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1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t - Type M2 (Facelift Version) Modified to stage 2. Grey Metallic


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Skyline R33 GTS-t - Type M2 (Facelift Version) Modified to stage 2.




Grey Metallic


The Skyline GT-St type M coupe is an excellent package. With rear wheel drive and a willing DOHC RB25 6 cylinder 4 valve single turbo, this engine provides earlier response to it's twin turbo GT-R brother. Handling is sure footed and very capable - with Hicas 4WS to help provide excellent handling characteristics for road use (For track use, we recommend removal of HICAS).

We only select the best available and so far this year we've upplied only one other GTSt! With lots of recent modifications, this is so far the best prepared street spec R33 GTS-t we've supplied to UK since 1998.

Engine Drivetrain Upgrades: Tomei Poncam Camshafts and new timing belt, 1.5mm metal head gasket, 555cc HKS injectors, Z32 Air flow meter, Blitz Sonic Power induction kit, ER34 Turbo with HKS uprated actuator, HKS SQV Blow off valve, Nismo in tank Fuel Pump, Apexi D1 Project limited edition power FC ECU Controller, HKS EVC Version 5 boost controller, Trust Grex front mounted high capacity oil cooler with remote filter and built in thermostat, F win aluminium racing double capacity radiator, silicone radiator hoses top bottom, Blitz front mounted intercooler, Nismo uprated G max single plate clutch, Cusco limited slip 2 way differential, Uprated downpipe, metalit high flow catalyst, Fujitsubo Legalis Super R cat-back exhaust. There's a Splitfire earthing kit to aid spark plug efficiency. There's also a combined alloy washer bottle / oil catch tank to avoid sending oil mist into the intake, further improving spark plug efficiency.

Handling braking: Uprated front and rear anti roll bars, Cusco front and rear strut braces. Biot fully adjustable coilover suspension with Swift springs (Note - bottom mount is adjustable, so ride height is independent of spring load = ideal for setting up the car for either drift or grip), Piaa Rozza 17” alloy wheels with near new Yokohama DNA S Drive tyres if sizes: 235/45R17 and 255/40R17. With original Brembo R33 GT-R Brake callipers and discs at each corner, this car won't just corner and accelerate hard, but has no problem scrubbing off speed quickly. Note it also has a 2 way differential, which means it'll corner and accelerate harder, or if you prefer sideways, it'll perform too (Although for best results, we'd recommend removing the HICAS, to give more rear end control to the driver.

Interior: On the dashboard are Blitz Boost, Water Temp and Oil temp electronic gauges of their latest design. On the steering column is the Apexi Power FC's controller, which can display up to 8 different parameters. Also there's the EVC's display, with the EVC control mounted below. Specification includes: Trust alloy gearknob, all original Type M2 upgraded cloth, with dual SRS airbags and a steering wheel of the later small airbag. A set of alloy pedal covers are fitted, complete with original Skyline mats, etc. The hifi is original, but we noticed uprated speakers from a previous installation. Also fitted is a remote engine starter unit. Remote control isn't with us yet, as documents will come from the auction later - but it's possible this will be complete. Note however, a remote control start is unlikely to work combined with an alarm and immobiliser. Audio remote control equipment are included with this car free of charge. This has been a non smoker's car.

Exterior Cosmetic Improvements: Aside from the original ABS plastic (resistant to stone chips) side skirts, there are of course the wheels, exhaust, front mounted intercooler and of course, the Shift Sports Hyper Aero bonnet! This is lightweight, but also vented, to allow greater air flow through the intercooler and radiators. This car came with a GT-R replica front bumper inside, however - it's got some cracks that will be expensive to repair. It's probably better to get a complete new bumper from East Bear or another original Japanese bodykit specialist, which can supply.
For longevity we would reecommend a lip spoiler that would extend forward and downward the stronger original front bumper. We also have an original R33 GT-R boot lid and rear spoiler, which can be exchanged for the existing original item and painted to match!

