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1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (2nd Revision R33) - Nismo LM400 Bodykit. White


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Skyline GT-R V-Spec (2nd Revision R33) - Nismo LM400 Bodykit.






This unique facelift model Skyline GT-R V-Spec has been lavished with Nismo cosmetic and suspension modifications and much more to make a stunningly prepared road car!! It's had only one owner since new.
Aesthetic exterior improvements have been made to make this a Nismo show car replica. The original Nismo R1 bodykit includes a front bumper complete with seperate splitter and an aerodynamic under cowl that extends all the way to the front cross member. Side skirts and rear over bumper also make up part of the kit with optional rear arch extensions. The headlights have been uprated at high cost - to the later style Xenon type - as introduced in 1997. These help modernise the look of the car whilst also providing better lighting performance. The wheels are Nismo LM GT-1 2 piece forged items of 18" diameter with Bridgestone Potenza Grid II sports tyres in good condition. Wheels are also in top condition with no scratches at all. Nismo B-pilar trims and spoiler end plates made of carbon fibre are also fitted. An Impul racing fuel intake is mounted on the boot to mimic that which would be fitted to a pukka GT Spec racing GT-R. Genuine original red Nismo "R1" decals and matching red and grey side stripes complete with checkered rear quarter sections are available for this car, to further show off it's bodykit - in addition to clear (or smoked) side repeaters and front indicator units. These are available through
Suspension Brake Modifications: This GT-R has been modified to not only ride well but also handle much better than standard. Nismo and other suspension modifications are extensive. Nismo G Attach S-Tune adjustable shock absorbers and coils have been fitted. These lower the ride height of the car whilst maintaining a supple ride - comfortable for road use. Nismo front and rear uprated anti roll bars help further reduce body roll. Upper links at both the front and rear as well as the rear A arms are also uprated with Nismo items, which are much stronger - to reduce suspension geometry inaccuracies when pushing this GT-R hard. A solid but adjustable tension rod connects the lower arms at each front corner and Cusco adjustable tension rods combined with Nismo steering gear bushes help sharpen the steering's precision. With R33 GT-R's responses being excellent as standard - all these Nismo modifications being added, it's even better!To improve braking the original Brembo callipers are uprated AP Racing front and rear slotted rotors with Endless CC-X performance brake pads and uprated brake hoses.Stack Instrument Display: The most interesting modification on this car is the addition of a full SARD ST8100 Stack racing display!!!This is the sexiest of all gauge systems and the same setup as used in professional racing. The amount of information it can accuratelyprovide is nothing short of amazing!! Amongst the parameters it will display digitally are speed, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel (Litres remaining) shift light. The user adjustable intelligent alarm system monitors engine condition 20 times every second. The instant any value exceeds a (user set) normal safe working level the alarm light is illuminated and a clear easy to read alarm message is displayed on the LCD. Optional features include infra red lap timing device, corner and straight line speed readout providing the driver with real-time feedback. This option automatically measures and displays the last minimum corner speed and the last maximum straight speed. A manual speed hold is also provided. This is one of the most accurate of all gauge systems available. (For full details from Stack's website please click here). This Stack display is housed in a bespoke carbon fibre panel which is fitted with all the original red warning lights corresponding to all those a V-Spec GT-R has as standard, but in racing style of course. These work perfectly. A Bee R control box houses the 4 switches used to adjust the Stack display too. All this kit is included free of charge with this GT-R!!HKS ETC Atessa controller and ETC Drag Adaptor are fitted to enable the driver to finely control the 4WD system to his requirements. It is possible for example to make the car RWD only for drifting, or performing burnouts. A Billion variable fan controller is also fitted in combination with lower temperature thermostat and thermo switch. A Nismo GT shift knob is also included. Note there is a turbo timer located on top of the steering column. Predictably, a Nismo key is also supplied. The steering wheel is a Momo Spider design. Head unit is a Carrozzeria MD/Radio of high power. A 10 Disc CD changer is also fitted - although the cassette appears to not have come with the car (New one can be ordered). A Navigation system with TV is also fitted although this won't work in the UK. The screen (Not shown in pics - will follow with the car's documentation) may be possible to use with a DVD player. ICE also included free of charge with the car.
Performance Extras: Although this car's cosmetics and handling have been improved, the engine has been left largely unmodified. An Apexi dual funnel power intake induction kit has been fitted in combination with HKS alloy intercooler pipes. A SplitFire direct ignition system in combination with an earthing kit help improve spark plug performance. Behind the n/s/f bumper corner are 2 HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valves. Exhaust consists of a 5 Ziglen Border 304 max stainless steel system from the catalyst back. An HKS twin plate performance clutch has replaced the weak OEM item. It's progressive in take up, relatively quiet in use and feels near new. The ECU remains standard and this car has run only standard boost since new - meaning the turbos and engine have hardly been stressed. It's also still speed restricted (Will be de-restricted as part of UK conversions). To get performance of around 380 bhp + an Apexi Power FC ECU and controller is recommended, combined with a Trust Profec B II boost controller. These are available from at discounted price.
