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1992 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo Type R. Gold Metallic.


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RX-7 Type R Twin Turbo.




Gold Metallic.


Here at Newera Imports, we seek out the very best examples only. For RX-7's we pay particular importance to mileage and genuine condition. This fine example of an RX-7 has been beautifully resprayed, modified cosmetically and well looked after and covered just 31,330 genuine miles from new!!!
Once you completely understand a rotary, it makes a lot of sense. Vibration is much less than a conventional Piston engine. It's also a much lighter power plant, which makes a lot of sense again. Why carry a heavy weight at the front of a car if you don't have to? The RX-7 was engineered to be very light - even as far as making the jack from aluminium. Suspension arms are made from aluminium and it's a double wishbone design on each corner. Weight distribution is perfect at 50/50. Having no valves, pistons, etc. they're also much more easily tuned to get more power - although it's important to know what you're doing when tuning these. Contrary to general (un-informed) belief, the engines don't expire at low mileage - if well looked after. A standard tune engine should see 70,000 miles - some of the examples we have supplied are nearing 80,000 miles and still going well. Rebuilds are also easy and not as costly as people perceive - available in the UK from £2,000 - which then gives another 70,000 miles plus. Our own RX-7 is driven hard each time it goes out - often on racetracks, but comes back for more each time. After trying every Japanese sports car out here, to us - the RX-7 has stood above the rest as the sports car offering the most entertainment, best handling and most rewards for capable driving. The Japanese have plenty of very experienced specialists - the UK has a handful only. In order to understand these deeply, we tuned our own to our requirements, so we feel we know these cars extremely well and can therefore consistently hand-pick the very best examples available for each of our customers.
This RX-7 has been treated to a complete cosmetic revision! Firstly a complete colour change has been carried out, inclusive of fitting a genuine Abflug design - type 1 front bumper. Finish is to very high quality throughout and it's clear the car was completely stripped down in preparation including removal of doors to paint inside the shut areas. Paintwork shines deeply too! Carbon fibre adourns this example, with a genuine Pan Speed carbon bonnet (Fitted with security locks on either corner in addition to the standard bonnet catch), Fujita Engineering (FEED) carbon side skirts, vented o/s headlamp cover, a Carbon fibre GT wing and Ganador carbon style remote controlled door mirrors. It's clear this was a car in excellent condition before the respray too - as there are no signs of rippling or dent repairs to the doors, wings or quarters. Essentially, the flanks are completely straight, which is an excellent sign! Note that the rear lights are 1996-2002 model type and that the front sidelights are orange, rather than clear - as used in the USA.
Wheels, Suspension brakes: A full set of forged lightweight RE Amemiya (One of Japan's premier RX-7 tuners) 17" wheels are fitted. These are shod with tyres that are stretched over the rims, so as to give a drift style look. Tyres are in good condition and are of size 215/45/ZR17 front and 235/45/ZR17 rear. 20mm wider tyres can be fitted onto these rims in the future. Suspension consists of TEIN coil-overs. Set for street use, these are firm yet compliant, to enhance handling and control. Brake discs have been uprated to slit type rotors. Brake hoses have also been replaced with braided items.
Performance modifications: Although there have been considerable cosmetic modifications, the engine has remained of original spec. with hust a pair of Blitz Sus Power air filters and a Kakimoto racing GT1 OZ titanium silencer and rear section fitted. This exhaust alone costs over £600 new, in Japan!The ECU, boost control, etc. remains standard.
Interior: The plastic console panels and door trims have been professionally resprayed in gold. This also includes the ashtray. Quality of paintwork inside is of similar standard to the exterior! A momo steering wheel is fitted. Seats have been replaced with an original RZ Carbon Recaro bucket seat on the passenger side, with a similar Bride driver's seat. Note that the driver's side has worn through, so we have sourced a genuine tailored leather repair / protection section, which will fit perfectly and stop this from happening further. Note also that one of the horizontal cushions contains no foam inside, so we'll source some and cut to the correct size before fitting. These should bring the seat back to a good standard. Also we are sorcing a replacement original glovebox and fitted mats, to complete this interior. There is a Carrozzeria 200W CD/Radio unit and a turbo timer fitted. These are included free of charge also.
Original equipment includes: Front and rear original strut braces, rear seats incl. seatbelts, PAS, E/W (Auto up/down on drivers side), A/C, 3 channel ABS. The original tool kit is complete and unused although it does not include the optional additional tool tray. Spare tyre is also unused.
We test drove this RX-7 thoroughly for handling, acceleration and braking, and found it drives absolutely faultlessly. Engine and a complete mechanical integrity check was carried out. There are no faults at all to report and the car feels tight and rattle free. With a car of such low weight, standard power is plenty with 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph. Handling is also amongst the very best available, with double wishbone alloy suspension on each corner. By far the best suspension available for production cars - and very rare except on the most exotic!Although the ECU is standard, this RX-7 twin turbo pulls very well indeed - with good idle, etc. It drives much like a new car and performance is excellent, once again reminding us of how good these cars can be, even without significant modifications. It's making approx. 265 bhp as is. Oil pressure is good, turbos respond instantly throughout the rev range and the engine is giving strong power from around 2,500 rpm all the way to the red line. From experience having driven many of these ourselves, we know this is a genuine mileage car and that the engine is in superb unworn condition.If even greater performance is wanted, we suggest fitment of an Apexi Power FC and boost controller, combined with simple breathing mods (Induction and Exhaust) which will give an impressive gain in power from 265 bhp to approximately 320BHP! Please check out the parts available on to see what we can offer to further improve RX-7's!
Auction grade is 1 (Copy of the auction sheet is available) - due to the complete colour change and the fact the gearbox was professionally changed from previously automatic, to 5 speed manual. This is if anything a good sign, as an automatic RX-7 is much less likely to have had any hard driving in it's earlier life - and the fact the owner was prepared to spend money to convert it means he really cared a lot for it too. This RX-7's in superb condition throughout, the gold paintwork is in as new condition. It's evident that this RX-7 has been garaged and not been driven hard at all! There are no stone chips to the front, brake discs also look new and unworn too. It's also still got the original speed restrictor fitted (To be removed when preparing this car in UK). RX-7's in as beautiful condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find, even in Japan.
As with all the cars we stock, to check it thoroughly we washed and checked the bodywork on this car and found only the following 2 minor faults: There is some mild paint cracking on the front spoiler. On the passenger door, there are 2 pin dents. The rest of the exterior is unmarked! These 2 minor faults will be repaired as part of UK preparation, but are mentioned here for the purposes of providing a complete and accurate description. Please also note that there are some scratches to the edges of some of the wheel rims. These are possible to repair through specialist machining - although they're not too noticable, in any case.
As this is not a tuned example, it is very suitable both for daily driving as a weekend toy, for all wanting a beautiful looking original 3rd Generation RX-7. Alternatively it provides a very original, unmolested, low mileage modifying base.
Including full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, registration, road tax, new MOT and a year's comprehensive 12 month warranty this car is available for A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for shipment. Please Contact us to obtain full information on this RX-7.
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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