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1997 Subaru Impreza Sti Version 4 Type R Coupe. 22B Front & Modified by Zero Sports.


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Impreza Sti Version 4 Type R Coupe. 22B Front & Modified!






The Subaru Technica International Version 4 Type R was Subaru's 2nd model made especially for original homologation of 2 door Imprezas for racing in WRC. As with the previous Type R Version 3, the 4 is one of the most interesting and capable of the classic shape Imprezas that can finally once again be imported to the UK. This is one of the very first Sti Version 4 Type R Coupe's made (Introduced in 1997 - with most made in 1998). The connoisseur`s Impreza - finely honed for maximum performance and capability, this is the most impressive of the breed. This model was only made for the Japanese market, with Prodrive offering the UK equivalent P1 models at very srtong money back home. Special high performance features abound - Mechanically this model carries a similar spec. as the P1 UK models and more.. This car's also been honed by Zero Sports, Japan's most respected Impreza tuning specialists!
Original specification includes: Power steering, power windows, electric mirrors with retract mode, central locking, climate control a/c, tinted windows with retract mode, privacy rear glass, rear wiper, full Sti interior with standard sports seats, fitted mats, etc. There are original option wind deflectors fitted for the side windows and a matching original option boost gauge on the steering column too. Pedal covers are original option alloy items from STi. No hifi is fitted to this example, but the previous owner fitted a Subaru hifi blanking plate neatly, in place of a hifi. A UK unit can be fitted inexpensively. Performance Specification: The gearbox is a close ratio unit with an adjustable centre differential, geared for maximum speed of 155 mph at the red line. The electronically adjustable centre differential allows any range between a fully locked (For very slippery conditions such as snow) all the way to 70% rear and 30% front bias allowing understeer to be dialed out and for power oversteer to be supplied as required (especially in combination with the Zero Sports coilover and camber plates as described below in pictures). Water jets are fitted above the intercooler these can be operated automatically or at the touch of a button. The steering rack is quick geared for less turns from lock to lock, as engineered by Subaru Technica International. 4 Piston signature front brake calipers give excellent braking performance, as required. Further improvements from Subaru includes Sti carbon fibre front strut brace an uprated intercooler. The engine is a red top unit - factory blueprinted endowed with stronger internals with a higher 8,000 rpm rev limit. Packing a 280+ bhp punch as standard, although we are able to uprate this easily to 350 bhp + with mild modification. To get 350 bhp, all it needs is an inexpensive Ecutek ECU remap (Using the existing ECU - We can recommend various tuners for this in UK).The Sti Version 4 carries uprated A/C controls and dashboard with an updated white instrument panel. On this car the original speedometer is documented as having been changed to a 280 km/h unit at 36,632km - and mileage now is 40,574km. So total mileage is 71,196km (47,977 miles from new). When being converted by ourselves in UK, we will make sure the correct total mileage as indicated above be shown on the odometer.Uprated performance items. This Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe has been tastefully improved by Zero Sports and includes: Zero Sports fully adjustable coilover suspension with adjustable front camber plates. These combined with the standard adjustable centre differential help completely dial out understeer - to provide sharp handling and much improved grip over standard. Also fitted by Zero sports: Full Z.S. stainless steel sports exhaust system (Cat back), Z.S. Stainless steel intercooler shroud, SARD racing aluminium radiator, Samco uprated silicone radiator hoses, Z.S. Racing radiator cap, Z.S. earthing kit (Helps improve spark plug performance). In addition there are splitfire ignition leads also fitted.Wheels are Enkei Racing RPF1 lightweight forged items fitted with neqr new super sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R sports tyres of size 215/40R17. Note that can supply all performance parts available in Japan at excellent prices - including OEM items, making it possible for you to improve your Sti further whilst saving on prices compared to other sources. We also offer full workshop facilities (Sussex) to look after your Scooby perfectly!
Test drive: Test driving this example revealed no faults at all. It drives perfectly. Boost climbs quickly to peak and holds steady. Brake discs usually suffer from heavy wear on Imprezas - if driven hard for most of their lives. This example's discs are visually in very unworn condition. Suspension is firmer than standard, but well controlled. Expect this car to be a revelation on country roads and trackdays! Clutch has plenty of life left and brakes feel strong and disc-warp free (Another usual fault on Scoobies - but not on this one!). Performance is also strong and healthy. Clearly this feels like a car that hasn't been used hard and has been well maintained. Note that tyres are each about 1/3rd worn only. Mechanically and cosmetically, this Sti Version 4 Type R is in excellent condition. No noisy hydraulic valve buckets is indicative this car`s oil has been regularly changed. Indeed, it`s still golden coloured from a recent change. Interior: This has been a non smoker's car and interior is in excellent original condition with no faults to report. Exterior: The paintwork is in excellent well looked after condition. Signs show that the doors have each been repainted in the past, but quality is excellent. There are no stone chips, scratches or any other damage to report. The only items that could use attention are the optional STi mud flaps, which have some cracks from age and use over the years. Ideally these should be replaced with new items - available inexpensively in UK, or removed altogether. Since April 2004, a model report has been required when SVA testing any car newer than 10 years old on application for first UK registration. Although there are newly released model reports for Sti 3 5 4 door models, there are none available for the much rarer and classic STi 2 door Imprezas. This mean that until recently, pre-1997 Impreza Type R's could not be imported to the UK. This is one of the first we are importing in 2 years! As most pre 1997 Imprezas in Japan are too tired nowadays, or just too expensive if in top condition and low mileage - we are usually unable to supply Imprezas. We simply won't buy a car that doesn't meet our exacting standards, which is why we also selected this outstanding example for stock when available. This is one of the very first Sti Version 4 Type R Coupe's made (Introduced in 1997) and this is an outstanding example in every respect.
A very rare spec Impreza prepared by Zero Sports, this car's had an additional £5,000 (Approx) spent above the cost of the car in improving it, in Japan!Inclusive of full UK conversions and de-restriction, new MOT, Road Tax, Registration, 12 months comprehensive warranty and a full valet just before collection, this car is priced at £9,280 nd undergoing full UK preparation ready to register. Please contact us to arrange viewing, or reserve this Sti Version 4 Type R Coupe.
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