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1992 Mazda Familia 323 GT-R - Rare Lightweight Model! White


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Familia 323 GT-R - Rare Lightweight Model!






This Familia GT-R lightweight model was sourced specifically to fill an order - for a customer who wanted the best 323 GT-R we could find. It was well below his budget, meaning extra budget to buy uprated wheels, Bride seats, etc - or pay toward's a year's insurance...

The Familia 323 GT-R is a very, very rare car, which built by Mazda with only 500 produced in order to homologate this model for international WRC rally entry for 1994. This model is the first lightweight version we have come across, with a sports cloth interior, no power windows and no electric mirrors. It's equipped factory fitted Bilstein gas struts, together with Viscous LSD, engine produces 210BHP as standard. We suspect from the way it goes - the lightweight model may have been equipped with a lower final drive, but uncertain of this due to only very limited information available on this model. In a car this nimble and light it makes for a very capable car given it's strong power and limited-slip 4WD system. Drive Bias is 47% to the front and 53% to the rear - which gives this car a better handling bias than Pulsar GTI-R's. The drive train is known to be stronger than for Pulsar's on these as are the engines, also being built to withstand competition use.

We have only stocked 3 previous examples of these over the last 2 years. As they each attracted strong interest, we have looked for more. As these are very rare cars, they're a car that rarely appears for sale in Japan - and when they do, they're often in poor condition, abused or ex-amateur rally cars, or track cars with no interiors, etc.
Despite being a 1992 model, this example is one of the very best we've come across. A collector's car, for the knowledgeable enthusiast who wants something different, affordable and depreciation proof. Also, being so rare, this car can be registered as a Mazda 323 Turbo, which costs less to insure than the equivalent (And less capable GTI-R Pulsars).

This Lightweight 323 GT-R is well equipped with: Power steering, Air Conditioning, Original front strut brace, Cusco rear brace, integrated driving lamps, factory tinted windows, wind deflectors, additional rear spoiler and rear wiper. It's also equipped with something we've not seen before: A factory fitted gauge cluster for Oil Pressure, Boost and Volts. The previous owner saw fit to add Mazdaspeed stickers. These can be removed easily.
The interior is in good condition, although being a bit dusty from 15 years of being in a dry Japanese climate it will benefit from a full valet with seats shampoo cleaned, etc. It's been a non smoker's car since new. There's a hole on the driver's seat cushion. This will be repaired as part of the full UK kage. Note that floor mats are not complete. We would recommend getting new fitted mats to freshen the interior with.
Auction grade is 3.5 (Original Auction Sheet is available). The exterior is immaculate and it's notable the underside is also rust free complete with the original exhaust, almost like new...Notice how even the bolts in the engine bay are free of corrosion - Imagine trying to find a UK car like this! For the bodywork, there is not even the usual peppering of stone chips, or fading of paint on roof and bonnet as associated with a Japanese car of this age. All panels are also very straight and unmarked aside from a small straight pin dent on the n/s/f wing. There are some very small scratches on the rear bumper also... That's all! Each of these faults is minor but they will be repaired as part of the full UK OTR package shown below. Please note the o/s rear lenz has condensation inside. Unfortunately (as each 323 GT-R example in sold stock also shows) they always seem to do this! Note the car's recently had a service and the timing belt has been religiously changed on 13th March 2006 at 61,972 miles.
We have test driven this Familia 323 GT-R thoroughly and are pleased to say it not only accelerates and stops impressively, but also handles extremely well with minimal body roll. With the Bilstein gas struts it seems to have better than usual handling and performance. We drove it around corners we usually test on and it was faster than the coilover equipped DC2 ITR we currently have in stock! Gearbox feels great with no worn synchros, no noisy wheel bearings, etc. The brake discs are virtually unworn too. It would appear to us this car was owned by a small and mature driver - who used it for long distance cruising on Motorways only. From experience, we can tell - this car's never been used hard. It feels very tight indeed, without even a rattle from the interior. Note that the rear suspension is adjustable for toe settings, so oversteer or understeer can be dialed in as preferred. The only fault we found is a noisy "tappet" valve clearance. All valve clearances will be checked and adjusted to factory spec. as required whilst carrying out full UK preparation.
This only the 4th Familia (323) GTR we have ever stocked. In Japan these cars are usually very tired and untidy. Not this one! It will be one of just a handful of top quality 323 GT-R's supplied by Newera in the UK shortly (See for info on the 323 Driver's club!).
Due to this car being over ten years old it will not require an SVA test upon arrival to the UK. Therefore if required to make this car as affordable as possible, we can provide the car unprepared. This means that all the owner would need to do is to convert, then MOT register the vehicle, plus carry out the tappet adjustment and tiny paintwork repairs, valleting, etc. in his own time.
This beautiful, rare 323 GTR is available for just £5,470 inclusive of UK conversions, minor paintwork, valetting, MOT, 6 month's road tax, 12 month's comprehensive warranty and full UK registration OR for just £4,650 inclusive of comprehensive 12 month warranty and full guidance support on easy DIY UK preparation.
Please contact us for details on how to have us source your own absolutely rare and impeccably preserved pocket rocket!!

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