but within the last year or two - with no abuse of the car - upgrades fitted cost the last owner approx. £4,500 in total. Usually such examples are very high priced and virtually untouchable at Japanese Auctions - we only just managed to buy this car, competition was fierce!
This includes all fees, SVA test and full conversions, minor paintwork described, valetting, cost of road tax and new MOT. A Deposit of £1,500 secures this car for prompt shipment to UK.

Newera - the most often recommended source of Skylines - by UK specialist tuners club members.

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