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1991 (June) Nissan Figaro Purple Pastel (Pink!!).


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Purple Pastel


In November 2004, Newera was asked to source a good low mileage Figaro and to supply the car completely resprayed in pink. This was to be a present for a customer's wife. It took 4 weeks to select and buy this example, the usual 5 weeks for shipping and 5 weeks to do a top quality respray, then register for the new owner. Her photographs with the car will show how pleased she was.

Equipment includes: Automatic Transmission, Retractable Roof with electric compartment release, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, Power Assisted Steering, Cream Leather Interior, Original Retro style CD/Radio/Cassette, a Television is also mounted to the centre of the dash. This however will not work in the UK without specialist modification. We can arrange this at additional cost if desired. Standard steel wheels with good tyres are fitted.

The auction grade for this Figaro is 3.5. The interior is in good condition with only some very mild wear to the vertical part of the drivers seat to report. This Figaro has been a non-smokers car since new. The exterior is also in very good condition. The thin body panels found on a Figaro are easily pin dented. This car is virtually free from the usual 'splattering' of pin dents. There are two small pin dents to the o/s/f door. There is one small pin dent to the o/s/r quarter panel. The rest of the bodywork is also in good condition. There is a small dent to the o/s/r chrome bumper corner. The lacquer is beginning to lift on the bonnet, giving a milky appearance. Two of the wheel trims are scratched. We chose this car for yourself as interior condition and a pin dent free body such as this are very rare, let alone combined. Due to the forthcoming respray we did not consider the imperfect bonnet or pin dents a consideration.

Note that the tool kit and original spare are also unused. There is a leather coloured tonneau cover included in the luggage area.

One of our female staff hashad a Figaro for 2 years and have found them charming little cars to drive and be seen in. Her dog loves to be in the back, with her paws perched on the back seat! Although it's only a 1,000cc engine, there's a little turbo as standard to help the car make approximately 70 bhp. This enables it to cruise well at 75 - 80 mph in relative comfort. Mostly we like the ease with which the roof comes up and down, the retro interior including those chromed rocker switches and the shape of course.

We recommended taking off the TV, as it won't work in the UK anyway without expensive conversion and looks odd in a car like this anyway. This example is of remarkably low genuine mileage. Looked like a brand new car once it had been resprayed!

Total of MOT, tax, professional colour change (including spraying in door shuts and boot shut), registration and valetting was £6,350, of which £1,075 was spent on paintwork. The car now resides in Brighton with a very happy lady owner.

We have the deepest experience with Japanese sports cars. We are the only importer with resident staff in Japan directly in touch with our customers in the UK. Since 1998 Newera Imports has consistently grown from only selecting and supplying excellence.

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