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Skyline 400R Replica created by Hot Staff & Tomei Power - Best R33 GT-R worldwide?


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Skyline 400R Replica created by Hot Staff & Tomei Power






It would not be an exaggeration to say this Skyline GT-R is the most unique and best prepared R33 we've sourced since opening for business in 1998. Brutally beautiful with no stone left unturned in the quest for perfection, this car was extensively prepared by Hot Staff at Kyushu Island as their demo car and featured just as it was completed - Option Magazine in 2005 August (Scanned copy is available). As the cover car it was featured as a fire breathing 720 bhp road / track car with a Motec M4 controlled full 2.7 race engine set up to perfection; well to some anyway. We sold this car 3 years ago to an experienced tuner who had at the time recently arrived from the States to Japan. Ryan is probably the most obsessive car enthusiast we have had the pleasure of befriending. Within 2 months we were surprised to get a call from him and learn he'd be going much further with tuning this beast's specification in search for his own levels of perfection, not just with power but aesthetics. Knowing he'd be going for a lot of power the first thing he did was to remove the engine and had the head sent to Tomei where the head was reworked to perfection. He checked all tollerances and condition of the bottom end and although it was fine, changed the bearings since this was easy to do with the engine out. Every aspect of his cars is about perfection and so the turbo was re-spec'd, fuel system re-worked for more power capability, engine bay perfected and every aspect if the car checked and improved where he felt there was room. Wanting more of a 400R complete spec he scoured Japan for 400R Nismo seats and even sourced a brand new rear 400R bumper to complete the spec. Preferring the arches filled with 19" wheels, he swapped the 18" BBS LM's for Work V's complete with high performance tyres and in his quest for perfection found a 400R steering wheel Nismo LM GT1's for fitting track tyres to. During this time the car's always lived indoors and only been used on rare occasions. Ryan enjoys nothing more than building crazy cars and during his tenure with the GT-R he's continued to build other amazing projects from a wild TVR to what will soon be a classic looking mini with V-Tec power. With the desire to continue moving with other projects although he considered selling before and changed his mind, he's finally reluctantly ready to let it go. This time in even better spec than that in which we supplied before. Skyline GT-R V-Spec 400R 2.7 T88 MOTEC. FULL TUNE. by Hot Staff - further improved. Now making around 850 bhp.
Make no mistake. If you've been looking for the ultimate GT-R and can understand the values of having a ready built car that's been engineered to perfection been barely used in anger then don't miss out on this car. If you do miss it, don't ask us to find another this special again.... You'll know we know we can't.
Comprehensive Engine Spec: The head was completely overhauled, skimmed then inlet exhaust ports were machined (Gas flowed) with the roof section also modified. 2 3 angle valve seats were cut, with set length adjustment and brand new oem bronze valve guides valve spring seats were combined with Tomei A type valve springs, Tomei lifters and shims in preparation for the Trust camshafts of spec: Inlet: 272 (10.8 mm lift), Outlet: 280 (11.2 lift) with Greddy vernier cam pulleys. It was sent to Tomei and new valve springs fitted and a detailed check made to ensure it was in best possible condition to take a further increase of power this included Tomei type B valve springs with titanium retainers Tomei valve spring buckets.
The block was ultra-sound cleaned and treated to a full race spec. Naprec water jacket modification inclusive of oversized jacket (core) plugs with the block was dummy-head bored, honed and lightly skimmed. A Tomei extended high capacity sump was also welded in place. A Tomei full-counter crankshaft with modified key way and a complete set of bottom end PWR Black Metal Race bearings is mated to Tomei H Section forged conrods, Apexi 87mm Forged Pistons. To keep the crankshaft safe for higher rpm an ATi pulley is employed. New PWR engine bearings were plasti-guaged, checked and balanced to perfection before putting the engine together carefully by Nagoya precision (Formerly Jun's engineer). Tomei 1.5mm head gasket full metal inlet outlet gaskets were used. HKS strenghtened bolts have been used throughout with even the flywheel bolts uprated, bearing in mind the power and rpm limit this engine's built to take. Tomei (1.2mm / 87 bore) head, intake and exhaust metal gaskets have been used and there's a Nismo N1 water and Tomei high capacity oil pump. A Tomei timing belt with new idler and tensioner were also fitted. Racing plugs of course used. A specially machined PAS bracket was fabricated.
