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TVR Griffith 500 - Blackpool 340 limited Edition. Imperial Blue with Cream Leather.


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Griffith 500 (5 litre V8). Very low mileage. Properly cared for since new.




Imperial Blue


This stunning TVR Griffith 500 is one of a handful that were imported to Japan when new as a limited edition Blackpool 340 model. Spec'd with Imperial blue paint, cream leather interior and a host of other tasteful combinations it's equipped with a 5.0 Rover V8 engine producing 340 bhp and 350 lbs/ft torque. Weighing in at a light 1048kg and endowed with this sort of power the 500 is capable of 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds and goes on to 100 mph in a total of 10.5 seconds from standstill. It's capable of 169 mph!Clearly this level of performance is accompanied by an aurally beautiful engine note ranging from a menacing idle, to an urgency that is unmistakable of a normally aspirated tuned V8. Notable is not just the very low mileage of this example but the fact that being bases in Tokyo all it's life it's never seen salt, so the entire chassis mechanicals remain rust corrosion free.This TVR is well known to us, as the previous registered keeper is the same person who owned kept the Skyline 400R Replica created by Hot Staff Tomei Power originally supplied by Newera Imports. Being a very skilled tuning enthusiast whilst this TVR has been in his tenure for the past 2 years, the owner added a host of tasteful improvements whilst maintaining it well. He drove it rarely since often having to go away for work. Sadly as he's returning to the US soon, due to Federal import rules this Griffith can't go in the US and is now in our stock.
Test Drive: Having had the opportunity to drive this Griffith as well as being passengered in it and later watching it dissapear from view of our following car we can confirm hunkers down under power and does it's best to tear a hole in the horizon. Handling is feelsome composed with a torque-endowed rear end that will break free when the throttle is floored without mercy instead application of healthy respect. Feel of the strong 5 speed gearbox is tight and given a moment's opportunity the engine is ravenous for air. Whilst driving, it soon became clear to us why TVR's have such a fanatic following, this car has all the feel charm of a hand built thoroughbred. The Griffith drives without fault, not least because of the fastidious perfectionist nature of it's previous owner.
Performance Improvements: Custom Tuscan racer inspired vented bonnet (Made in Japan), GAZ coilovers, Pipercross high flow air filter, ACT stainless Y-Pipe, ACT Silicone hose kit (All hoses replaced), ACT Stainless steel water pipes (Replacing mild steel), ACT Intake plenum to AFM silicone hose incl. Stainless clips. Improvements have also included changing known items that wear out - to make this TVR run absolutely perfectly with reliability. These include: New power steering hoses, New spark plugs, Beru spark plug extensions, 7mm silicone plug leads, distributor cap rotor, Serpentine belt, valve cover breather filter, thermostat, fuel filter NTK lambda sensors. During it's life oil fluids have always been changed for highest quality synthetics - regularly, despite low mileage. A small manifold leak was noticed when the engine was cold so metal manifold gaskets with a Nordlock washer set were fitted along with improved header heat shields with "Griffith 500" etching - by Steve Heath. Also included are Leven polished engine coolant fuel caps Steve Heath bonnet catch. Clear repeater lamps with amber bulbs help detail the car's E-type inspired looks. Tyres are near new Toyo T1-R's of sizes 245/45R16 rear 225/50/R15 front.
Interior Improvements: Mota Lita steering wheel with polished wheel finisher boss, Leven adjustable stainless pedal set, Leven polished hand-brake finisher, Leven window switch covers (Not shown in pictures - but to be installed prior to delivery), Leven wash / wipe system arms, replacement bonnet release cable. Audio consists of an Alpine IDA-X100 head unit with high quality speakers. This unit is USB / ipod / iphone compatible.
Condition throughout is outstanding. As already mentioned (See underside picture) the chassis is corrosion free. Interior is unmarked and the body work is similarly immaculate. Wheel edges have no scratches. The only fault we could find are the headlight cowls whose silicone sealand has dried and begun to crack from age. Included is a 7" Sportmotive headlight and pod conversion, that was never fitted. It will come complete together with the car.
Further Improvements available: Although this car needs nothing added, if wanted, there's still more things the new owner can do to personalise for his this TVR to further perfection (We're here to help!). The wheel stud pattern is same as many excellent wheel designs and we can also obtain perfect fitment offsets fit prior to shipping the car from Japan. The choice awaits at:
UK Includes all costs such as conversions, valeting, road tax and new MOT (required for registration) with 12 months comprehensive warranty. For sales inquiries where the car would be shipped direct to a country other than UK, ask about our FOB package.
Contact us to secure this stunning TVR Griffith 500 - Blackpool 340 limited Edition. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our rare performance cars tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time. Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, Owner's Club Members and magazines for supplying the very best performance cars from Japan.

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