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1991 Toyota Celica GT-4 (RC) Carlos Sainz Limited edition 1010 of 5000. Black


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Celica GT-4 (RC) Carlos Sainz Limited edition 1010 of 5000.






This GT-4 limited edition model was made to commemorate Carlos Sainz’s WRC Championship winning successes in 1990 and 1992. Only 440 of this rare model were officially imported to the UK during production, with a handful going to other parts of Europe and the remainder being sold in Japan. FIA regulations, at the time, required 5000 examples to be manufactured to allow the model to be used in rallying. Numerous aspects of the normal ST185 design meant some changes were required to provide the necessary durability for rallying. These changes were a direct result of TTE’s input.
The Carlos Sainz is visually different to the normal model in that it has a different bonnet and bumper. Instead of the scoop, the bonnet has an air vent (to expel hot air) and a small round scoop to provide cooling air to the cam belt housing (found to melt during rallying on older models). At the rear are two additional rear-facing exits. The bumper is more bulbous and has a larger vent area. Also the large heavy steel bumper backing is missing, a petite aluminium extrusion taking its place. As a result of these changes the cooling efficiency (resulting from increased throughput of air) is much higher. All ST185CS models were the wide-body version with the 15" wheels. The rear bumper was also redesigned to reduce weight. It's been commented by many that the RC model actually handles better than the later ST205 models.
The engine differs from the normal car in that it uses a water-air intercooling system. The intercooler radiator is about four times as big as previous model’s and includes a water spray system (which is installed but not connected). The CS also uses a different turbo and air flow meter. The ECU has the fuel cut at 17psi, up from the normal 12psi. Otherwise the engine has no significant changes over the normal ST185. Other minor changes included different suspension settings and a lightweight, low restriction exhaust system with 2.5” pipe work as standard. The Japanese model RC had 230bhp as standard. The UK models only had 205bhp, and less torque. The CS was also fitted with a new gearbox, the E151F (although this was also fitted to later models). This gearbox has triple cone synchros on second, and dual cone on third. It also has two synchro rings on fifth, Teflon coated shift forks and several other improvements.

Due to their rarity, low mileage examples are hard to come by in Japan. This example has covered just 48,846 genuine miles from new and is in superb condition for it’s age!!

Standard Equipment: Being a Carlos Sainz model, it’s fitted with a sports trimmed interior, 6 way electrically adjustable driver’s seat (Lumbar, vertical horizontal seat width), 4 way adjustable steering column, built in turbo timer, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, climate control A/C, original fitted mats, privacy glass for the rear windows, electric windows, central locking, PAS ABS.

Performance Modifications: This GT-4 has been treated to a set of TEIN HA fully adjustable Coilovers complete with camber adjustable top mounts at the front, combined with front rear Cusco strut brace bars, providing it with sharp handling and further improved road holding, whilst remaining compliant and comfortable for road use. Wheels are 16” OZ Racing lightweight forged alloy, shod with 195/50R16 tyres. Note that 15mm bolt on rear wheel spacers are also fitted. An uprated cat back exhaust system combined with an HKS SPF induction kit, allow the engine to breathe easier and produce more power. In the engine bay, there’s a set up uprated spark plug leads and an earthing lead kit, to improve spark plug performance.
The standard front bumper’s been neatly modified to fit a pair of huge rally style driving lights. These operate via a separate switch with a small toggle by the steering column for the driver to select high low beam. Note that a Momo steering wheel has replaced the original and there's a TRD shift knob too, complete with illuminated alloy shift pattern indicator. In total, around £4,000 has been spent on these improvements on this GT-4.
Test Drive: We thoroughly tested this car and found nothing amis to report. Good clutch with plenty of life, good brakes, strong performance and firm accurate handling, no doubt aided by the TEIN Coilovers fitted. Maintenance has been thorough on this car. Stickers show recent oil and coolant changes, plus differential and transmission oils too. The timing belt has also recently been changed.
Interior is in excellent condition with only some minor faults to report as follows: There’s minor wear to the driver’s vertical seat bolster. Inexpensive replacement of this panel is possible (Costs around £125). There are 3 small screw holes on the passenger side of the centre console. Also on each A pilar trim, there are 3 screw marks where remote tweeters have previously been mounted. The best way to resolve this is to fit some remote tweeters there. Again these are available inexpensively. In the luggage compartment, some of the plastic trim is missing, presumably removed to make space for the strut brace and top adjustable coiolvers to be fitted. Note that no hifi is fitted to this example, although the mounting plates are in place to make fitting a replacement easy. This has been a non smoker's car.

Auction Grade is 3.5 (Copy of auction sheet is available). There are distinguishable paint blending marks on the bonnet and n/s C pilar where some paintwork’s been carried out before. On the rear bumper protective n/s strip on the rear quarter – there are some touched in scratches. Also, there’s some touch in paint on the bottom of the rear arch on the o/s/r corner. On the bonnet, roof and rear spoiler there are some very small marks to the paint. The wheels are in good condition with few marks. These need some polishing with rubbing compound to remove the yellowed effect (Comes off even being rubbed with a finer nail, so will polish out easily). The alternative would be to repaint the wheels in a dark Silver, which would look great too and is inexpensive to do!

If you're after the very best original low mileage Carlos Sainz currently available, this is it!!

Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, all paintwork and bodywork repairs completed to high standard, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this top condition Carlos Sainz is available at: £5,150 ly we can also supply this car with bodywork as is, but fully UK converted, registered with 12 month’s warranty, MOT Tax at £4,250 OTR, or if you want to do all the UK mods, MOT and registration yourself (No SVA required on this car), price (Warranty optional but not included in this price) is just: £3,480!

Currently in Japan, this GT-4 RC can be reserved for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000. Please contact us for further information.
Newera Imports - suppliers of the highest quality examples of the best sports cars from Japan. As recommended by J-Tuner, Jap Performance and Banzai magazines, internet clubs, forums and UK specialist tuners!

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