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Impreza P1 - Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe. Superb example!! Sonic Blue.


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Impreza Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe. MINT example!!




Sonic Blue Met (74F)


The Subaru Technica International Version 3 Type R was made especially for original homologation of 2 door Imprezas for racing in WRC. It was also marketted as the P1 model in the UK and is probably the most sought after usable classic Impreza of all. Being a Coupe, this is the most interesting and capable of the classic shape Imprezas that can be imported to the UK. This model was only made for the Japanese market, with Prodrive offering the UK equivalent P1 models at very strong money. The major differences between this Sti 3 Type R and UK model P1's is lack of corrosion and wear. This car's never seen salt!Special high performance features abound - Mechanically this model carries the same spec. as the P1 UK models and more! This Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe is an outstanding example in every respect and is made more special by being a rare 555 model (Only 555 examples were made by Subaru in this spec. to commemorate their No. 1 position victory in the WRC championship for 1996 - 555 also being a tabacco company that gave major sponsorship to Subaru for WRC racing. Unlike UK P1 models however, the Japanese versions was equipped with a DCCD adjustable centre differential - to help overcome 4WD understeer by allowing drive bias to be sent to the rear wheels by as much as 70%.
Specification: Water jets are fitted above the intercooler & these can be operated automatically or at the touch of a button. The steering rack is quick geared for less turns from lock to lock, as engineered by Subaru Technica International. 4 Piston signature front brake calipers give excellent braking performance, as required.  Further  improvements from Subaru includes Sti carbon fibre front strut brace & an uprated intercooler. The engine is a red top unit - factory blueprinted  & endowed with stronger internals with a higher 8,000 rpm rev limit, breathing through an IHI RHF5HB turbo - the largest turbo fitted to any of the classic shaped Imprezas - and therefore giving the greatest punch (Same turbo unit as fitted to the venerable 22B's which were made in the same year - 1997). Packing a 280+ bhp punch as standard, we are able to uprate this easily to a reliable 350 bhp + with mild modification. To get 350 bhp, all it needs is an uprated ECU, boost controller and uprated exhaust system, plus UK rolling road mapping to suit. All parts are available through
The gearbox is a close ratio unit with an adjustable centre differential, geared for maximum speed of 155 mph at the red line. The electronically adjustable centre differential allows any range between a fully locked (For very slippery conditions such as snow) all the way to 70% rear and 30% front bias allowing understeer to be dialed out and for power oversteer to be supplied as required).
Original specification includes: Power steering, power windows, electric mirrors with retract mode, central locking, climate control a/c, tinted windows with retract mode, privacy rear glass, rear wiper, full Sti interior with standard sports seats, fitted mats, etc. Note this car is fitted with special option SRS driver's airbag also.
Uprated performance items: This Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe is mostly and essentially close to standard mechanically, although some well appointed performance extras have been added as follows: Zero sports radiator cooling panel, Zero Sports alloy intake pipe kit, Zero sports intercooler shroud, Sims 1.3 bar racing radiator cap, Ultra ignition leads. There are driving lights which are remote controlled. Note also there's another remote which starts the engine from a distance. A turbo timer is also fitted. Note also the genuien STi titanium racing shift knob.
Test drive: Test driving this example revealed no faults at all. It drives perfectly. Boost climbs quickly to peak and holds steady. Brake discs usually suffer from heavy wear on Imprezas - if driven hard for most of their lives. This example's discs are visually in excellent condition. Suspension hasn't been upgraded. The original STi suspension is considered to give an excellent ride, with great roadholding in comfort for UK roads, so nothing needing doing here either. Over a bumpy road there were no rattles or squeaks. Clutch has plenty of life left too. Performance is also strong and healthy. Clearly this feels like a car that hasn't been used hard and has been well maintained. Note that sports tyres fitted are each about 1/2 worn only.
Mechanically and cosmetically, this Sti Version 3 Type R is in excellent condition. Note that the timing belt was renewed less than 1,200 miles ago (Documented). No noisy hydraulic valve buckets is indicative this car`s oil has been regularly changed. Indeed, it`s still golden coloured from a recent change.
Interior Condition: In remarkably tidy condition, the seats, carpets, steering wheel and other controls show no significant wear. This has been a non smoker's car (Smells clean too) although at some point it did have a smoker - who made a single small burn mark on the door trim (About 2mm in diameter - barely visible). There are gold anodised STi pedal covers fitted but the clutch cover is missing. There's a standard rubber cover in place there. Although there's a hifi and speakers at the rear are uprated (Supplied free of charge with this car) please note the previous owner took out the front speakers. Speaker wires are left in place and taped to isolate - fitment of your own will be easy to do.
Exterior: Auction grade is 4. Paintwork is in excellent condition with only some very light touched in scratches to the passenger side skirt, plus 2 small touch up marks to the driver's door (bottom section). On the front bumper there are 2 small scratches either side of the number plate. Each of these are very minor faults which don't warrant any need for respraying. There are 2-3 pin dents on the driver's door - so these will be repaired as part of completion, but are mentioned herewith to give a full & complete report.
A very rare spec Impreza Type R555 in Sonic blue metalluc prepared by the Subaru Technica International factory in top condition. Inclusive of full UK conversions and de-restriction, new MOT, Paintwork as described, full UK registration, 12 months comprehensive warranty and a full valet just before collection, this car is priced at £7,595 ointment at the canterbury showroom you can be sure this Impreza's condition is far better than what is typically for sale in UK with the tired P1 models there. 
A deposit of £1,000 secures. contact us for full information on how to reserve this P1 Sti Version 3 Type R Coupe.
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