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Legnum VR-4 *** Rare 5 SPD Manual PERFORMANCE TUNED *** V6 Twin Turbo.


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Legnum VR-4 *** Rare 5 SPD Manual & tuned! *** V6 Twin Turbo.




Silver Metallic


This is the best subtly modified VR-4 we've come across in a while, with the added bonus of being a rare and desirable 5 speed manual. The Legnum VR-4 offers space, practicality, safety and high performance in an unusual package comprising a similar permanent 4WD running gear to that of Lancer Evo's - with a more torquey engine than it's relatives. It's a wolf in relatively discreet clothing capable of carrying all that you need in style, give comfortable high speed cruising, as well as being a car that enjoys being hussled through country lanes.
Factory fitted Equipment consists of a V6 2.5L Twin-Turbo Intercooled 24 valve engine. Very rare 5 Speed Manual Transmission, allowing full use of the 280BHP to be made, Anti-Yaw system, Traction Control, 4WD, dual front SRS airbags, Anti lock brakes, power assisted steering, blue lightly tinted electric windows with Auto up/down on drivers window, central locking, Electric mirrors with retract mode, privacy rear windows and tinted front sides too (Note: the film on these may need to be removed for UK MOT test), rear spoiler, front driving lamps, side mounted wind deflectors, rear luggage blind. Also fitted to this car are original option roof rails, electric glass sunroof and rear spoiler with high level brake light. Wheels are an original 16" items, fitted with 4 sports tyres. We have a set of 17" Speed Star Gartmeier 2 piece alloys complete with half worn sports tyres which are of Legnum VR-4 fitment. These are available at just £375.00 - when purchased with this car - Pictures are included in the slideshow. Performance Improvements. Around £4,000 + has been spent on improvements for this car! These include: Greddy Spec V front mount intercooler kit with hard pipe set, Blitz Sus Power induction kit, HKS EVC5 electronic boost controller with display unit, HKS F Con V Pro ECU mapped for up to 1.2 Bar (Japanese spec fuel, etc), Ganador Vertex Sus (Stainless 304) cat back twin silencer exhaust system, Greddy 13 row oil cooler kit with remote oil filter mounting (Cooler core is placed behind the bumper, just forward of the n/s/f wheel), Defi Link gauges controller for Turbo Boost, G-15 Starbo turbo timer, Bilstein coilover suspension. These combined enable the car to make up to 350 bhp. Important Note: To ensure safety we have set the boost to lowest setting. We would recommend a rolling road dyno test at a UK tuner and adjusting ignition timing as required, to ascertain the maximum safe boost when using UK fuels. This is inexpensive to do, but should be done before the car is run at high boost. In all, around £6,500 has been spent by the previous owner on tuning and improvong this unique Legnum VR-4.Other Improvements: DVD, MP3, SD, USB, CD player, TV screen with DVD Sat Nav (Japanese system, so sat Nav won't work in UK). All ICE is supplied free of charge with this car.
Auction grade of this car is 4 (Auction sheet is available). Bodywork condition is excellent and to our high standards. Note the previous owner fitted door edge guards - these have helped to protect the door edges for years! To save time once the car arrives to the UK, we had the front bumper professionally repainted. There's a few other minor faults which are too small to require repainting, although they're mentioned herewith for the purpose of providing a complete report on condition: There's a small pin dent on the rearmost section of the n/s quarter panel. 2 small pin dents on the n/s/f door and one on the o/s/r door. A couple of very minor chips on the n/s/r door. Original option rear spats are fitted. The O/S one has some minor chips of paint. We can source a touch in pen and include with this car. Inside, condition is very good too. Just 2 minor faults to report: 1 small cigaette burn on the driver's seat. Steering wheel's leather has minor wear as does the 5 Speed embossed shift knob (Note: We can source another steering wheel if wanted at around £100 cost). Pictures in our slideshow of this car show the above. Note: Sunroof is permanently closed, although electrics are working. It should be used as just a glass roof. Test Drive: Despite having heigh adjustable coilovers, the ride is close to being as comfortable as standard, only with reduced body roll. The exhaust note has noticably more bass than the standard item, whilst being silent enough to not become annoying for neighbours! The Sus power induction kit makes the induction audiable. Car sounds awesome! Whilst running 1.1 Bar it's considerably quicker than standard and making around 330 - 350 bhp (See note above regarding boost setting for UK fuels). Gauges are easy to see, although we feel they could be mounted in a tidier manner. (We have universal 60mm gauge pods for the A pilars, or other types would also be available through Clutch has plenty of life left in it. Brakes work with no dramas. All in all, it feels like a 2 year old car!
We're finding that many of the customers who buy these Legnums from us want to use the roof to carry larger / bulkier goods for work, hobbies, can source supply a bespoke roof rack kit for this and any Japanese model wagon - at low price. Easy - Just Ask!
This includes our fee, SVA test and full conversions, minor paintwork as described, valetting, 12 months comprehensive warranty, six months road tax and 12 months MOT. A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Alternatively as this car doesn't require an SVA test it can also be easily prepared for sale DIY. We'll tell you how! If preparing the car yourself, then price is just: £4,095!Please Contact us through the inquiry form for more information. Hurry though - Legnums with 5 speed manual like this are few far between - this car is expected to sell very quickly!
Newera Imports - the only importer with resident staff in Japan directly in touch with our customers in the UK. Consistently recommended as the No.1 choice for the best Japanese Performance Cars.

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