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1991 Honda CR-X Coupe DOHC V-Tec Black


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CR-X Coupe DOHC V-Tec






The Honda CR-X Coupe is considered one of the best handling and quickest point to point front wheel drive cars ever made! This is the car with which Honda introduced independent double wishbone suspension at each corner, giving maximum tyre contact at all times. The 1.6i DOHC V-Tec model was introduced in 1990 and produced for just 2 years in this shape. Combined with a light weight of just 970kg, an ever willing engine making 162 bhp at 7,600 rpm with a V-Tec Zone that sounds goes much like that of a racing engine from 6,000 - 8,000 rpm, it's not hard to see why this car won so many admirers worldwide. Indeed, this is the car than encouraged Honda to produce Type R Civics and Integras from 1995 on. A classic with total pedigree!
Today, the CR-X 1.6i DOHC V-Tec is all too scarce in top condition. UK examples are usually rusty MOT failures with filler and rippled panels, rusty A pilars, etc. or have been worn out through very high mileages and abuse. Even in Japan, where there's no corrosion in the warmer parts, most CR-X's have long since passed their best days and are fairly tired, or have been converted into low priced track weapons! If you have ever seen one of these being driven hard on a tight small circuit, you'll understand why they're popular for racing use and especially sought after by V-Tec enthusiasts.
This example is one of a handful of top quality examples we have been able to source - in this case, to order for a customer. It's been well kept and evidently cared for throughtout it's life, but is also almost completely original! It's completely rust free, both bodywise and underneath - even the suspension components still have their original black paint with no rust! An excellent example!
Being of Japanese Spec. - There's the usual Honda equipment too, including air conditioning, PAS, electric windows, original "CR-X" fitted mats, rear wiper, privacy rear glass, central locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, etc.
The wheels fitted are excellent condition Racing Sparco items with tyres (Half worn) of size 195/50R15. Other performance items such as exhaust, suspension, induction, etc. can be sourced and supplied at discount, with fitting also available! Please see for information!
Interior is in excellent condition. There's a Nardi classis (leather) steering wheel, plus a Nardi gear lever gaiter and matching knob (Note that the gaiter, not being original - fits loosely at the base - although not usually noticable). Above the hifi, there's a cubby box - but this is incorrect in size and is loosely in position (New box is available - no problem). The rear parcel shelf has previously had some speakers mounted and these have left a small un-noticable hole on each side. The driver's floor mat has 2 small burn marks on. A complete new set of higher quality (Same material as used for Mercedes Benz tailored mats) tailored mats with stitch trimmed edges to fit front and rear, are available at £90.00. The driver's seat has the usual wear to the vertical PVC Leather bolster. Repair to look as new is possible through the services of a good upholstery specialist is available at cost of £150.00. We can arrange this if preparing the car for completion in UK. Alternatively, we can arrange to have these completely retrimmed in leather, with/without the rear seat and door card inserts also trimmed in matching leather.
Auction grade is 4 for this car (Auction sheet is available). The bodywork condition is excellent. Each bumper corner has minor scratches. The door edges have some chips also. On the roof and bonnet, there's some marking from age. The driver's door mirror has some small scratches and there are small paint chips on the rear spoiler and also on the nearside rear quarter. On the driver's door there are also 2 light pin dents. The headlights have faded slightly from age and need refurbishing. Bodywork needs minor tidying to perfect - It's normally impossible to find a rust free straight V-Tec CR-X Coupe at this price!
We test drove this CR-X V-Tec and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping, handling's tight and there's the awesome induction roar and an intoxicating push in the back as the V-Tec zone is breached from 6,000 rpm. Handling is excellent - something these cars are well known for of course! There are no rattles or signs of abuse at all. Engine has also been serviced again recently - as the oil is totally clean.
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this top condition CR-X is priced at £3,795 UK rust buckets with over twice the mileage, this is an absolute bargain in comparison!
Now completed and ready to register to first UK keeper! Please contact us to arrange an appointment for viewing, or for further details on how to reserve this CR-X SiR V-Tec or source an example to your requirements.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by Japanese Performance, Banzai and Max Power magazines, clubs, forums and UK specialist tuners!

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