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Skyline GT-R (R33). Apexi RX-6 Twin turbos & more. 600 bhp! Silver


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Skyline GT-R (R33). Apexi RX-6 Twin turbos & more. 600 bhp!






As specialist suppliers of the best Japanese Performance Cars from Japan, we're proud to once again be able to offer this hardcore Skyline GT-R!

This GT-R has been imported and registered in the UK in the last 2 months, supplied by ourselves. When mapped at GT Art's rolling road, their experience told this is an engine that's had upgraded internals such as new pistons and most likely con rods, etc. They were impressed with the power it made, indicating a very healthy RB26 engine.

Recently sold, the new owner finds it's too powerful, so it's available once more. Can you harness the beast?

Performance modifications: Apexi RX-6 Twin turbos, in tank uprated fuel pump, 680 cc HKS injectors, Nismo fuel pressure regulator, 264 inlet 272 exhaust HKS camshafts, Metal head gasket, Trust V-SPL intercooler, Trust / Greddy alloy induction pipes, Trust Airinx twin induction kit, Apexi Power FC ECU with hand held controller and boost controller module, high flow equal length downpipes and full Stainless steel high performance exhaust system, large capacity oil cooler (Located in the o/s opening of the bumper) with remote oil filter, stainless steel oil catch tank incorporated with washer bottle, double capacity stainless steel racing radiator, Stainless steel radiator top hose, ARC alloy radiator duct, etc. There are probably other modifications to the engine with this specification of tune too! This car's making between 550 - 600 bhp at present, depending on boost settings. Clutch is a Nismo twin plate unit. As these were nearing the end of their lives, we have just completed replacing with new items. The clutch is now easy to use and progressive in it's bite. With power this serious - brakes have also received attention, with larger upgraded front discs and callipers than standard fitted to the front. Note that in order to make sure this car is fully mapped for UK road use, we will be having one of the best UK GT-R Tuners remap it prior to completion.

Suspension Handling: Quantum coil-over fully adjustable units are fitted. Damping control handling is very good (comfortable too!), as would be expected from one of the better suspension component manufacturers inof Japan. Front and rear original strut braces help stiffen the suspension towers, whilst an HKS Kansai full mounted roll cage with stiffening struts extending the the front helps give the bodyshell maximum rigidity. This is neatly trimmed in black foam. Note that the cross beam at the rear is removed to allow unrestricted rear seat use. As this is a highly tuned example in typical track / race style the HICAS system has been removed and a replacement bar fitted in place of the original steering rack at the rear. This means there is more control given back to the driver, rather than the car doing some of the driving electronically.

Cosmetic improvements: An uprated front bumper is fitted. This gives maximised air flow to the intercooler, radiator and oil cooler. Wheels are Marquis Promoda superlight forged alloy complete with light weight alloy nuts. Tyres are Yokohama Advan Neuva's of size 255/40/ZR17. They're each around half worn. A pair of Nismo "GT-R" carbon fibre end caps for the rear spoiler are fitted. Nismo clear side indicators are also employed. Note that headlights have also been uprated to HID units.

Interior Improvements: The original large airbag'd steering wheel (Original steering wheel is available if preferred) has been replaced with a Momo smaller diameter item. Located close by is the Apexi Power FC's controller, to provide a digital readout of 8 measurable parameters. A Greddy turbo timer is also fitted. The handbrake and gear lever gaiters have been uprated to red stitcked items. A Greddy Trust alloy gearknob is also fitted.

Factory fitted Equipment: R33 GT-R Spec is inclusive of full creature comforts such as climate control A/C, tinted glass, ABS, PAS, Remote boot and filler cap release, supportive original seats, Atessa 4WD, power windows, central locking, fitted mats, etc.

Auction Grade of this car is 1, obviously due to the many modifications fitted. Condition of this car is outstanding (Don't be misled by the pictures of the interior taken in strong sunlight!!!) Underneath it would appear this car's never seen snow, it's almost completely corrosion free! There are no stone chips to the paintwork, or windscreen, so it hasn't been driven hard regularly. Interior is also in excellent original condition with low wear to seats, etc.

Driving this highly powered GT-R is an experience!!! The smooth idle and low toned bark from the exhaust at start up is hardly indicative of the assault on the senses this GT-R is capable of!! Acceleration is relentlessly quick and the gearchanges come almost as quick as you can move your hands. Once warmed up to operating temperature, this is a car that begs to be driven hard. Gareth reports that after driving this car on several occasions in the UK it's seriously quick!! With the new clutch fitted, it's easy to drive in traffic and this car is perfectly tractable for normal use. If you drive at smaller throttle settings it will cruise comfortably, but press the loud pedal and this car will do it's best to make a hole in the scenery. Not a lot will keep up with it, even Superbikes will be hard pushed to leave this Skyline... it's that quick!!!!!!!!

This is not only a unique genuinely low mileage R33 GT-R but it's also been beautifully looked after from new!! It originally had some minor faults with scratches to the front bumper and some pin dents to the doors and rear quarters, but these have all now been fully repaired - so the car is in stunning condition throughout!

This highly spec'd GT-R has been extensively prepared for fast road and track use. We especially like the discreet way in which this car's prepared. Nothing looks excessive. This could just be a normal spec R33 GT-R to any onlooker... but will eat up and spit out just about any car you'd come across!!! As prepared, this Skyline is a 185+ mph beast !!!
Already well over £15,000 has been spend in upgrading it in Japan It would cost close to double that to convert a standard GT-R to this spec in the UK! This is the first and only high powered R33 GT-R we have sourced so far this year. Examples like this are few and far between!

Please note that the pictures shown were taken before this car has been valetted. Inclusive of UK conversions, MOT, 6 month's road tax, full UK registration, this unique GT-R is available for a very low priced: £14,500! hnical questions relating to this car please contact us or call the owner on: 07795 344946 to arrange viewing.

If this is the R33 GT-R for you - please don't delay - this spec is not likely to be repeatable at this price!!!!

Newera Imports - Consistently recommended as the No. 1 source for the best GT-R's in the UK by tuners and GT-R club members.

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