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Skyline GT-R Series III - Stunning Nismo, ARC & RAYS spec. A Complete Masterpiece.


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Skyline GT-R Series III - Stunning Nismo, ARC & RAYS spec. Tuned by Saurus.




White (QM1)


As suppliers of the best hand-picked examples for all makes models we offer, we are seeing a steady rise of prices in Japan and elsewhere of 25% per year on average as 90's early noughties Japanese sports cars gain the demand they rightfully deserve. As the most exciting production cars built, before ever tightening emissions safety requirements made newer cars heavier and took away driving skills from the driver and placed them at control of electronics - iconic Japanese cars rightfully deserve the recognition that other European icons have already begun to find. Nismo celebrated it's 30th anniversary this year. With they and other main suppliers of the best quality parts continuing to invest in introduce new products, it's clear that Nissan has realised that the Skyline is to become the iconic equivalent of Porsche's "911" and this is why they are introducing the "Clubman Race Spec" show cars of each of 32, 33 34 models - to showcase their commitment to the onward improvement support for these cars.Hand in hand with this, we are also seeing real enthusiasts in Japan selling their R35 GT-R's and going back to Skyline GT-R's as the cars they know from their own experiences to be more satisfying cars to own enjoy, not least it makes better financial sense as these icons are set to continue rising in desirability value, where R35's won't enjoy this phenomenon for a long time yet... Naturally, these enthusiasts are only targeting the best examples, which is why the junk is going to the U.S. and the nicest cars stay in Japan, unless enthusiasts abroad are prepared to pay more for the best examples. Having been involved in this market since 1998, we've been predicting for around 4 years that these cars would go up in value. We have continued to always target the best we can get throughout these years and currently hold stock of more than we ever had, since we don't want to be priced out of the market. We still say they will continue to rise so and those who disbelieve us will likely find themselves having missed the boat when the most iconic Skylines finally go out of their financial reach. It's a no-brainer to us, but then this is the work we live breath every day, it may not be obvious to others yet, but if not yet, it will be glaringly so in the not so distant future. This example of a Skyline GT-R is one of the last generation 33's manufactured in 1997. Having been beautifully looked after since new and modified with considerable experience thought using only the very best parts available in Japan, it has been driven only 84,072 km (53,511 miles) and always been garaged from new.Fast road track tuning has been completed regardless of cost. Garage Saurus, a worldwide renowned specialist in GT-R's was responsible for the ECU's tuning work but most of the components on the car are from the likes of Nismo, RAYS, Ohlins, ARC and others. The complete package is stunning and with the parts on this car being of the highest quality most sought after spec. so it's clear to us this is an excellent long term investment that'll be highly desirable as these cars continue to soar in price. Indeed, as with all the cars we buy, we'll only invest in stock when we know it's the very best there is and this is the reason why this is the first and only R33 we've offered from stock in the last 2 years (Not counting a handful of other Nismo bodied R33's sourced to order for people who wanted only the best Newera could find for them).
Exterior: The paintwork's quality and bodywork condition combined are visually stunning when up close. There's a full array of genuine Nismo aero parts consisting of: front bumper, front under diffuser, side skirts, rear over fenders and rear bumper. Also fitted is a Nismo intercooler guide and original Nismo option bonnet lip too. Wheels are RAYS / Volk Racing forged alloy CE28N of 18" size, shod with brand new sports tyres of size 265/35R18. RAYS Formula nuts are also fitted. Without paint fitting, just these parts combined delivered to the UK are over £6,000 worth!Interior: The Nismo theme continues inside too, with a full set of Nismo white face gauges having been fitted new when the car was one year old, at 6,852km (Documented). Note also there's a matching set of white faced Nismo centre gauges fitted. A Nismo titanium shift knob is also included as well as HICAS compatible Works Bell steering boss Momo steering wheel. As with most examples, the original Nissan shift side-brake gaiters were worn, so we replaced them with new leather items. To further improve the interior we changed the pedal covers for new genuine R34 Nur Spec alloy items (Which are of perfect factory level fit) and included new set of Nismo floor mats too. The car came to us with the Defi gauges installed, but these were mounted using Defi holders which looked messy on the dash, so we fitted a new but discontinued 3 gauge cluster - without drilling or damaging the dash, for a much neater presentation. The Defis are black face with red lighting and display Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water Temp Turbo boost. Control is via Defi Link II controller, so that audiable visible warnings can be user pre-set / recorded.Being a rare Series III it’s got original red accents in the seat material and better quality carpet, passenger airbag factory xenon headlights too. There is a Carrozzeria 200W head unit (CD radio), with uprated speakers at each corner, including remote tweeters at the front. The Nismo instruments are discontinued and fetch the equivalent of £800-£900 in Japan as a used set now. All combined, there's over £2,000 worth of parts in this interior, notwithstanding the extra value of a genuine Series III interior, which is much more desirable after than series I II!
