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1995 Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst Twin Turbo. Prepared by Border - Japan.


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RX-7 Type R Bathurst Twin Turbo. Prepared by Border






Another top condition RX-7 - with genuine low mileage this another very special example, we're proud to supply from our stock. This example has been prepared by Border, who are one of Japan's top RX-7 specialists. Both mechanical and cosmetic improvements have been made to make this a more fun to drive RX-7, yet enable it to still remain an entirely usable car, endowed with approx 320 bhp.
Mechanical specification is mildly improved, but with quality components, to not only enhance the car's performance, but also give it an excellent start in the event the new owner wishes to further upgrade the spec: A twin "Border" induction - cold air fed induction kit (KN elements) is sited directly behind left of the intercooler - a neat but simple solution to supplying consistently cool air to the engine. Greddy alloy hard pipes including inlet tube to the throttles have replaced the standard plastic items which are prone to popping off at higher than standard boost pressure. A Greddy dump valve is fitted. A Border cat replacement pipe and Mazdaspeed exhaust is fitted, to give unrestrictive air flow. Fueling is taken care of by a 32 BIT HKS F Con V ECU mapped by Border. There is no boost controller fitted. As fueling is safely taken care of to enable greater power output, a boost controller would be the next upgrade - to maintain boost at 0.9 Bar. A Greddy Profec B II boost controller would be recommended. Available at £210.00.Cosmetic Improvements: A Border original front bumper is fitted, combined with an original R Magic rear spoiler (Adjustable for rake). Wheels are original 2 piece Forged lightweight Mazdaspeed MS-01's as produced by Rays. These are of 17" size, with sports tyres of size 235/45/ZR17 255/40/ZR17. Tyres at each corner are fairly old and have some cracks from age, so we will be replacing these with new items, such as Toyo Proxes in the UK, or alternatives of customer's choice, up to a value of £375.00 The car's complete, but to save on carriage, we'd recommend a pair of FEED carbon fibre skirts, some 1999 look clear front indicators and a 1996+ rear light conversion. A carbon rear diffuser would also look awesome! These parts are lower priced than you might think! Check out our website!: Handling: The RX-7's handling is amongst the very best available, with double wishbone alloy struts. In this case, suspension is uprated with Tanabe Sustec gas filled dampers. These provide a firm yet comfortable ride for road use whist giving improved levels of grip and progressive slidability, when desired - for example under hard power exiting a corner.Interior: A Blitz boost gauge is fitted to the left of the instrument panel, with a Greddy water temperature gauge fitted to the right. Also fitted is an Ultra Speed meter, which can be used to time 1/4 miles, top speed, etc. A turbo timer is included. An Ital Volanti leather trimmed sports steering wheel is also fitted. A Sony CD/Tuner of 40W x 4 is installed. Audio electronics come free of charge. Original equipment includes: Twin oil coolers (best for keeping oil within the safe operating temperature), PAS, E/W, E/M, A/C, 3 channel ABS, fitted mats, tinted rear window, front strut brace. The original tool kit is complete and unused, although there is not the optional tool tray fitted. Also fitted is the factory rear strut brace original option rear parcel shelf.
Test Drive Mechanical Checks: As on many RX-7's the air pump has been disconnected. When re-connecting this, we found the air pump's clutch is faulty, so we'll be replacing this item as part of preparation in the UK, even though it's not strictly needed to have the engine run perfectly well. Signs also show the engine's been regularly maintained. Engine and a complete mechanical integrity check was carried thoroughly - it's in rude health! We test drove this RX-7 thoroughly for handling, acceleration and braking, and found it to be strong indeed! With the uprated ECU, induction kit, cold air feed, large intercooler and uprated exhaust - this car's making around 300 bhp with current spec. giving excellent - strong response and performance as expected from the modifications carried out by Border. The brakes, clutch, etc. all feel good too - this is a tight and rattle free - which further shows how unabused it has been. The interior is in excellent condition with no faults to report aside from a broken hinge on the central cubby box and a split to the vinyl on the rear seat (Both items are to be replaced - so the interior will be presented perfectly). Please note: This has been a non smoker's car since new.
Auction grade is 4 (Auction sheet is available). Exterior is in excellent condition throughout. As with all the cars we stock, to check it thoroughly we washed and checked the bodywork carefully: There's a small scratch / light dent around 3cm long on the o/s/r arch. On the front o/s/f wing there's a small pin dent. On the n/s door there are some small stone chips. Also on the n/s quarter there are 3 small pin dents. The rear spoiler's original mounts have left some worn paint and holes. Also, the rear wiper arm's been removed by the last owner (for aesthetic purposes - as the rear screen wiper's rarely needed). Each of these faults is small, yet we'll repair them all in order to present this car to our usual high standards. Clearly this car has been owned by a keen enthusiast. It's evident it's been well looked after with a significant amount spent over time on parts to improve it. Total cost of wheels, exhaust, Induction, ECU, gauges, Audio, cosmetic improvements, etc. in Japan totals approx. £5,500!
The main points about this car are of course it's genuine low mileage, cosmetic improvements and stage 1+ performance enhancements. As this is not an extremely tuned example, it can be used for daily driving is also affordable to insure by younger drivers wanting a special looking Rex! With the gauges fitted, exhaust, intercooler, etc. this car is ripe for fitting a boost controller to further improve performance. can supply this at discounted price, as well as other improvements for this car. We recommend the clear front sidelight and indicator units to bring the front up to date!
RX-7's in as beautiful condition as this combined at an affordable price are extremely hard to find, even in Japan. The engine is in fine health with high oil pressure, good response and perfect starting every time. It's producing an excellent spread of power with plenty of life to give with mileage this low, before an engine refresh at around 75,000 miles. For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive Motorcare warranty will be supplied with this car also covering rotor tips and water seals.
Including full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, registration, road tax, new MOT and a year's comprehensive warranty this car is available for A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please Contact us using the inquiry form to obtain full information on this RX-7.
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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