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Silvia S15 - Spec R Aero. 6 Speed Manual. Nismo & other upgrades. Stunning Throughout.


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Silvia Spec R Aero - 6 Speed Manual. Nismo & other upgrades. Perfect example!




Grey Metallic (WV2)


**** DEPOSIT TAKEN ****The Silvia S15 Spec R 6 Speed manual is probably the most sought after of the SR20 engined examples since the S13 was introduced. As these handle very well, not least with a natural ability to steer from the rear, many have been abused as drift or track-day cars during their lives in Japan, which often means they've been in accidents, or their engines are tired and not likely to last well. For this reason we don't normally stock these, but when this example was offered to us for stock we knew it was something of a rarity and so it's now available as follows.This is a factory Silvia Spec R Aero version, complete with Factory option deep front bumper spoiler, side skirts & rear spats. Original option side visors are also fitted. Spec includes: Dual SRS Airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, ABS, Electric windows (Auto up/down on drivers side), Electrically controlled door mirrors with retract mode, remote central locking. Original fitted mats. Optional factory driving lights. A 190W Carrozzeria (Pioneer) 2 DIN CD/Radio is fitted. This unit is supplied with this car free of charge.The SR20DET (250BHP in Standard Form at 0.55 bar boost) has remained original throughout and so has barely been stressed throughout it's life. All signs including, having been driven by a non-smoker, lack of stone chips, pin dents and interior wear show this car was owned by a single mature man, who was intent on keeping this car in as perfec condition as possible. The S15 is a substantially improved car than the S14a in many ways, as follows: 1) Steering system stiffness has been increased to provide improved steering feel. 2) The front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension has been carried over to the S15 Silvia. 3)Strengthening the upper member of the hood structure and adding reinforcements to rear pillars has increased body stiffness. 4)The Silvia spec-R series is fitted with ventilated front disc brakes with opposed 4-piston calipers, highly responsive ABS and a larger brake booster. 5)The driving position has been ergonomically designed to allow quicker execution of driving controls and to provide a seating posture for minimal fatigue during driving. 6)The instrumentation is laid out with a large size tachometer positioned in the center of the cluster. 7)The Spec-R also comes with titanium-look instrument finishers and a 52mm boost pressure gauge is attached to the driver's side front pillar.8) This particular example is also fitted with original option HID headlights (Main beam). Performance Improvements: Nismo S-Tune Suspension has replaced the original shocks. These lower the car around 30mm both front & rear whilst providing a sporty, but comfortable ride. A Nismo front strut brace is also fitted. Intake is an Apexi Suction kit. Exhaust is a Fujitsubo Legalis R, complete with removable baffle. This is quiet for normal use, or can be a little louder when the baffle is taken out. A Splitfire earthing kit is also neatly fitted - this provides improved spark plug efficiency. The boost gauge on the A pilar has been replaced with a Blitz item. Wheels are PIAA Rozza of 18 inch size. 9J on the rear, 8J on the front. Tyres are near new and of good quality. These fit right on the edge of the arches. The rear tyres can sometimes touch the inner arch if going over heavy bumps, so it would be advisable to either fit tires of less width so they wit within the arches, or use an arch roller to carefully bend the arch lips upward. These modifications are not included as part of the car price, but we can give details of specialists in the UK who would be able to do arch rolling work inexpensively (Driftworks, etc). Condition Report: In keeping with this car's condition, the interior has no faults at all to report, aside from very minor scratching to the plastic centre console (Virtually none) and minor wear on the vertical part of the driver's seat (Where the driver rubs as he gets in and out of the car). The shift knob's leather layer is also slightly worn. It's never been smoked in. Ashtray & cigar lighter show no marks at all of cigarette use when inspecting closely.Body Condition is excellent. There are no pin dentsor waviness from repairs to any of the panels. The only mark we noted is a small touched in scratch on the driver's door (See picture of this in the gallery). The Boot has never had a spoiler fitted (The original Aero Package rear spoiler is ugly - which is presumably why the previous owner didn't want one). We can source and supply a range of spoilers for S15's. Ask when reserving this car. Wheels each have some minor scratches to the rim edges, but none are particularly deep or noticeable - only mentioned to give a complete report.
This example has clearly been carefully cherished & is in outstanding condition. The majority we see nowadays have yellowed headlights and UV burnt exterior plastic trim with rough bodywork. Paint condition  on this example is outstanding and shows signs of having been regularly polished (We only gave it a single coating of wax by hand for protection). Underneath, it's also well preserved with none of the usual corrosion found in cars that have lived much of their lives on European roads.Signs all clearly show of this Silvia having been regularly serviced and well maintained. It would appear this car spent most of it's driven life on Motorways cruising at legal speeds in Japan, still at present retaining the standard speed limiter with mostly just a lightweight driver. Interior looks & smells good as it's never been smoked in. Test Drive: We test drove this Silvia  & it's clear to us this car was well looked after by the previous owner - judging by the tight feeling of the driving experience it gave. Feels tight, with no squeaks or rattles and handled much like a new example with a nicely direct and responsive feel to the steering, pedals, gearshift and chassis. The front discs exhibit a little juddering at speed. Rather than having them skimmed, we'll replace with a brand new set of front discs, but the new owner should be aware the pads will need bedding in when collecting the car.
The engine (SR20 (DET) is an extremely tough unit that can withstand 400 bhp before internals need to be uprated at all. We would recommend fitting an uprated exhaust & induction kit, as two first modifications - which are inexpensive especially if purchased and shipped with the car. With standard tune as far as boost is concerned, performance is strong from the 250 bhp this car gives as standard. Maximum std. boost is 0.55 Bar.. With a boost controller - this car can handle 1 bar of boost with the standard ECU - giving around 330 bhp. Beyond this, it can run 1.3 Bar provided a metal head gasket is fitted and the ECU is upgraded to provide greater fueling. can supply a new EL display Power FC unit complete with hand held controller and injectors to upgrade from the current 480cc (std) units, to allow more boost. The ball bearing turbo on the S15 is able to take 1.3 bar. It's almost as if Nissan intended for these cars to be tuned, which is likely, judging from the following Silvias have in Japan. See for more details of what's possible or ask us!  With only a handful in the UK - an extremely exclusive and beautiful Sports Car. Including all tration, MOT, minor paintwork already completed as described, and full valeting, OTR price: £10,995
Newera Imports - Established in 1998 & Consistently recommended for supplying the best Japanese Imports by UK tuners, clubs, leading Performance Car Magazines and true connoisseurs.

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