Original equipment: This Skyline R33 GTS-t Type M2 is a facelift version. Tinted windows, fitted mats, climate control air conditioning, electric mirrors with retract mode, central locking, electric windows, power steering, rear wiper, Hicas 4WS. Mileage is confirmed as genuine from the auction's history checks.

Auction grade is 1 (Auction sheet is available). The bonnet has not been exactly colour coded to the rest of the bodywork and in some light shows as a different shade. Also, there are some light cracks around the annodised bonnet pins, from when the bonnet has been released from inside before undoing the pins. The nearside quarter has previously been repainted - visible to the trained eye, but not easily noticable. There's scratches to both the bumpers and the rear bumper has a fold on the corner. These will each need repairing respraying. On the nearside rear light cover there's a small scratch. Also, scratches on the sills and door shut of the driver's side. These will need touching in. There's a small pin dent on the driver's door. This can be removed by a dent removal specialist. Finally, the plastic headlights have yellowed from age. These can be repaired in UK .All of the above suggested repairs would be included in the full below.

In the boot there's no board to go between the spare wheel and boot carpet. This can be sourced if preferred at a small additional cost. Inside, condition's excellent. All we found was some scratching to the centre console, close to the gauges - where a drink holder has previously rubbed. There's a light burn mark on the driver's door trim (See picture). Hardly noticable. The driver's seat has minor wear to the vertical bolster, but cloth is still thick and the cushion's firm. Despite the small burn mark, this car appears and smells as if a non smoker's car.

Most if not all of the parts look to have been fitted in the last 2-3 years, judging by how recently some of the items have been introduced. There's not much more to do to it, as far as performance is concerned! Still lots possible to do. The turbo currently fitted is a little more capable than the original - but for best results, we'd recommend uprating to an HKS GT-SS turbo, which can boost to 1.3 bar with no other modification required, to withstand the 450 bhp this car would then give! Also, if you like playing sideways, consider a Hicas removal bar to get more rear end feedback and control! Please click for price delivery on any tuning part for this Skyline. If you don't see what you want on the site, please ask us for a quote!

Test Drive: This Skyline has been thoughtfully put together. Performance parts are just what we'd recommend for a fast street driven car that can provide cruising, through fast road or trackdays. The Cusco 2 way differential is noisy as the clutches slip against each other during slow cornering. Of course, as the limited slip mechanical differential starts working under hard use, the noise dissapears. Clutch is progressive and easy to modulate. Currently the car's running around 0.85 bar of boost, which is a safe maximum for the current turbo. Brakes are strong and drama free. Suspension's firm, but supple and well controlled. Sounds awesome through the gears and is currently making roughly 325 bhp at this boost level. Can easily make more with just a larger turbo. Please note: The mapping is currently set for Japanese fuels. We would recommend professional re-mapping.
Our workshop staff can either complete this with skilled road mapping combined with an accurate A/F meter, or take the car to GT Art (Close by) for tuning on a rolling road. Please note mapping costs are not included in the OTR price. As a guide, mapping by Newera Developments is approx. £200.00
This GT-St Type M2 will be completed to by ourselves in our new workshop near Brighton, where it will be modified for UK use, paintwork bodywork repaired as described, MOT'd taxed and supplied with 12 month's comprehensive warranty. OTR Price: £8,780. Alternatively, if preferred, we can supply the car with paintwork as is, but otherwise fully completed, MOT’d registered and warrantied at: £8,380 OTR.
A deposit of £1,000 secures this car for prompt shipment. Please Contact us for further information regarding this Skyline GT-St or to source an alternative top condition, high quality example. Please note that due to the high quality of each example we source - our Skylines tend to be reserved quickly which is why not many are in stock at any given time.Newera - Consistently recommended for supplying the best Skylines in the UK by tuners, GT-R Skyline Owner's club members.

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