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1996 Subaru Impreza RA Sti Version 3. Concours Condition!!


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Impreza RA Sti Version 3.






The Subaru Technica International Version 3 Type RA is THE most interesting and capable of the classic shape Imprezas that can currently be imported to the UK. This is the connoisseur`s Impreza - finely honed for maximum performance and capability, this is the most impressive of the breed. STi Version 3 RA denotes this is a lightweight competition spec. This model was only made for the Japanese market. model. Special high performance features abound - Mechanically this model carries the same spec. as the Type R coupe / P1 UK models and more:Specification: The gearbox is a close ratio unit with an adjustable centre differential, geared for maximum speed of 155 mph at the red line. The electronically adjustable centre differential allows any range between a fully locked (For very slippery conditions such as snow) all the way to 70% rear and 30% front bias allowing understeer to be dialed out and for power oversteer to be supplied as required. Water jets are fitted above the intercooler these can be operated automatically or at the touch of a button. The steering rack is quick geared for less turns from lock to lock, as engineered by Subaru Technica International. 4 Piston signature front brake calipers give excellent braking performance, as required. Further mechanical improvements from Subaru includes Sti uprated suspension, Sti carbon fibre front strut brace, uprated intercooler, full Sti Exhaust and updated alloy wheels, of gold design to show this is a genuine Sti model. The Sti 3 RA model carries the largest turbo unit fited to any production Impreza in Japan - the same unit as fitted to the rare 22B variants. The engine is a red top unit - factory blueprinted endowed with stronger internals with a higher 8,000 rpm rev limit. Packing a 280+ bhp punch as standard, although we are able to uprate this easily to 350 bhp + with mild modification. To get 350 bhp, all it needs is an uprated ECU, boost controller and uprated exhaust system, plus UK rolling road mapping to suit. We also strongly recommend fitting a carbon fibre STi 8 styled sized intercooler scoop - as this will force twice the volume of air through the intercooler (All parts, fitting and setting up is available through
Cosmetics interior: The STi 3 is also distinguishable by it's updated vented bonnet, light blue tint on windows, updated gold alloy wheels (Same design was used all the way to 1999) and the red and white rear lights. The Sti 3 interior is also of a brighter design than previous versions, with embossed front seats, carbon style facia around the dials and Nardi steering wheel. This model is also distinguishable by it`s rally styled roof vent, providing effective cooling for the cabin at speed. Note that in the interests of keeping weight to a minimum, no electic windows are fitted nor electric mirrors. The door handles and mirrors are unpainted, typical RA trademarkk signs for those who know these cars. Note that sound deadening is also less on RA Sti models, again in the interests of keeping weight down to a minimum. Central locking is fitted to this model, for convenience. A Sony (face off) 180W CD / Radio is fitted in addition to Sony uprated speakers at each corner. Audio is supplied free of charge. Original fitted mats are also fitted.
Test drive Condition report: Mechanically and cosmetically, this RA Sti 3 is in absolutely perfect condition. Test driving this example revealed no faults at all. It drives perfectly. Boost climbs quickly to 1.05 Bar and holds steady. No noisy hydraulic valve buckets is indicative this car`s oil has been regularly changed. Indeed, it`s still golden coloured from a recent change. Brake discs usually suffer from heavy wear on Imprezas - if driven hard for most of their lives. This example's discs are visually in very unworn condition. Over a bumpy road there were no rattles or squeaks. Clutch has plenty of life left and brakes feel strong and disc-warp free (Another usual fault on Scoobies - but not on this one!). Performance is also strong and healthy. Clearly this feels like a car that hasn't been used hard and has been well maintained. Note that tyres are each about 1/3rd worn only. We note the timing belt will be due for change very shortly, so rather than leave this to be carried out by the customer, we will be carrying this work out as part of preparation of this example once it reaches our dedicated workshop near Brighton, UK.
Auction grade is 3.5 (Auction sheet is available). The single reason it`s not been awarded a well deserved grade 4.5 is because the front o/s wing has been replaced at some point (Note, this is not an accident graded car). Aside from being in virtually new condition inside out - the main difference immediately obvious to any Subaru enthusiast is that this example isn`t peppered with pin dents or battle scarred with wavy panels on each side! Each panel is super straight and original, indicating the one owner this car`s had was super fussy about how he parked his Impreza (Imprezas have very thin sheet steel on doors, hence the reason they dent easily if uncared for)! We found no stone chips either, another sign it`s a car that`s not been driven hard at all. The only faults found after washing the car and checking carefully all over were: One tiny pin dent on each of the o/s doors and another on the n/s/f door. Pictures are available to show these. Each be invisibly and professionaly removed - to presnt this car to our usual high standards of excellence!
Since April 2004, a model report has been required when SVA testing any car of newer manufacture than Jan 1997. Although there are model reports for Sti 7 8 models, there are none available for the classic STi Imprezas. This mean that only pre-1997 Imprezas can be imported to the UK. As most pre 1997 Imprezas in Japan are too tired nowadays, or just too expensive if in top condition and low mileage - we are usually unable to supply these. We simply won't buy a car that doesn't meet our exacting standards, which is why we selected this outstanding example for stock. Late 1996 was when the Sti 3 was first manufactured. This Sti Version 3 is an outstanding example in unmarked and original condition. It is the latest model of classic Impreza that can still be imported to the UK at present!
A very rare spec Impreza prepared bt the Subaru Technica Internation factory in concours condition. Inclusive of full SVA conversions, SVA test, new MOT, Paintwork as described, Road Tax, Registration, 12 month's Quality Motorcare Warranty and a full valet just before collection, this car is priced at £8,150 1,000 secures this example for prompt shipment.
Please contact us for full information on how to reserve this Sti Version 3 RA Spec.
Newera Imports - Total dedication to perfection. Our Pride - Your joy.
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