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1997 Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst. Knight Sports equipped. White. White


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RX-7 Type R Bathurst. Knight Sports equipped.






5 Speed Manual. 4th Revision model.
This car is fitted with original and very rare 18" Veilside Andrews Racing V alloys, complete with an original Knight Sports Type 3 front bumper spoiler complete with integrated driving lights. Skirts are also Knight Sports Originals. Rear Spoiler is original post mid-1995 facelift type, accentuated by updated rear light clusters too. Tyres fitted are sized: 224/40/ZR18 265/23/ZZ18. Suspension consists of standard struts uprated with 20mm lowered uprated suspension springs. Also fitted is an oil impregnated mesh M's (KN) twin cone induction kit. An Apexi dump valve is also included. The exhaust rear section is a stainless steel Apexi N1 Dual - unit. Exactly the same as fitted to our own RX-7. It's a quiet unit although unrestricted enough to sound good without being obtrusive. (Needs a good polishing with Autosol)!

FD3S - 40XXXX models onwards models have a 16 bit ECU which reacts faster to provide better engine management and slightly more power (265 bhp). Also there are uprated tail lenzes and rear spoiler in addition to some slight engine mods as std. This is a lightweight model built just before airbags were introduced as std. in Japan.

Original equipment includes: PAS, P/W, AC, ABS, Sports Cloth seats, fitted mats, front strut brace, twin oil coolers, original tool kit (No items are missing, optional tools are not fitted, however), optional rear parcel shelf and strut brace, 4 piston front callipers (Std), etc.
Inside, there's a Momo "Race" Steering wheel, alloy gearknob and 4 point harness (Fitted for cosmetic purposes). A high quality Sony MD/CD/Radio with combined digital equaliser is fitted complete with uprated speakers. These are supplied free of charge with the car.
Note that this has been a light smoker's car in the past. The Ashtray looks to have been used. However, the interior doesn't smell of smoke and there are no cigarette burns to be found. Clearly the previous owner cared for his RX-7.

The car is of auction grade 4 (Auction sheet available). There are some stone chips and minor paint damage on the front bumper. There are some minor pin dents on the o/s quarter. Also a pin dent to the n/s/f wing, door and o/s quarter. Note also that there's a bolt missing from the upper o/s corner of the front bumper. Each of these faults will be taken care of to present this car in immaculate condition upon completion. We have also noticed that the n/s driving light is leaking water - so we've already obtained a replacement unit to come with this car - from our contacts at Knight Sports.

Of course, it goes without saying - a car of such low mileage and condition is a gem amongst RX-7 imports. Oil pressure is high, regularly serviced and well maintained, - this car runs very sweetly - just an an RX-7 is meant to.
Total cost of wheels,exhaust, bodykit and other mild modifications are around £7,000 worth in Japan - Showing once again this is a well looked after cared for example. Spec. like this doesn't come up often, nor at low price usually. We feel that white is a colour which particularly suits an RX-7 as it reflects light well to show off the curves and shape of these beautiful cars.

Including cost of minor paintwork, full UK conversions, de-restriction and recalibration of odometer to miles, SVA preparation test, road tax and new MOT this car is available for: £11,860. A Deposit of £1,000 secures this car. Contact us using the inquiry form to arrange viewing at our agent's premises near Folkestone.

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