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1995 Toyota Supra RZ-S 6 Speed. Stage 1 tuned Extensive modifications.


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Supra RZ-S 6 Speed Manual. Extensively modified!




Silver Metallic


This Supra has been extensively modified to top standards, to make a 400 bhp stage 1 tuned example that's perfectly honed for fast road use. Every aspect of it's preparation has been carried out painstakingly well, with the highest quality components available. Well over the value of this Supra in Japan has been spent on components for upgrades!

Exterior aesthetic Improvements: A mix of bodykit components are fitted consisting of: Front bumper splitter, original option ABS plastic side skirts and rear vents, Top secret rear valence sections and a TRD type JG-TC replica rear spoiler. A full set of 18" Volk Racing TE37 forged lightweight alloys also adourn this car, complete with Yokohama DNA Grand Prix sports tyres of size 235/40/ZR18 275/35/ZR18. The bodykit has been carefully colour coded then fitted to high standards. A Greddy front mounted Intercooler fills the centre of the front bumper - and adds class and purpose to the car, combined with resultant aids to performance from cooler inlet temperatures that results when driving. Note that the original plastic lenzed headlights are in excellent condition. A high Intensity Discharge headlamp system is fitted. Usually because of the expense of these, they're only fitted to work on main beam. Not content with only that, the last owner fitted these to the main beam too... Expect these to be the best lights on any car you've ever driven.

Performance Improvements: In the engine bay resides a Greddy front mount intercooler, an HKS SPF induction kit and an HKS SSQV blow off valve. Exhaust is a full system with large bore titanium front section, followed by an alloy and titanium rear section, complete with titanium tip! This exhaust alone is worth over £1,500 new in Japan!!. It's unrestrictive, yet not excessively loud! A Blitz SBC iD boost controller is combined with an HKS F Con V ECU and these allow the car to run at 1 Bar of boost, which is equivalent to around 370-400 bhp - making a Supra capable of very strong acceleration.
A Greddy alloy top hose is fitted and also there's an earthing kit, to maximise spark plug efficiency. The clutch is standard able to take the performance this car is capable of. There is also a Greddy turbo timer fitted, beneath the steering column.
Suspension Brakes is lowered through the use of nearly new height adjustable Cusco shock absorbers. Cusco are one of Japan's well known respected suspension specialists - manufacturers of strut braces, uprated suspension arms and tension rods for competition applications and of course makers of high quality shock absorbers too. Ride quality is slightly firmer than standard with a good supple ride without any significant body roll on harder corners. At each corner, braided hoses have replaced the standard items. Note that uprated "Supra" four piston front callipers and discs are fitted as well as matching uprated callipers for the rear too.

Interior Improvements: The quality of fitment of components is continued inside. A collection of four DEFI electronic gauges of 60mm diameter are neatly installed. Defi gauges are not only the most accurate on the market, but they also perform a synchronised arc when the ignition is first switched on. The Defi controller also enables preset warning levels as well as recording and peak level logging. On the driver's A pilar is a pod containing oil temp and oil pressure units. The boost gauge is located on the steering column and there's a water temp gauge neatly installed in the dashboard instead of a vent. The Speedometer is a TRD 320 km/h unit, with a seperate digital odometer (standard). The steering wheel is a Nardi deep dish leather rimmed item. An Alpine DVD ROM navigation system with TV is fitted (Screen is to be supplied later) - although this will not work in the UK without extensive conversion. The head unit is an Alpine top of the range item also, complete with MD/CD/DSP/Radio. In the boot is an Alpine powered subwoofer. There is also a lead available for fitting a CD or MD changer. With a system like this it's likely the speakers have also been uprated at each corner and cross overs fitted too. All these electronics are worth around £4,000, new in Japan - Supplied free of charge with this Supra!

Factory fitted equipment includes ABS, Traction Control, 6 speed Getrag manual transmission, Torsen limited Slip Differential, Climate control A/C, PAS, P/W, privacy glass to rear windows, fitted mats, central locking, remote controlled door mirrors with retract mode and more.

Test drive:. Acceleration is fast, brakes pull the car up well with no warpage to discs, clutch feels good with plenty of life remaining and Suspension is comfortable for road use. Note also the car's been regularly serviced with a recent oil change already completed. The only thing we noticed was a slight vibration from around the gear linkage, as if there's reduced dampening. This may be from either an uprated mount or a rubber coupling that's worn. Nothing serious, but we will investigate this and put it right when the car's being prepared by ourselves in the UK.

Interior is in good condition - having been a non-smoker's car. Condition is excellent. The only faults we could find there are a slightly chaffed door trim where it's rubbed on the side skirt over the years - and slight wear to the fabric of the driver's seat.

We also checked the car underneath - all we found was a slight dent to the rear exhaust silencer, only visible from beneath. Performance isn't affected of course.
Note that there are some light scratches on some of the wheel rim edges, these have mostly been touched in. Hardly noticable.

Bodywork: There's a small dent on the n/s/f wing. On the passenger door there's a stone chip off the edge. The rear bumper has some blemishes from local paintwork repairs. The front splitter has some scratches and cracking to the FRP. It will be taken off and carefully stored for transit, then professionally repaired and resprayed before being re-fitted. Other faults mentioned will also be repaired as part of our preparation of this car to present it in immaculate condition.

Note that a front seat leather conversion on standard Supra seats is available to match the rear seats and door trims from £450 + VAT - Optional piping in different colours, headrest Logo, inserts, etc. are also available.

Please don't make the mistake of comparing this Supra with a much lesser spec'd stage 1 (Street tune) examples that may be available elsewhere at cheaper price. Aside from the top condition this example's in, the previous owner of this Supra spent a small fortune - in total around £17,000 in improvements. A very unusual spec of Supra - make no mistake. In the flesh, this car looks much better than the photos will show. An example with total presence and looks that can't fail to attract.

Including full UK SVA conversions, preparation and E-SVA test, Odometer Recalibration to miles, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, Minor paintwork as described, MOT, Road Tax full UK Registration,

Now departed from Yokohama and due for arrival to the UK on the 2nd week of February! Please Contact us to discuss reserving this car, or to source an alternative of your required specifications.

Newera Imports - Recommended by Supra Mk IV members, members of most UK JDM car clubs and specialist UK tuners as the source of the best quality imports available to the UK.

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