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1996 Mazda RX-7 Type RS - Fujita Engineering wide body! 4th Generation RS Twin Turbo. Blue Metallic


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RX-7 Type RS - Fujita Engineering wide body! 4th Generation RS Twin Turbo.




Blue Metallic


This unique RX-7 was supplied by Newera in June 2003 as a specially ordered car. It was one of the best we'd ever seen back then - and the new owner kept it perfectly until now, lavishing it with carefully considered modifications to improve the car whilst keeping the theme discreet and classy with plenty of FEED (Fujita Engineering) original parts and much, much more! To be honest, we're surprised nobody's chewed the owner's arms off already to get this car, if rumour has spread at all - this is one of the best RX-7's in the UK and certainly one of the most admired on the Mazda Rotary Club's forum!
This RS model RX-7 has always had the end goal of being suitable for sensible street use, to be reliable and to last. This is exemplified by it living a pampered life always being garaged with an indoor fitted cover and kept on a trickle charger. It has only ever been driven on the street and has not seen a drag strip or circuit, ever! In the 4 years it has been in the UK it has covered approximately 3000 miles per year. It's always been treated to the best servicing and parts with a no expense spared attitude which refelects in it pristine condition. All service and modification history will be provided in an accompanying folder.
In 4 years of ownership well in excess of £20,000 has been spent with receipts to prove.It recently (June 2007) had a £4k inspection service which replaced all fluids, lubricants, spark plugs, filters as well as rectifying a number of smaller issues that many people would not have bothered fixing but I was insistent on to ensure the perfection of the car was kept intact including a £1k respray of the entire front to remove inevitable stone chipping. This was followed with a £200 professional valet which covered the outside and inside of the car.
Comprehensive Specification: The RS model is second to the rare RZ model which was a less frills more sports specimen. The RS model seeked to benefit from some RZ model features but not ones that would comprimise the touring nature. From the factory it had 265bhp (flywheel) and a 4.3 strengthened limited slip diff. Front and rear strut braces were included as well as bigger brake discs and the twin oil coolers also found on the RZ.Of course, it also features power steering, ABS and air-conditioning.
The current power output is 263.6 HP at 6560 revs and 235 iFtLb (32.9 Kgm) torque at 5360 revs at the rear wheels. This equates to roughly 317.6 BHP at the flywheel. This was achieved in 4th gear with a maximum boost of 0.9 BAR and all tyres reading 32 PSI on the 25 April 2006.
Intake Exhaust: The ECU is an Apexi Power FC with commander. This is a programmable ECU that is essential when modifying. Any modification made that effected intake or exhaust always had an accompanying rolling road tuning session. There are 2 boost maps programmed with the lower map being used 99% of the time but easily changeable via the in car Apexi Commander handset.The Auto-Exe carbon fibre cold air induction kit with KN air filter supplies the turbos with a feed of cold air rather than having them suck in hot engine bay air.A Knight Sports stainless dual downpipe provides plenty of diameter for exhaust gasses to escape from the turbos.A Knight Sports Metalit High flow catalyst does it's bit for the environment whilst helping to silence the escaping gasses.The exhaust tip is a Racing Beat stainless single tip muffler that creates a sensible decible level exhaust note when idling and cruising.Cooling: A well known failure point is the stock plastic Air Separator tank so this was replaced with a FEED aluminium AST.Chassis: The chassis has been stiffened without comprimising ride quality. These enhacements all come from FEED's workshop and consist of a FEED engine brace and solid engine mounts to reduce engine movement under load. FEED solid diff mounts to reduce wasted movement around the diff. A FEED cabin brace helping reduce cabin flex without needing to install a half roll cage which can seriously affect the cost of insurance. Finally thicker FEED anti-roll bars replace the stock ones.
Suspension wheels: Tein Type Flex Shock Absorbers lower the car to a sensible height for street use and provide 14 levels of damping adjustment with ease and are compatible with Tein's Electronic Damping Force Control (EDFC).The wheels are custom offsets taking 3 months to be queued, made and delivered from Japan, so they fit with the wide arches without the need for spacers. They are the highest quality lightweight Volk GT-C's in gunmetal, the front's being Face 1's, 18" by 9" with a +30 offset and 61mm polished lip whilst the rears are Face 2 18" by 9" with a +17 offset and again a 61mm polished lip.The tyres are Yokohama AVS Sport providing good all season grip. The fronts are 18" by 245mm wide with a 35% profile, the rears 18" by 265mm with a 35% profile.Interior: A Defi Link Control II provides functionality for configuring and recording data from the Defi boost, oil and water gauges. The oil and water gauges are housed in a centre speaker dual gauge pod holder that is made from the same material as the dash and looks like it could have been there from the factory. The boost gauge is housed in an RE-Amemiya steering column gauge pod which sits perfectly in the line of sight without blocking any other instruments.The speedometer is an aftermarket Mazdaspeed item which reaches 300 Km/h.The dash and centre console are carbon effect. This frames a double height CD/mini-disc player with front and rear speakers.FEED carbon fibre scuff plates carry the carbon fibre theme around the interior of the car.The steering wheel is made by Momo which was Mazda's wheel manufacturer of choice.The centre console ash tray has been replaced with a sought after padded arm rest concealing a storage cubby.A rare Mazda RX-7 branded lugguage harness is installed in the boot which is essential to stop items sliding around.The front and rear seats plus gear lever and handbrake gaitors have all been retrimmed in a navy blue leather for a more luxurious feel.Exterior: One of a kind in the UK, this car sports a custom metallic blue colour and a FEED wide arch kit making it truly unique but in a way that has kept faithful to the original lines of the car. This is achieved with a FEED type II R front bumper with FEED spec front sidelights including HID main beams. C-West sleek headlights replace the dated pop-ups. FEED wide arch front wings and FEED wide rear arches are linked together with FEED carbon fibre side skirts. A RE-Amemiya AD9 vented bonnet helps expel hot air and was fitted with a view to install a v-mount intercooler which would benefit from the additional venting. This bonnet is much lighter than the stock one and so Aerocatch bonnet fasteners have been fitted to keep it in place at speed. A MazdaSpeed GT-C rear wing finishes off the more obvious external modifications.Minior modifications that those with an eye for detail would appreciate include FEED carbon-fiber look door handles and Ganador fully adjustable electric mirrors which moved the mirrors from the door to the more natural position of the triangualr panel at the corner of each side window. Also clear side repeaters replace the dated stock orange ones.Accessories: A FEED car cover fits the car like a glove and provides an extra layer of dust protection. An Accumate battery drip feed charger perfect for when the car is not going to be used for a few weeks and ensures the battery is fully charged after long periods of inactivity.
This RX-7 is complete as a stunningly well prepared RX-7 for the road. Note that we can also supply many more performance goods to further enhance it, at low prices! Please view or Inquire!
This stunning RX-7 of course fully road legal and ready to drive away now in the UK at £12,850. Please contact the owner directly: Christopher Bird: Tel: 07743 814993 to discuss this car or to arrange viewing.
If you're after the very BEST modified RX-7, you're looking at it - We strongly recommend viewing. You'll be blown away by the condition and the performance. We guarantee it!
Newera Imports - The only supplier consistently recommended by UK Mazda Rotary Club, FDUK Club members and the UK's top RX-7 tuners for supplying the best hand picked RX-7's!

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