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1993 Honda Integra 1.8 V-Tec. NOS DC Sports Show Car! Orange Metallic (Ferrari Original Shade)


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Nitrous Integra Si R 1.8 V-Tec - DUB Show car by DC Sports!




Orange Metallic (Ferrari Original Shade)


This is a very special Integra SiR 1.8 DOHC V-Tec, prepared using almost exclusively DC Sports goods specially imported from America to Japan to create this project car ( Aiming to get the American street racing look, this car's been prepared to some of the highest standards we've seen on a DC2 Integra!!
Bodywork Modifications: Colour is described by the last owner as a Ferrari Original Orange Metallic. We hope our pictures will show the metallic flick and quality of the paintwork. This respray must've cost a small fortune.. It looks awesome in the sunshine! Fitted is a full DC Sports Aero kit consisting of front lip spoiler, skirts and rear valence. Also fitted is a DC Rear Spoiler with full length integrated brake light. To slam the car down, a set of DC Sports full lowering suspension springs and matching shocks have been fitted, rolling on Kaotic Skater 17" Chromed Alloys with low profile Pirelli P7000 sports tyres(nearly new). Note the "Acura" American badges! Nice attention to detail.
Interior, Sound System and Nitrous: This is probably even more interesting that the exterior! A full leather retrim in white and matching orange leather - this is a one off conversion carried out in Japan. Note the door panels are also matched, as are some of the interior plastics. All very neatly done, mind!
The ICE system is beautifully fitted -Amongst the very best we've seen in 6 years! It's discreet, yet packs a quality of sound that's truly awe inspiring. The hifi unit is a plain looking, but top of the range Addzest DRX9255 unit. A head unit costing £550 alone in Japan. Front speakers are Kicker RS6.2's complete wih remote tweeters, whilst in the rear there's a pair of Kicker S12C subwoofers. Front speakers are powered by A Rockford Punch 400W x 4 amplifier, whilst the rears are powered through a Sherwood 2 channel amplifier complete with JBC cross overs. The woofers are neatly housed in a custom made box, so it all looks quite factory. A customs made housing is fitted on the dashboard, to house the Panasonic TV / Navigation system, with the Navi DVD reader neatly installed beneath the passenger seat. Nestled neatly in the n/s rear corner is a NOS bottle!!!!
Performance Engine Enhancements: A KN - Stillen air induction kit is fitted complete with braided hoses for the breather. Engine cover is chromed and a DC Sports oil cap is fitted. Exhaust manifold is a 4 into 1 DC Sports stainless steel unit. This continues through the underside of the car with a high flow DC stainless steel exhaust system. Each brake rotor has been replaced with a cross drilled DC Sports rotor. clamped by DC Sports uprated brake pads and backed up by braided hoses too. Aside from the already mentioned suspension upgrades, there's a pair of billet strut braces, front and rear - again from DC Sports. Inside, there's a short shifter kit (DC). Difficult to miss the Autometer Sport Comp Drag style rev counter complete with programmable shift light - yet another American influenced mod. A black Momo steering wheel is also fitted. Note the white faced American styled MPH / Km/h Speedo face too! The odometer still runs in km/h - so we'll be converting this in the UK.
There's the usual Honda equipment too, including air conditioning, ABS, PAS, electric windows, Integra fitted mats, rear wiper, privacy rear glass, etc. Also fitted are a set of Mitsuba Alpha twin horns. Interior is in top condition, as the pictures will demonstrate. It's been a non smoker's car. It's even noticable that the A/C controls have been renewed, so they look fresh. It's a complete show car!!!
We test drove this Integra V-Tec and found it drove absolutely faultlessly. Brakes work well, with no signs of warping, handling's tight and there's an awesome indiction roar and an intoxicating push in the back as the V-Tec zone is breached from 6,000 rpm. Unfortunately the last owner had his last giggle with the laughing gas, so we didn't get a chance to test the Nos system, but we'll endeavour to get the bottle filled in the UK whilst the car's being prepared!!
Auction grade is 3.5 for this car. This is only a rough guide, essentially to confirm this car hasn't been in any accidents. It was graded low due to all the modifications! The paint job is superb. Clearly everything that could be painted has - only the engine bay has been left untouched - luckily it was black to begin with, so it doesn't look out of place! The paintwork has a deep and quality gleam to it! There are some difficult to spot patches of very slight darkness on the bonnet, as well as on the o/s quarter, and on the roof, by the rear hatch, but these are so minor, there's no point in repairing! We will however remove and respray the front lip spoiler when preparing this car, as well as touching in the chip on the rear spoiler. Note that we also have a complete list of modifications and some of their prices, as supplied by the last owner... It's scary how much was spent!!Just the audio and navi equipment cost around £3,500 in Japan. To estimate the total cost of conversions, we think it's somewhere in the region of £14,000!!!
As you can probably tell from our enthusiasm - we love this car!!! We think it's complete, except for perhaps a way to raise the suspension. We would be able to inexpensively source a set of coilover suspension with easy height and damping adjustment for around £250 as used high quality goods from Japan. We are also able to source and supply lexus style rear lights, which would enhance the American look further! Check out for more info!
Complete with full UK conversions and registration, MOT, 12 month's Motorcare warranty, paintwork to spoilers as described, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this one off show car is available for just £8,650 pan awaiting sale, this car can be reserve for prompt shipment with a deposit of £1,000.
Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this amazing Integra.....The Future's Bright... The Future's Orange..!
Only Newera Imports can supply the highest quality cars consistently! Why? Because since 1998 we've been the the only importer with resident buying technicians in Japan! The very same staff directly in touch with customers....because it makes total sense.

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