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1997 Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual, Facelift. - Stage 1 - Extensive Specification.


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Supra RZ 6 Speed. Facelift. - Stage 1 - Extensive Specification.




Silver Metallic


This Facelift model Supra RZ has been extensively modified to the highest standards, to make a 400 bhp stage 1 tuned example that's perfectly honed for regular road use. Every aspect of it's preparation has been carried out using the best available components, with meticulous care and attention to detail. This is the best condition Supra we have sourced this year. It's in essentially as new condition throughout - a testament to the care the one owner of this car has lavished on it. Better still, it's evident most of the modifications such as wheels, bodykit, tuning extras, etc. have been recently fitted too!

Exterior aesthetic Improvements: A mix of high quality original bodykit components are fitted consisting of: Top Secret front bumper spoiler, TRD composite vented bonnet, rake adjustable TRD rear spoiler, original option ABS plastic side skirts, rear vents and rear valence extensions. In addition, there's a smoked rear visor and remote controlled Ganador electric mirrors fitted too. A set of virtually brand new Kreuser Series X 18" forged lightweight alloys also adourn this car, complete with sports tyres in good condition of size 245/40/ZR18 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01's on the front 275/35/ZR18 Bridgestone Potenza Grid II's on the rear. The bodykit has been carefully colour coded and fitted perfectly. A thick Greddy front mounted Intercooler fills the centre of the front bumper - and adds class and purpose to the car, combined with resultant aids to performance from cooler inlet temperatures. Being a facelift model, this car is fitted with facelift front rear lights too. Costs of of the Top Secret bumper, TRD bonnet, Ganador mirrors and rear spoiler alone without painting are in excess of £3,250 in Japan. The wheels are another £2,500 retail!

Performance Improvements: In the engine bay resides a think Greddy front mount intercooler, with an alloy high capacity Greddy radiator. Mounted behind that is a Greddy high capacity (Approx 13 row) oil cooler complete with annodised fittings and braided hoses. Combined with a Billion variable fan controller - the cooling on this car has been given maximum attention - these help maintain maximum reliability and are a sign of the care with which this car's been modified. Just the parts cost of all these components combined come to around £3,500 in Japan. A shrouded Trust Airinx induction kit is fitted. . Exhaust is uprated too - with a stainless steel system combined with large bore tail section. It's unrestrictive, yet not excessively loud.A Blitz SBC iD boost controller is combined with an original SARD "analyse" ECU. These modifications allow the car to run at 1 Bar of boost, which is equivalent to around 370-400 bhp - making a Supra capable of very strong acceleration.
A Greddy alloy top hose is fitted too. The clutch is a twin plate unit. This is completely progressive and fairly silent, indicating it's a nearly new item that's had no abuse. These clutches are able to withstand repeated heavy launches, such as for trackdays or drag strips. Intake kit, exhaust, boost controller, ECU and clutch are worth around £4,000 without fitting - in Japan.
Suspension Brakes is lowered through the use of height adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers. Ohlins suspension gives comfortable and quiet suspension control of the highest quality and is one of the world's most respected suspension specialists. In the engine bay, there's a Cusco alloy strut brace fitted too. Ride quality is slightly firmer than standard with a good supple ride without any significant body roll on harder corners. At each corner, braided hoses have replaced the standard items. Note that uprated "Supra" four piston front callipers with matching rears. Uprated slotted discs are fitted complete with high performance sports pads at each corner. This suspension kit brake upgrades when new cost around £2,600 in Japan.

Interior Improvements: The quality of fitment of components is continued inside. The dashboard has been treated to a carbon fibre look console. To give the driver up to date information 3 Greddy electronic gauges have been neatly fitted. On the A pilar, are oil and water temp gauges. Located where a vert was original placed, flush with the dashboard is a matching boost gauge. The boost controller display is located on the steering column for easy monitoring / adjustment - note this also has a logging function, scramble boost etc. The Speedometer is a TRD 320 km/h unit, which has been fitted since new. A high quality Panasonic MD/CD/Radio with DSP is fitted. With a system like this it's likely the speakers have also been uprated at each corner with cross overs. ICE in this car is worth around £1,500, new with around £1,500 spent on gauges and carbon look interior.

Factory fitted equipment includes Factory option Recaro Reclinable seats, ABS, Dual SRS Airbags, Traction Control, 6 speed Getrag manual transmission, Torsen limited Slip Differential, Climate control A/C, PAS, P/W, blue / green tinted glass (Only introduced on facelift models from 1996 on), fitted mats, central locking, etc.

Test drive:. Drivability is smooth - this car can be used to potter to the shops. It's completely docile at normal speeds, but put your foot down and it'll accelerate hard with no drama at all. The brakes pull the car up well with no warpage to discs, clutch is progressive and easy to use with plenty of life remaining and Suspension is comfortable for road use. Note also the car's been regularly serviced with a recent oil change already completed.

Auction grade is 4 (Auction sheet available). Interior is in good condition - having been a non-smoker's car. Condition is excellent. We found no faults at all with the interior. Exterior: The front splitter has some very minor scratches to each corner. It will be taken off and carefully stored for transit, then professionally repaired and resprayed as required before being re-fitted. There are also some scratches to the n/s/r valence extension. This will also be resprayed. There are NO other faults to report with this car at all. It's in perfect condition!! Please note: A front seat leather conversion on standard Supra seats is available to match the rear seats and door trims from £450 + VAT - Optional piping in different colours, headrest Logo, inserts, etc. are also available.

Please don't compare this example with the usual average examples available elsewhere. The single previous owner of this Supra spent in total around £18,000 on parts and a fair chunk more (Around £6,000) in labour and paint costs to upgrade this Supra!!! It's clear to us this car's been owned by a mature person who lavised care on it. There is nothing we'd recommend upgrading - it's already perfect for use in UK and being a centre of attraction. In the flesh, it looks much better than the photos show. An example with genuine presence and class in the way it's been prepared. Close up, it's simply perfect. Supras of this quality and calibre are extremely rare.

Including full UK SVA conversions, preparation and E-SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, Minor paintwork as described, MOT, Road Tax full UK Registration,

A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please Contact us to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative Supra to your required specifications.

Newera Imports - Recommended by Supra Mk IV members and specialist tuners as the source of the most unique Supras available to the UK!

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