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2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 Tommi Makinen White


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Lancer Evo 6 Tommi Makkinen






The Lancer Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen also known as the TME, or Evo 6.5 is considered by many to be the best Evo ever. Made in only limited numbers for homologation, it's by far the most sought after of all Lancer Evolution models. It gives the best driving experience of all Evo's produced so far. Improvements over the previous Evo 6 included a high response titanium and aluminium alloy bladed turbo with a smaller diameter compressor wheel to be able to withstand higher boost, quicker steering rack, T. Makinen embossed seats with matching red stitched Momo steering wheel, gear lever gaiter and leather gear knob in combination with black faced gauges with red numbering and calibrations. White Enkei Racing Forged Alloy 17" wheels were also fitted - as used in Group A racing. The front bumper was of a new design, specially shaped through wind tunnel testing in an effort to improve wind speeds. The lower cross member was also replaced with an alloy item for strength and light weight.

Standard equipment includes: PAS, Dual SRS Airbags, Momo steering wheel, 4 channel ABS, Brembo brakes, Permanent 4WD system, Anti Yaw, Water jet to intercooler, Rear Wiper, Central Locking, Electric mirrors with retract mode, Signature T, Makinen Recaros, etc. Original optional extras also include fitted mats. Wheels are original Enkei 17" items with 4 good quality Bridgestone Potenza RE-01X high grip sports tyres. To get full information on the complete specification of a standard Lancer Evo 6 Tommi Makkinen, please click here. On this link you'll find a full Lancer Evo buyer's guide in downloadable .pdf format - containing info on all Lancer models ever produced. This will be more comprehensive than any description we could put here.

Uprated extras: The suspension fitted is amongst the very best available after market. A full set of Ohlins coilovers have replaced the original items, complete with pillow ball upper mounts at the front with camber adjustment. These are ideal for both road and track use, as they give a supple, yet well controlled ride with even better handling than standard. Being Ohlins, it's also possible to have them serviced in the UK by Aurok, whenever needed. Also fitted is a stainless steel HKS Silent High Power muffler. Originally no hifi was fitted as standard, so the previous owner fitted a high quality Carrozzeria MOS FET 50W x 4 MD/Radio unit complete with remote control - fitted and supplied free of charge. Note there are also alloy pedal covers fitted. Note: If preferred our workshop can also fit an original TME Sticker set sourved from Mitsubishi Japan to this car whilst it's being prepared - there would be additional parts labour charges for this.

Test Drive: The Evo 6 TME pulls noticably stronger than other lower mileage Evo 6's we've sourced before. On this example, once the turbo came in, it pulled very willingly! Clutch has probably already been replaced, as on Evos it can wear out fairly quickly. This one feels as if there's plenty of life left in it yet. We didn't explore the handling much as the limits are so high, it's unlikely to slide at anything but insane corner entry speeds. Brakes work strongly with no drama at all. No signs of warped discs,or undue brake wear. In fact, this example drives much like a new and tight example with no faults noticed at all. Even a short trip around the block served to prove this is a helluva fun car to drive. Feels very polished and precise!!

Auction grade is 4b. As shown on the picture of the original auction sheet, this is a very clean example that's nearly completely unmarked. In order to find every possible fault, we washed and chamois leathered this car. These are the items we found amis: Surface scratches to the underside of the n/s skirt, scratches to each side of the front bumper spoiler, small scratch to the n/s door mirror, small scratch to the o/s skirt. 2 of the Enkei wheels also have minor scratches. Each of these faults will be professionally repaired to high standard when the full UK cted. Note that the callipers are fading in colour due to heat - this is common on all Evos from Version 5 onwards (Previous models didn't have Brembo brakes as std). Note the lack of corrosion to the exhaust manifold heat shield or the battery tray. It's possible this car's been kept under cover most of it's life.
Complete with full UK conversions, E-SVA and first UK registration, MOT, 12 month's comprehensive warranty, full valetting and 6 month's road tax, this one off immaculate condition Tommi Makinen Evo is available at £13,875 OTR. Alternatively we can supply it complete with full preparation as discribed above, with warranty, etc. but only excluding paintwork at: £13,235 OTR.

This car has now departed Yokohama, due for arrival to UK 1st week of April 2007. A deposit of £1,000 secures now! Please Contact Us for further information on how to reserve this Stunning Evo.
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