Intake to Exhaust: The turbo's a Precision racing “Swantko Special” GT45 turbo combined with a Trust 45 bore exhaust manifold (coated). Intake air is sucked through a custom 5” air inlet with KN Air filter, via a Trust R-SPL 3 layer intercooler with custom 100mm diameter alloy piping through a Hipertune polished intake plenum with matching 90mm Hipertune throttle. When needed, twin HKS BOV's dump boost. A Trust Type C high flow wastegate feeds to a 90mm front pipe and via an N3 catalyser adaptor for the enlarged front pipe - feeds into an Apexi Super Catalyser (Cat replacement pipe is shown in pictures, cat comes with the car). The exhaust's a full titanium Ganador system with a main 90 bore section exiting to a 120mm diameter tail.
Fueling Engine Control: To help keep fuel smells out of the car twin Bosch racing 044 inline fuel pumps on Bosch bracket have been mounted beneath the boot floor with an additional Tomei in-tank fuel pump. There's a Nismo surge tank (“swirl pot”) mounted in the boot to avoid fuel starvation and complete aero grade stainless steel braided hosing with Earl's fittings is used throughout with twin Aeromotive fuel filters (one per feed) included. Precision Turbo 1200cc injectors are fed via an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and Hipertune fuel delivery pipe. A brand new engine harness was fitted and an Apexi Power FC Profec B with necessary map sensor in combination with an AEM peak/hold injector driver box. Boost is controlled by a no-nonsense Trust Profec B II unit.
Cooling: 49mm Tabata racing 3 core aluminium radiator with remote air seperator tank stainless Earl's AN fittings hoses, Samco silicone hoses for in / out and heater. A custom fabricated carbon oil catch tank is also fitted. Note the HKS 13 row oil cooler located just behind the vent in the Nismo bumper, complete with fabricated alloy shrouding. There's a Trust turbo timer also fitted.
Clutch Gearbox: The gearbox has been overhauled with an OS Giken input shaft and 1-3 cross mission (Close ratio). A GTS-4 5th speed is employed to give a relaxed cruising gear, although there's so much torque above 4,500 rpm that an ATS carbon twin plate clutch was needed. A Nismo clutch slave cylinder makes the clutch easier to use. Original V-Spec diffs are retained with standard gearing.
Chassis Modifications: Nagisa Auto under supports are fitted in combination with a 15 point Cusco Safety 21 roll cage expertly swathed in uncut black Cusco foam cushioning to make this a super stiff street-car. A full array of Nismo (Everything in the catalogue) suspension components replace the standard items, inclusive of upper lower rear arms, upper fronts, tension rods, circuit links, HKS Hipermax Dampers give a smooth ride for street whilst offering good control on the circuit. A Titanium Ganador front brace is also fitted. The HICAS system has been deleted using a Nagisa Auto kit.
Wheels, Tyres and Brakes: The most expensive wheels available for a GT-R are fitted, Split Rim 19 x 10 Work VS-XX split rim wheels with Michelin sports tyres of size: 275/30R19. If you think the power of the engine will be incredible, you'll giggle at the sheer retardation available from the middle pedal. STOP!!!!!! - No drama... Front: AP Racing 6 Piston racing brake setup (355mm)', Rear: AP Racing 4 Piston racing brake setup (320mm). A new set of Endless racing front discs also come with this car, although new bells will need to be made to fit (Available from a specialist in UK).
