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Skyline GT-R V-Spec. High Tune - Over £32K spent - Fast Road Spec.


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Skyline GT-R V-Spec. High Tune - Over £30K spent - Fast Road Spec.




Red Metallic (ANO)


This R33 GT-R V-Spec is only the second example we've bought this year. As with all the Skylines we buy, we only select very special cars that meet our exacting requirements. This is one of the most beautiful, lovingly kept and best equipped R33 GT-R's we've come across in a long time and so in spite of the consistently poor value of Stirling, we bought it - partly from a passion for only getting the very best and from knowing there's a discerning customer out there who like us appreciates a car like this is a far better investment than what's typically available in Europe. Having been beautifully looked after and modified with considerable experience thought, it has been driven only 86,329 km (53,654 miles) from new.Fast road track tuning has been completed at much higher cost than the car's offered at. Improvements aren't only aesthetic but include HKS 2530 turbo's and many other power, handling and interior improvements to make a tremendously capable fast road / track car endowed with the performance to back up it's looks.
Exterior Aesthetics: Paintwork quality is excellent, with a deep shine to it with evident signs of having been garaged much of it's life. Genuine Nismo (400R) aero improvements consist of front bumper, front under spoiler / diffuser side skirts lower door inserts with Nismo rear valence extensions all painted to perfect match. Nismo side repeaters with D-Speed clear fronts together with Nismo Carbon rear spoiler trims finish off the pristine body-work improvements. Note also the Xenon HID headlights from the 3rd revision R33 GT-R models. Wheels are TE37's (production date shown on each wheel is a little over a year ago!) of size 19 x 10.5 +12, with red anodised wheel nuts / locks. Tyres are near new Kumho Ecesta SPT of size 275/30R19 - filling out the arches to perfection. All items were sourced brand new, bodykit painted, the fitted at the beginning of 2009, at cost of over £9,000 in Japan. Interior Improvements: A complete set of Nismo white face gauges, including the centre units have replaced the originals. These include a 320km/h speedometer and uprated boost gauge displaying up to 1.4 Bar. This substitution was carried out on 14th September 1995 when the original speedometer read 3,872km. On the A Pilar there's a white-face electronic Greddy Exhaust temperature gauge housed in a Greddy 60mm single pod, with a larger Greddy boost gauge located next to the steering column. The dashboard facia, centre console and ash-tray have been replaced with carbon finished replacements and to complete the look, rare Nismo carbon handbrake and shift knob have been fitted finished with Carbon Superior side brake shift boots. Note there's a Nismo short-shift kit fitted also. Seats are matching Recaro SR III's with bespoke R33 Skyline Recaro seat rails (Passenger seat also has inflatible lumbar support). There's a Splash Hicas replacement steering boss with SRS airbag dummy sensor Tomei leather steering wheel. Lonza alloy pedal covers are also fitted. This car also comes with a pair of Sabelt 4 point harnesses which are safely stored in the boot. Audio consists of an Alpine MD/Radio 180W head unit with uprated Carrozzeria speakers of high quality, together with a small Kenwood sub-woofer (Please note: Audio is untested and supplied free of charge). Inside the boot there's a neat original (Rare) option storage bag, useful to stop things getting thrown around when driving enthusiastically. There are other visible controllers accessible to the driver, these are listed below. Interior cosmetic improvements alone cost the previous owner over £5,000 when new.
Performance Improvements: This GT-R has been tuned for fast road use with many recent modifications of over £16,000 in parts labour. At the heart of the beast are a pair of HKS 2530 turbos breathing via an Apexi Super intake kit, HKS hard pipes and an ARC plate fin intercooler. Fueling is taken care of via an uprated in-tank fuel pump, Nismo fuel pressure regulator and SARD 660cc injectors. HKS Elbows combined with an HKS equal length front pipe are combined with a standard catalyst and an HKS Hi Power muffler to provide an awesome sounding note of power. Twin 264 degree HKS cams are fitted to give improved response power at higher revs. Boost control is via an HKS EVC IV. Oil is cooled via a unique Carrozzeria Heat One G Plus oil to water intercooler, which also doubles as a front strut