Performance Improvements (incl. suspension braking): This GT-R’s been stunningly well prepared for fast road track use. Lots of attention to detail – which reveals a high level of thought experience that went into creating this car. As mentioned already there's an ECU ROM by Garage Saurus. The car starts and runs perfectly with no temperament or fouling of plugs from consecutive cold starts, as often associated with remapped ECU's. It's set at a conservative 0.9 bar which is equivalent to around 380 bhp. The clutch is a Nismo single-plate unit which is as easy to use as an original clutch. The intercooler kit fitted has been discontinued by ARC some 10 years or so. It's condition shows how little use the car's had whilst being garaged when not in use. It's a twin pipe (between intercooler exit and engine intake) plate fin type, the most desirable of all intercoolers that were available at the time for the R33 34 GT-R - and the most expensive of all. The radiator is similarly by ARC and also of the highest quality available. An HKS Racing suction intake kit is also featured. The exhaust is a Nismo NE-1 Weldina system. This incorporates front downpipes, two high-flow catalysts and a continuous dual pipe system all the way to the back box, thus giving a much more equalized back-pressure and freedom of flow for each turbo. This exhaust system was discontinued by Nismo in 2003, but is expected to be re-introduced, since a similar Weldina NE-1 full stainless system is fitted to each of Nismo's Clubman Race spec cars. Again, a very rare and highly sought after exhaust system in Japan. For the chassis, a comprehensive set of Nismo suspension arms are fitted to keep geometry more steady than standard - under hard use, these component sets include: Front upper link set, Rear A-Arm set, Rear Upper link set - front, Rear upper link set - rear. There are also TEIN Tension rods, which improve steering feel. Coilovers are Ohlins DFV units, fitted with Hyperpro customs springs. Feel is firm, but comfortable for road use. Brake calipers are from a BNR34 (Gold coloured, but otherwise same spec. as original BCNR33 calipers) with Nismo pads at each corner Nismo braided hoses. In total, there's over £7,000 worth of engine suspension tuning parts fitted to this Skyline GT-R.
Standard equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, factory tinted privacy rear glass, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, indicator stalk, light switch, oil pressure etc. - all indicate low wear.
Condition Report: Note this has been a non-smoker's car since new. Interior is in excellent condition as shown. As can also be seen in pictures, condition of paint work is outstanding! The following are too minor to require repair, but are mentioned for the purpose of providing a complete report: There's a very small pin dent on the roof (also denoted on the original auction sheet). If not mentioned few would realize it's there - it's that small. On the front bumper there are some very minor stone chips (so small we didn't even try to touch them in). There are some bubbles on the paint on the horizontal sections of the front bumper beneath each headlight. These are so inconspicuous we didn't notice them at all until we polished the car following over a month of having the car parked under our noses daily whilst at our premises awaiting it's turn at preparation. The bumper could be repainted (Whilst the car is being prepared at RK tuning), but the cost of this would be extra if so desired. We also noticed the wheels have had scratches before, which have been professionally repaired to a high standard. Again, this is so minor we didn't notice this until we cleaned the wheels and looked very closely. Photos don't even show it. We see R33's sold in the UK with horrific rust on the front suspension turrets, or worse, repairs which are often hiding other nasty corrosion beneath thick coats of underseal (These cars don't only rust on suspension turrets, but all over the underside, so the suspension turrets should be a warning of other corrosion). This example has no rust whatsoever and will remain rust free a better investment if it continues to be well looked after (We would recommend rust proofing professionally after arrival to the UK). This is a 1997 car whose condition is amazing for its age. Being the very best we had seen for a very long time, we bought it for stock so that a discerning owner who also likes the very best will be able to benefit from it.
Engine Test Drive: Excellent oil pressure (5.5 kg/cm2 at idle when cold, 3.0kg/cm2 warm). Clutch feels as if it has plenty of life remaining. No faults at all to report. On the open road it's a superb car to drive. We took this example out for around 10 minutes drive after warming up fully before photographing it, and found it felt tight and very well put together. The engine pulls strongly from around 2,800 rpm all the way through the power range and provides eye popping levels of handling, braking and acceleration - A stunning machine in every aspect! Including labour paint, the equivalent of over £19,000 has been spent by the previous owner in improving this car and the parts fitted are still worth close to that, plus the value of a very good example of a Series III.
UK - Including preparation by RK Tuning, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, valeting new MOT.
Contact us to reserve this stunning Skyline R33 GT-R or see our other available stock for an alternative top condition quality Skyline GT-R. If you are from outside the UK ask about our FOB package.Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked GT-R's!

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