Interior: Open the doors and immediately you're struck by the quality of fitment of the cage. They've even put fabric tape where feet would usually rub, so the foam won't be damaged. Note the air purifier on the ceiling - these guys must've planned this car for years, whilst building many customer's cars!!With 400R flavour Nismo genuine seats in perfect condition await, complimented by Nismo fitted floor mats a GT500 Titanium shift knob. A Nismo steering boss is mated to a Momo steering wheel with excellent ergonomic feel. Note an original Nismo steering wheel is included seperately. A Clarion deck with clarion speakers is fitted too. A full set of Nismo's discreet black gauges inclusive of centre console replaced the low mileage originals as the car was completed originally by Hot Staff. An array of Defi gauges with large Fuel Pressure Boost sit alongside a neatly fitted Innovative Motorsports Wideband whilst below is a neatly fitted Defi trio of matching Defi DIN gauges showing oil temp, water temp oil pressure). The engine turns and starts with no drama and the beast springs into life with a rock hard 6-7kg/cm2 oil pressure from cold. Idle is slightly lumpy as to be expected, but livable with Best to warm it up before use. Rev it and it the difference in acoustics from the Titanium exhaust quickly makes it loud and clear this is no ordinary RB engine.
Nismo 400R genuine bodywork has been expertly fitted and it's evident the body was completely entirely stripped inclusive of chemically treating the engine bay to ensure paint would adhere. Nismo 400R arches were then expertly bonded to the bodywork the car sprayed in Super clear red. Quality of finish is so good that members of the GTR OC examined it and believed the Nismo arches were original steel. There's genuine Nismo 400R front rear bumpers, skirts, wet carbon rear blade and spoiler end caps complete with genuine 400R stripes for each side - many of these parts are only available to special order for genuine 400R's from Nismo. There's also a carbon Nismo style intercooler guide. Although this isn't an original factory Skyline 400R, it's something far, far better (Only 33 400R's were created so it would clearly have been be sacrelidge to modify an original). Bonnet is an original Top Secret item and Aerocatches add security. To add further visual appeal maximise function the headlights are 3rd revision Xenon type with HID to low high beam. Nismo smoked side repeaters have also been added to match the D-Speed clear fronts. Note that a set of Nismo LM GT-1 refurbished 18'' wheels can be supplied to further enhance the 400R original look (Subject to availability).
Drive: With 4kg/cm2 showing on the Defi oil pressure gauge the engine was nice and warm. It was obvious it was going to be quick, but nothing prepared us for the onslaught of this beast. Even at 1.2 bar of boost it completely anihilates everything in it's path. Cruising in 5th, with the low revs you think you're doing maybe 100 mph. No, the Speedo shows 140 with no effort at all. Boost comes on strong from 4,500 rpm all the way to the 9,000 redline (It's been at over 340 km/h - indicated). Stamp the brakes and giggle... Imagine the sledgehammer retardation on the end of a Bungee rope and you'll get some idea...Eyepopping but lacking in drama. Brake feel is good, progressive and professional. The front brake discs start to grumble when they get hot, so would benefit from being replaced (Replacement Endless discs are included). Well driven, very quickly on empty open roads only something very special will keep up with this Skyline GT-R.
It would take a good while to tally up the total cost of making a car this special not least as Nismo parts and more have become obsolete in recent years but as a rough figure, inclusive of labour costs and the base car (A low mileage R33 V-Spec) in today's money over £100,000 worth of parts workmanship went into this car in addition to the car's base value. Although we know Saurus, Top Secret and other tuners well we've never yet seen another road spec. R33 GT-R this well prepared during 14 years of supplying only the best GT-R's we can find. Being a most unique special example available we hope this car will go to someone with previous GT-R ownership experience and maturity who can really appreciate it and continue to look after it. £36,950 K registration, 12 months comprehensive warranty and 6 month's road tax. Also available as a direct import for registration in Canada, Holland and Scandinavia countries, our FOB package is available for customers outside of the UK.
Contact us for further information regarding this car or to source an alternative high quality Skyline GT-R to your own spec. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.
Newera Imports - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skyline GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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