brace. This is an extremely sought after piece, which also gives a much improved appearance to the engine bay. There's a Grid TS-Dancer which allows adjustment between normal, permanent 4WD and RWD only. Being a rarer V-Spec model, the rear differential's clutches are electronically controlled. All performance improvements combined enable the car to make around 420 bhp, transmitted via an HKS twin plate clutch (Feel of which is nearly new). Note the ECU has been re-flashed for Japanese High Octane (101 RON) fuel by Mine's. Although this will work in UK for low boost (Under 9.0 Bar) with ignition suitably retarded to 18 Deg BTDC, We'd strongly recommend just a few additional modifications for safety and much improved performance, in the form of a pair of Nismo Air Flow Meters, together with a cat replacement pipe or high flow cat. Combine these with an Apexi Power FC ECU / controller (Available used, inexpensively!) and a map for safe use of higher boost on UK fuels and you'll see a safe 500 - 550 bhp at up to 1.3 Bar with no significant increase in turbo lag over standard + total drivability. Newera recommends RK Tuning as a no-nonsense inexpensive tuner who can be trusted to properly look after the GT-R's we supply. Please ask us or see for further details. Suspension Modifications: This car was evidently not a track-toy. It wasn't tuned for highest possible power with it's combination of performance components and it's clear to us the tyres have not been used on the track at all brakes have had no serious (ab)use. The Ohlins suspension is none the less very good quality Ohlins G-Ring coilovers. Spring rates aren't particularly hard, meaning the ride is firm yet supple comfortable for road use. The tops are pillow type, but silent in operation give an excellent ride. Note the brake hoses are braided and there's a brake master cylinder brace also included. Brake pads are sports uprated compound. Over £2,500 was spent on suspension brake modifications. Factory fitted equipment includes: ABS, Hicas 4 wheel steering, Atessa 4WD, Climate Control A/C, PAS, Central Locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode, factory tinted privacy rear glass, etc. This car has evidently been fastidiously maintained. The engine bay, interior, indicator stalk, light switch, pedal rubbers, oil pressure, complete lack of stone chips, etc. all indicate low wear.
Condition Report: Note this has been a non-smoker's car since new. It still has the smell of a new R33 GT-R inside. There are no dents to the chassis rails - an unusual condition considering all the work this car's had. We valetted this car and in doing so checked the body-work thoroughly noting all faults. As shown by pictures, condition of paint work is outstanding! The following are too minor to require repair, but are mentioned for the purpose of providing a complete report: On the rear n/s quarter at the boot shut line there's a small paint chip. On the n/s skirt's underside there's a light scratch. Neither of these faults are noticable unless looking specifically for them. We'll have these touched in professionally in any case whilst the car's being prepared.Engine Test Drive: Excellent oil pressure (5/cm2 at idle when cold, 2.5 - 3.0kg/cm2 warm). Clutch feels as if it has plenty of life remaining. No faults at all to report. Suspension is firm but remains comfortable. On the open road this is a superb car to drive. We took this example out for around 10 minutes drive after warming up fully whilst photographing it, and found it felt tight and very together. A stunning machine in every aspect! Over £32,000 has been spent by the previous owner on improvements, notwithstanding the base cost of a mint condition R33 GT-R V-Spec.
UK Includes all costs such as full UK conversions, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, valeting, cost of road tax and new MOT. Alternatively if you'd prefer to do your own UK preparation, price would be £15,575.This unique GT-R is in Tokyo, ready for shipping and can be reserved with a deposit of £1,500. Please note we can also supply this car for direct shipment to other European countries as well as Canada. Please inquire about our FOB package for such countries.
If you'd like a high quality Skyline GT-R sourced to your specific requirements / modified in Japan prior to shipping please Contact us for further information. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time and few are ever available as UK stock.
Newera - Consistently recommended by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's Club Members for supplying the best hand-picked Skyline GT-R's!

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