Other modifications to the engine bay include an HKS oil cooler kit complete with braided hoses to provide further engine protection and increased oil capacity and an APP oil sensor mounting kit. Also installed is a Greddy alloy top hose. Nismo radiator, oil cap fuel filler cap are also from Nismo.
Main Specifications: This is a rarer and more desirable V-Spec model, complete with active electronically controlled rear Limited Slip Differential and adoption of ATTESA E-TS PRO system for the 4WD bias control. Of course, Brembo brakes are standard. Dual SRS Airbags would have been originally fitted, although the steering wheel has been changed, so this no longer carries an air bag. Also included as standard: Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, ABS, velour seats, tinted windows, adjustable rear spoiler, original full set of fitted mats, etc.
Condition is excellent and clearly this car's been cared for fastidiously well. It's stated on the car's documentation (Which also clearly details all the modifications listed above and their raw cost) that it's never been used for track days, or been driven hard on mountain roads. With only close to standard tuning on the engine, it's evident the one owner of this car was primarily concerned with looks and so spent around £18,000 on parts (Documented) and labour in improving it. It's ripe to be taken to close to 400 bhp with only 2 more modifications - an ECU Boost controller (Mapping can also be arranged at GT Art, which is around 10 minutes away from our workshop premises).
Auction grade is 3 due to modifications (Auction sheet is available). Interior is unmarked except for 2 small cigarette burns on the passenger seat. These are so tiny they're virtually un-noticable, but we'll have them repaired anyway once the car reaches our workshop in UK. On the leading edge of the front n/s arch there's some cracked paint. The front splitter has a crack in the middle. There are also some minor cracks on the n/s corner of the Nismo bumper cover. The n/s door, front wing and quarter panel have a key scratch. The n/s headlight has a small amount of condensation inside. Each of these faults will be repaired to present this car in perfect condition to our usual high standards of excellence. Note that the o/s/r quarter panel is indicated as having been changed - although this is not an accident repaired grade. The repair has been very well carried out - with sealant looking almost identical on each side. To the untrained eye, this panel's replacement is indestinguishable. The Stack's rev counter needle has broken inside the display unfortunately and the rev counter is not displaying correctly - although the gearchange indicator light on the display has been set by the previous owner at 7,000 rpm (Conservatively). We are contacting Stack to find out the price of getting a replacement display and will supply at trade cost -if a replacement is preferred.
Low mileage: This GT-R's had regular oil changes at approximately every 3,000km and that the stack display was fitted at around 34,075km in February 1999. On June 16th 2000, mileage was calculated as 37,658km when serviced. As the stack display has no odometer the exact mileage cannot be known but it can be accurately estimated. From experience of looking at 100's of GT-R R33's per year we know this car is very low genuine mileage. Oil pressure is high, indicating a relatively new engine with low internal wear. The lack of interior wear, lack of stone chips to the front, lack of tyre changes, intake plenum with it's original paint still intact, etc. all serve to further indicate this is a very low mileage GT-R. Being used only for weekend use and covering an average of approx. 3,500 km per year means mileage now around 55,000 km approx - 34,000 miles.Pessimistically, this car may have covered 40,000 miles at the very most. Engine: Excellent oil pressure (4.2kg/cm2 at idle when cold, 2.5kg/cm2 when oil's at normal operating temp). This indicates a low mileage engine, of very good health. We test drove and found it felt tight and very together. Idle is silky smooth from start up, no rattles or squeaks from the interior, good smooth braking stability. Engine note is sporty without being excessively loud. Induction roar is heard through the induction kit and the sound of the dump valves are audiable when the throttle's released. Power is approx 325 bhp in present tune. It feels like a car that's never been driven hard and there is evidence this is the case, given that the original and bodykit paintwork is excellent with very few stone chips. All signs show this hasn't been a Skyline that's been driven hard and modifications are sensible to improve the car yet still allow it to remain relaxing to drive for daily use. This is one of the latest model GT-R's that can currently be imported to the UK (As there is no model report for GT-R's - nor likely to be one available any time soon, no post December 1996 GT-R's can be SVA tested).
This GTR has been stunningly well kept. With over £18,000 spent in Japan on improvements, labour and fitting costs (Documented), this is a very desirable and rare spec. of GT-R V-Spec. If you can trust Newera's reputation the highest quality available we are known to supply you'll know this is one the very best street use GT-R V-Spec's you're likely to come across at a sensible price. This car will be prepared by ourselves in our new workshop based just outside of Brighton, where our UK office is based. Includes all costs such as full UK conversions, 12 month's comprehensive Motorcare warranty, paintwork to perfect, full valeting, cost of road tax, new MOT and full Uk registration. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment to UK.
Please Contact us for further information regarding this Skyline GT-R or to source an alternative top condition quality Skyline GT-R. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly, often before they are given a chance to appear on our stock list - so please do not delay if you are interested in this unique Skyline.
Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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